Friday, October 22, 2010

Have goose bumps on my body, hearing this song and Veena Sahasrabuddhe's 'taraana'!

Today morning at 7.30 a.m. I was hearing Sangeet Sarita programme in my kitchen radio (Vividh Bharathi). Hindustani classical singer, Veena Sahasrabudhe was discussing about 'taraana' in different raagas for the past few days. Today's raaga was 'Sohni'. In this programme, different artists discuss about raagas or raaga based film songs or some music directors would talk about their experiences. I had written some posts on this subject earlier too!

In this edition, Veena Sahasrabuddhe discusses about the raaga of the day and then sings for a few minutes. This raaga and the way she sang it, was so beautiful that I had goose bumps on my body. She is one of my favourite singer, she has the best voice and we can keep on hearing her for hours together. As I had said earlier, I can't understand raagas but love to hear them. As soon as she started singing, my husband came running and said this is 'maasila ulaga...' (Tamil version of Kuhu kuhu song). After the Taraana was over Veena quoted 'Kuhu kuhu' as Sohni raaga based song. She quotes one song per day, based on that day's raaga.

Though I have heard this song so many times before, I became very emotional today...Rafi and Latha have rendered the song so beautifully that my husband said that this song will stay for another one thousand years at least as a favourite one for many people. The Tamil version of the song also is very melodious.

The song is from film 'Suvarna Sundari', a 1957 movie. Music is by Adi Narayan Rao.

How do you feel now, after hearing this song? I had tears in my eyes! Now, I know why my grand mother was crying whenever she was hearing her favourite songs! Even if she was cooking in the kitchen which was not very near to the sitting room where our old Murphy radio was singing, she used to come running and sit near the door, hear the song, cry and then leave to continue her work! I remember her sons, my mamas teasing her as soon as 'her Rafi' started singing her favourite song...'nana athye aliyere suru ampuveru' (in Tulu), means 'now, amma will start crying'! I have started doing that now!

I was thinking that this song is in 'raaga maalika', i.e. 2-3 raagas are involved in this song. Does anyone know?

Edited to add on 8th Nov.'10: Shail has given the names of the ragaas used in this song in the comments section from a link, which says "This superb classical duet is based on four Ragas, one each for each stanza, Sohni (Hamsanandi), Bahar (Kanada), Juanpuri (Juanpuri) and Yaman (Yamuna Kalyani)."
Thank you, Shail!


Harish P I said...

No understanding of raaga, but for enjoying music, i dont think it is an obstruction.

SG said...

Excellent. Thanks.

Kavita Saharia said...

Such soulful singing -this kind of singing carries the depth and the real significance of the words of the song.One of the main reason that they touch the listeners heart.

Enjoyed the song completely .Wish i was helpful in recognizing the other ragas :):)
Thanks for this melodious post .

Bikram said...

same here no idea about the RAGA but music was beautiful and as u said soothing to ears and heart :)

loved it


Swaram said...

This is my one of my husband's most fav songs :)
He is better versed with hindustani ragas. Wil ask him and let u know :)
Must tune into this pgm sometime :)

Sandhya said...

Harish: No, definitely not, Harish! Welcome here!

SG: Welcome!

Kavita: You are very right Kavita! Both Rafi and Latha seems to have enjoyed thoroughly while singing this song! Adi Narayan Rao, the music Director is great!

I am not very interested in knowing about the raagaas, because I will forget about them within minutes, because I don't have much knowledge about them. But, was just curious...the song changes the tune from Mukhda (from the first lines to the next stanza)! Don't ask me more!

Bikram: That is the aim of our music...good to the ears and heart, isn't it?

Swaram: Yes, this is a very melodious song. My brother in law says that Hamsadhwani also is heard somewhere. I was just curious, Swaram!

Please write about his opinion. It will be interesting to know.

SM said...

good info
thanks for video

Renu said...

dont know rags at all, but like these melodies.

KParthasarathi said...

You transported me to five decades back with that song that has a classical base and little wonder it was so pleasant.Thanks a bunch.

Destination Infinity said...

Nice song, but wasn't Lata Mangeshkar's voice too coarse? It was sort of thick! Should listen to some of her other songs, but have no clue as I started following Hindi film music only by around '91-'92! Was wondering how Shreya Ghosal would have sung the same song! Also, if that song can be remixed, Wow, that would make it cool! :)

Destination Infinity

BTW my blog address has changed to and hence request you to make the change in your blogroll in the side bar, thanks!

Roshmi Sinha said...

Absolutely mesmerising@@ Thanks for sharing...

Wonder how folks who have no understanding of the ragas or even music masquerade as 'musicians' and 'music directors' these days...

But then they do have a great 'talent'... that of 'borrowing'...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! I have no clue on music as such, but I do love anything that sounds calming. And as I grow older, I have a better appreciation of lyrics rather than only the tune!

Anonymous said...

Lovely song!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane...

R. Ramesh said...

i always have prob opening videos on office they have blocked and at home it is dead slow..bahhh...anywy thanks sandhya...proud to be yr friend:)

radha said...

No info about raagas. But I enjoy music and lament the end of worldspace that was our companion for so many years. I think I should tune into vividh bharati in the morning especially since the music player needs repairs.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song but no idea about raagas.. But still I love listening to such classical songs from old hindi movies :)

Wini said...

LOVE this song! AND Veena Sahasrabuddhe. But somehow I like her daughter-in-law Jayanthi's voice much better. She sings with more bhavam!

You were/are a source of inspiration for me to listen to some brilliant old hindi songs! In a way, my (good :p) taste in music has come largely from you! :D

Sandhya said...

sm: Enjoy!

Renu: These are good to the ears, so no need to know the name of raaga!

KParthasarathy: These songs are immortal. We go to another world altogether, when we here these types of songs!

Destination Infinity: I too love Shreya's voice and have heard her singing these types of old melodies in reality shows! She is unbelievably good, but re-mix...ohho, I will run away from those distortions, sorry, DI!

Roshmi Sinha: Thanks, Roshmi! Some music directors like Daler, Pritam, Ismail, Monty...the list goes on, know music. I had a bad opinion until I watched them singing in 'Saregamapa', reality show! Unless they are trained in music, they can't sing well, I feel.

Annu malik said once that he admires Ilayaraja a lot and so his 'influece' is always there in his music! Many of the current musicians love AR Rahman too! Some of his songs too, resemble Ilayaraja's!

writerzblock: Have you noticed one thing? If the tune is good, we learn the lyrics fast!

Yes, nowadays, I admire lyrics than I did earlier.

Sandhya said...

Manju: Enjoy!

Ramesh: This song is very melodious. Here whenever you can!

Same here and thank you!

Radha: I am a great fan of Vividh Bharati for many many years now! You can hear good songs in the morning afternoon and night!

evaniscentthoughts: Nice to know that you loved this song, Ashwini! Enjoy!

Sandhya said...

Ashwini: I too seem to like Jayanthi's voice a lot, maybe because she is very young. Her voice has got a timbre which heightens the texture of the voice, I feel. I think I gave you one of Veena's old cassette, the songs are good in that and her voice too!

Hahaha...I have got cold now! Unless you have got a good taste to listen to good music and know to appreciate it, no one can help you, Ashwini. And our whole family is soaked in music, esp. your father, his brothers and all other family members!

I feel that we are lucky that we know to appreciate good music, otherwise what would we have done to feel happy?!

You are lucky that you are able to sing well too, so keep singing for your own happiness!

((((HUGGGGSSSS))) to you, Ashwini!

UmaS said...

Fantastic u said I love the tamil version too....

Rafi is my fav singer and I am mad when he sings....its so difficult to find a versatile singer like him.

The raga is so damn good, it makes one listen to it again and again. Thanks for sharing this, Sandhya. :)

Saritha said...

I don't know abc's of raagas or music.
Enrolled varu for carnatic music classes here.

Sandhya said...

UmaS: Yes, the song is worth hearing again and again and everytime we hear, we like it more, Uma.

Yes, Rafi is unbeatable.

Varunavi: Yes, that will be good. Hearing music and singing, makes us feel at peace.

Roshmi Sinha said...

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R. Ramesh said...

thanks boss:)

Balachandran V said...

Listened to Koo hoo after a long time, thanks!

Shail said...

I could find this on the net for you:

"This superb classical duet is based on four Ragas, one each for each stanza, Sohni (Hamsanandi), Bahar (Kanada), Juanpuri (Juanpuri) and Yaman (Yamuna Kalyani)."
You can read about it here:

I love this song. Thanks for sharing :)

Sandhya said...

Balachandrean,V: Welcome here! Enjoy music!

Shail: Thanks for giving the link, Shail. This news about so many ragaas is interesting...let me inform my niece too, who is very much interested in learning ragaas!

Shail said...

You are welcome Sandhya :)

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