Monday, November 1, 2010

Gifted parents, we are!

We were watching Zee TV's Saregamapa Singing Superstars programme last evening. In this episode, the participants talked about how their parents helped them to come upto this level in this singing competition. Like many of us think, the parents and their family members of the participants, were against their children going into the unpredictable singing career. Then, they said how they changed their mind and allowed and helped their children to make their dream come true against all odds. This is sort of a tribute to the parents by the participants.

Some participants said that their fathers changed their careers to shift to Mumbai to promote their children's singing talent. All the parents were invited to the stage and the judges thanked them for producing such talented singers who would become great singers in the future. The emotion on the faces of the parents was so overwhelming...some were crying, some felt so happy...! The scene should be watched to believe what I am saying here.

Then I and my husband went back in our life (the result of slowly getting older now!) and discussed how our children made/make us proud like this!

As all of you know, we shifted to Chennai from Hosur some years back. My sons were studying in matriculation school in Hosur. That system follows 2 language formula and my sons' second language was Hindi. So I thought I must try only in State Board schools for admitting them in 8th and 5th Std. But accidentally, we met the Principal of a CBSE school and he asked us to send them for the admission test and if they came through it, he would take them in his school, since the third language (Tamil!) was not very important. We took a chance and brought the children to Chennai in Feb. for the test. My son after attending the exam ( for the 8th std.), said that his matriculation books did not cover some science portions which were asked in the current test but since he had come across them in the computer cassettes (oh, I must make one more post about the first computer in my children's lives, which would be very very interesting, please wait!), he was able to attend the questions!

The next day, the Principal said, "Why did you worry so much about admitting your son in CBSE school...he has come first in the test and he is too brilliant and he is admitted in our school!" I can feel how I felt at that time, even now!

I was always attending the School Annual Days of my children until they left school. Both of them participated in the school dramas, oratorical competitions etc. Once when my son gave a speech before the Annual Day celebrations started, the parents sitting near me openly admired the way he spoke. After the speech was over he came and sat with me in the audience. I can still remember the admiring glances the nearby parents gave both of us! I can go on about these types of incidents esp. in their school stage.

I had commented in many posts of other mothers, about children, to always enjoy the school days of their children. In my opinion, those are the happiest days in some way. Then we come across different phases in life which are also interesting, but those days are entirely different!

Now, watch these videos of Saregamapa, where the children pay tribute to their parents, praising them and singing their favourite songs, the quality of which is very high. They are too good. You can hear more songs of different types which they sang in this programme, you will not be bored at all! I am giving the Zee TV link, so that you can hear the other songs of the same singers.

Watch these videos, if and when you have got time!

Sniti Mishra...Surmai adhiyon mein, Sadma film se, Yesudoss was the original singer...this girl's voice is very very good for classical raaga based songs, you will notice!

Kamal Khan: He sings a song which is penned by him as a tribute to his Maa. He has already sang for Akshay Kumar's latest movie! The Mentors, Vishal-Shekhar, were so impressed by his voice that they have made him sing for their film! He is one the best singer here.

Abhilaasha Chellum: This girl's voice is very melodious. This song is from Rang de bansanthi, AR Rehaman's.

Khurram: This boy comes from Pakistan and is a very good, trained singer.

Bishaak Jyoti: This song of Jagjit Singh is my favourite and Bishaak had done justice to this song!

Sugandha Mishra: Sugandha is a gifted singer and Daler Mehandi is a great fan of this girl's voice! Baghban movie song...

Daler Mehandi sings here as a tribute to his mother! Until I started watching these types of programmes, I never knew that most of the music directors sing very well. Here, watch Daler singing...he gave some glimpses of his classical training in music in this programme.


UmaS said...

One proud moment for you - the moment your son's speech was appreciated. :) Indeed a child is a great Gift to us and if they make us proud by their achievement, what else do we need in life ? :)

Not yet watched the Saregama....must try to watch it soon.... :)

Bikram said...

YEs indeeed I do beleive we are where we are .. with the prayers and hard work put by our parents..

we must remember that by the time we go to school aged 5 or 6 we have had lots and lots and lots of education at home from our parents .. our base is SEt on that ...

I always thank my parents and my teachers who made a idiot like me the way i am without them i would be no where ...

and Wow i bet you were so proud.. :) god bless ..

Bikram's Blog

Saritha said...

I always feel these kids in the reality shows have so much pressure on them.The whole week they practice and has to hear negatively about what they sang.Most of the time i avoid watching them.

That's a proud moment when ur son speech was apreciated.Getting a school people leader is a big thing,we used to admire the school leader.

Sandhya said...

UmaS: Yes, Uma, I felt very proud to be the mother on that day!

Please listen when you have got time. Take care.

Bikram: Parents are the first teachers to the children. The children grasp everything like blotting paper at that time. That is why we should be very particular to the surroundings/neighbours etc. when we live with our small children. They learn good and bad things equally, without knowing their exact meaning.

Congrats to your parents, Vikram. God bless you all!

Varunavi: I too don't appreciate very small children participating in serious reality shows. But this one is tough, but intended for the grown up children/near adults, who wants to make a singing career. This is a good platform for them.

Just hear them, you will be astonished at the hard work they willingly put and present in the stage in front of stalwarts and the result also is announced, i.e. they get singing chances in films. Who knows, one more Kishore or Rafi or Latha or Asha might be in the offing.

Anonymous said...

That must have been such a proud moment for both of you! I can so imagine the pride you must have felt.

And do post about your sons' first computer - waiting to read it :)

As for reality tv competitioms, I have mixed feeling about them. I can't help wonder if the parents are trying to live their dreams through the children. It must work very well for the children who succeed, but the ones who don't fare as well - I wonder if how they feel, and how it impacts the rest of their lives. But yes, I am sure that for thr children who win accolades, it must be a very, very proud moment for their parents!

Sandhya said...

wordsndreamz: yes, will do the computer post soon!

I hate small children participating in Talent shows. But this one is for grown-ups - playback singing aspirants and a very good platform and a tough one. As in my reply for Saritha's comments, every line is a tough line, Smitha. We have to work hard to 'achieve' something important. This show is a good opening for them. The Zee TV takes care of them when they stay here, train them with good gurus and do their best to promote them, though I don't like cinema actors getting involved with the young participants. They want to become playback singers and let them get their break without involving with the actors, which might change their naive nature, in the name of 'performing' on stage.

Anonymous said...

I never like the talent shows especially that have children participating. I simply dont trust the content managers plus I am not sure competing so much is so good.

Dont konw... I just dont like such shows and my family watches it too !!! I never sit in the room but invariably end up watching a bit.

Nevertheless Gifted parents you indeed are !!!! :D :D: D

Deepa said...

It must have been a proud moment for you as a parent. But it is a tribute to the sacrifices you make for your children Sandhya. I remember how much my parents were involved in my education. In fact, during exams, when I used to get up early to study, he would also wake up to keep me company. He would just sit and read a book or attend to his files while I studied in the early morning quiet. I loved those moments.

Anonymous said...

First time here. Nice blog. I like it when parents talk about their experiences. Everyone who has heard my daughter sing has told me to enroll her into singing classes and give her the exposure. I am at present searching for a good music teacher here. She was going to an institute before. But they have changed the teachers thrice in a year. So its highly frustrating. :)

Sandhya said...

hitchwriter: I remember you mentioning about Brijwasi's song once. He won the first prize and later on, with a tired face he was facing the gruelling session of giving interviews to each and every channel...I felt so sad for him.

This one is for aspiring playback singers and they are quite mature enough to understand what they have to go through, Dhiren. Just the film promotion part is disgusting in this show. The children (OK, adult children!) are 'married' to the do the parents agree for this, I don't know.

Thank you, Dhiren...nice seeing you here!

Deepa: You and my children will follow the parents' footsteps, Deepa, later on. All parents love/try their best, to be good parents.

Jyothi: Welcome, nice to see you here, Jyothi!

People/parents tend to discuss about their children a lot in the later years, I feel. Until they settle in their job, parents love to be protective (100%!), then it is 'feeling proud' time!

Please send your daughter to a good dedicated teacher. Music helps us to be happy inside to enjoy life.

Chandrika Shubham said...

Thanks for sharing about saregama. :) I will watch the repeat telecast of this prog. :)

BK Chowla, said...

I have been following Saregama, but not so regularly.Yes,some of the se children have made us proud.

Anonymous said...

That must have been such a proud moment to hear your son's speech and to experience the admiring glances of other parents! You and your husband sure are gifted parents, sandhya.

And yes please do write a post about your sons' first computer.

As for the kid-based reality shows, I'm not much into them, Sandhya. I feel as though the kids are under tremendous pressure to perform which I feel may hamper their psyche. Yes some are exceptionally good and for them this is a good platform to further their dreams. But some not-so-good performers I fear get crushed under the unjust expectations of their parents.

Thanks for sharing the links. Will hear them soon :)

Sandhya said...

Chandrika: Please will enjoy!

BK Chowla: They are aspirants for playback singing and are superb singers, the current participants. I wonder how much they do riyaaz to reach this level. They are enjoying what they are doing, so I feel very happy watching them sing.

deepsspeakingup: Thank you, Deepu!

Whichever line you take, you have to work hard. These are not small children like in Chote Ustaad. They know what they are doing.

The names I have given are superb singers. You will enjoy hearing them. You can hear their other songs too, esp. sufi songs, unbelievable.

Destination Infinity said...

That should have been a very positive move - shifting from Matric to CBSE. I have always studied in CBSE and when I shifted to Matric in 11th and 12th (for marks), my world turned upside down. CBSE's syllabus and the way they train and test the students was much better. It seems they have introduced the grade system now, instead of marks and I think its a move with a lot of foresight. I admire CBSE and NCERT for their curriculam design and delivery.

And about making our parents proud, hopefully, the best moment would come henceforth :)

Destination Infinity

R. Ramesh said...

boss i was a below average student in it was cbse and hence i managed my life wishes...

Swaram said...

Aww thatz such a sweet sweet post Sandhya. Like Ums says, what more do parents need :) God bless u all :)

Anonymous said...

thats very nice :) every parent want themselves to feel proud of their kid..

I don't know whether I have given such moments to my parents.. at least I must put some effort to make them proud...

radha said...

Yes, we do feel so proud of our children and their acheivements. It is only then that we feel we have done our duty well.

Sandhya said...

Destination Infinity: Children who study in CBSE in 11th and 12th find it easy to score marks in Engg. too, at least in the first couple of years, I was told, than State Board or Matric students.

These stages are the turning points in one's life, which will mould the children's future, I feel.

I am sure, your mother would have written proudly, about you, like I did here, Destination Infinity!

Swaram: Thank you, Swaram!

Kanagu: Your parents must be feeling proud of you, already, Kanagu! They have moulded you into a good human being!

Radha: You are right, Radha!

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