Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ohm Sivoham...Sanskrit Song! Music By The Famous Ilayaraja!

'Ohm Sivoham'...I heard this song by the great music director Ilayaraja for the famous director Bala's film, 'Naan Kadavul' in my blogfriend, Destination Infinity's post,  for the first time.  Playback singer, Vijay Prakash has sung the song.  Today I was watching in Vijay TV,  a concert by Ilayaraja which was held in North America.  The whole song is in Sanskrit and starts with  Rudra Mantra. I had goose bumps while hearing the song.  Playback singer Karthik was singing on the stage here with live full orchestra.  Vijay TV's transmission was very clear.  I wanted to post this song from the concert,  for the orchestra! No, it is not available. The song is based on raaga Purvi/Panthuvaraali. Hear this song without the film's distraction.  

Vijay Prakash is singing the same song with some classical touch here.  We can see his knowledge of classical music very well here.  I have heard him singing ghazals also in some TV channel.  He has got a booming voice unlike many playback singers of current times, after our Kishore and Abhijeet.  He has sung many Hindi film songs too.

Now, to the filmi version.  This movie was a hit movie.  The hero was a muslim and became famous through this movie, thanks to Bala's direction.

I heard this in the morning in the TV.  The orchestra was very good.  Now, I must have heard 4-5 times today.  I am not bored of the song at all.  Hope you too will like it.

This is a sanskrit song! 

EDITED TO ADD ON 17TH MARCH, '13: At last I got the video I was looking for and I got it today! Ilayaraja is singing a song first and then the 'sivoham' song is here.  The live concert is too good:

The lyrics:

Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..
Veera bhadraya agni nethraya ghora samhaaraka..
Sakala lokaaya sarva bhoothaya Sathya saakshatkara..

(chorus)Sambo sambo Sankara..

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bhajeham..

(Chorus) Hara hara hara hara hara hara hara hara Mahadev…

‘Namah somaya cha Rudraya cha
Namah stamraya charunaya cha
Namah shangaya cha pashupataye cha
Namah ugraya cha bhimaya cha
Namo Agrevadhaya cha dure vadhaya cha
Namo hantre cha haniyase cha
Namo vrukshebhyo harikeshebhyo
Namah staraya Namash shambhave cha
Mayo bhave cha Namah shankaraya cha
Mayaskaraya cha
Namah Shivaya cha shivataraya cha’

Anda brammanda koti.. Akhila paripaalana..
Poorana jagat kaarana sathya deva deva Priya..
Vedha vedhartha saara.. yagna yagnomaya..
Nishchala dushta nigragha.. sapta loka samrakshana..
Soma soorya agni lochana..Swetha rishaba vaahana..
Soola pani bujanga bhooshana.. tripura naasha narthana..
Yoma kesa mahaasena janaka..pancha vaktra parasu hastha namaha..

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

Kaala trikaala nethra trinethra soola trisoola dhaatram..
Sathya prabaava divya prakaasha manthra swaroopa mathram..
Nishprapanchaadhi nishkalankoham nija poorna bodha ham ham..
Gathya Gathmaagam Nithya Bramhogam Swapna Kasogam Hum Hum

Sachit Pramanam Om Om Moola Pramegyam Om Om
Ayam Bramhasmi Om Om Aham Bramhasmi Om Om

Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana Gana
Sahasra Kanta Sapta Viharaki

Dama Dama Dama Dama Duma Duma Duma Duma
Siva Damarugha Nadha Viharaki

Om Sivoham.. Om Sivoham.. Rudra naamam bajeham..

Veera bhadraya agni nethraya ghora samhaaraka..
Sakala lokaaya sarva bhoothaya Sathya saakshatkara..

(chorus)Sambo sambo Sankara..

Hope the shloka is correct.  'Aham Bhrahmaasmi' means, I am Tamil, 'Naan Kadavul' means I am god, is the name of the movie.  By the way, I have not seen the movie, yet!

I must do a post on the great Ilayaraja one day!


KParthasarathi said...

Yes it is totally a different type of song to be employed for a film.The usage of Veda mantram and Sanskrit song make it unique.It should haveen a spell binding experience for the audience.
Yes, you must do a post or two(as in one you cannot do full justice) on this maestro

Sandhya said...

K.PARTHASARATHY: I enjoyed watching it, sitting at home! The singing, the orchestra, the expression in Ilayaraja's face... everything is still in my mind!

I have got a long list of his songs!

Thank you, Partha sir!

வை.கோபாலகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Very Nice Music. That too for Sivarathri Day. Thanks for sharing.

Usha Pisharody said...

Thank you for sharing that Sandhya! It's quite revitalizing, especially when one listens to it in the morning!
We have the Rudra mantra playing over the PA system, in our school, some days, before the morning assembly. I like the sense of comfort it gives!

Destination Infinity said...

I suggest you don't see the movie. It't not worth it. I like all the songs in that move. Illayaraja has scored excellent songs. So, I was glad that I was able to listen to the songs in high-quality speakers in the theater!

One more thing is, they treat the wonderful philosophy of 'I am God' very literally in the movie. I have never been a fan of Bala and after watching this movie, I am not sure if I'll watch another movie directed by him.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...


USHA PISHARODY: Yes, this shloka is nice to the ears. The orchestra is very good. I am not familiar with this shloka...I have heard during Rudra homa and in some temples. Good to know that your school plays this shloka in the mornings.

DESTINATION INFINITY: I searched for your post on this subject. I remember reading about 'aham brahmaasmi' in your post! And you had written it well. I searched in 'music' tag!

I didn't like Bala's 'Sethu' was the talk of the town movie, in those days. 'Pithamagan' was just OK. I will drop 'Naan kadavul' from my 'to watch' movie list, now!

Anonymous said...

Sandhya, thanks so much for the links! The tune of this song has a lovely beat. Yes, it is an unusual song for a film.

Now I mean to listen to more songs by Ilayaraja!

sharada.econtent said...

Yes, mami even I like this song very much, I think sriram has seen this movie.

Sandhya said...

MANJU JOGLEKAR: Yes, this song is an entirely different one for a film. The director Bala or music director Ilayaraja look like very ordinary people! But they deliver gem like songs...Aham brahmaasmi...I never knew much about this earlier.

Ilayaraja's songs are mostly based on classical tunes! So they never get forgotten even after many years.

Thank you, Manju!

Sharu: Destination Infinity says that the movie is not very good. Must ask Sriram's opinion! All the songs in this movie are good.

dsdsds said...

The song was a huge hit and still show cases raja's talent.. and most of all reminds the film.. a very good movie but i felt it too disturbing.. anyways, we can always expect that in Bala's work.. and now there is paradesi his next venture. I think i will give that too a miss.. some times I cannot sleep after watching his movies for the first time..

Sai Charan said...

Om Sivoham is a great song!! Enjoyed listening to it, thanks for sharing :)

I was reminded of another wonderful song by Shankar Mahadevan from the Telugu movie Sri Manjunatha, Arjun acted very well you must watch the movie. And the song is difficult to sing. I am sure you must've heard this song before -->

The second song link you shared is Vijay Prakash singing Kadhal Anukkal from Entiran - so, I checked his live singing of Om Sivoham on youtube and enjoyed the classical raagas :) Watching Vijay's performance, I was reminded of Hariharan's style of singing :)

Have a nice day :)

Sai :)

Sandhya said...

HEMA: Yes, his movies are too strong! I watched Pithamagan and Sethu. I didn't like Sethu, but both the movies were hits. I don't think I would watch 'Paradesi' might be strong too!

SAI CHARAN: I watched the song you have displayed. It is a great song! Shankar is, as usual, great!

I had watched the whole episode of 'manadodu Mano'. I too felt that Vijay Prakash sounded like Hariharan, esp. while singing ghazals. He will go places!

Anu said...

Yes I love this song Sandhya. The detailed Rudra chanting and the damaru beats at the background, gives a classic divine touch to this song. It's actually a difficult song to sing, and Vijay's rendition is mesmerising. He has sung this song in Airter Super Singer Show too. Difficult to sing it live though.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Illayaraja is a great composer indeed and it is a reat to hear his compositions!

Sandhya said...

ANU: Yes, I loved the damaru sound which relates to Shiva.

I watched Vijay Prakash singing in Airtel super singer too! He was very good. Did you hear Shravan singing this song in the same prog.? He has got a very good voice and his pronunciation also is very good.

RAHUL BHATIA: Yes, he is a great music director, Rahulji! His bhajans also are famous on Mookambika and Ramana Maharshi.

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

Thanks for sharing

radha said...

It was a coincidence. After the post i saw part of the concert on TV. Heard a part where without instruments the singers mimic an orchestra. That was nice. Then as Illayaraja was singing the power went off ! However, he does sing slightly off tune.

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: Thank you, Krishna!

RADHA: We had been discussing over the years about Ilayaraja's shruti! In the beginning of his career, his songs if others sang, were good. But if he sang, the shruti was horrible. Even after so many years, the same thing is continuing. But he makes others sing well! Many of his songs are my favourites!

I too saw the song without instrumental orchestra. He is really great!

Anonymous said...

In Thamizhnadu, people Look and Talk ordinary but DO extraordinary things!!!
Even Rajnikant, Marathi who became a Tamilian was very ordinary once ..😋

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