Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless (sorry, with some words) Wednesday!

The growing up stages of our Golie!

Baby Golie in the middle!
(Born on Jan.16th, '10)

Very pregnant adult Golie!
(21st Oct.,'10)

Amma Golie with her tiny babies!
(The babies were born on 3rd Nov., '10)

Typical mother, our Golie! Notice how she is keeping her hand on her baby!
(11th Nov., '10)

The three beautiful babies!
(17th Nov.,'10)

Miniature Golie! Notice the claws and baby fur!
(17th Nov., '10)

This one is not very happy because I was keeping them out of their room on my saree and changing their bed sheet! Appa's lungies are very handy now, too, like they were, when Golie was a baby!
Notice the pinky pinky nose and baby claws!

The very bluuuue eyed kitten! Looks just like Jinju, her grandmother!

Her grandmother, Jinju's family is here!
The 11th Nov., '10 photo is added now, an hour later!


Swaram said...

Awww u hv made me fall in love with cats all over again Sandhya :)
Soooo sooo cute :)

Shail said...

The first picture is so cute, with Golie in the middle. And the last too. Ohh the pink pink nose!! :D

BK Chowla, said...

Golie is very cute in absolute terms.

Saritha said...

So sweet sandhya,they are so adorable.And golie is a giving good pose for the photo.Super wordless post sandhya :)

Bikram said...

so beautiful awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I like them all


Sandhya said...

Swaram: Thank you, Swaram!

Shail: The last two pictures are of different kittens, but they look so similar!

BK Chowla: Yes, Chowlaji!

Varunavi: Thank you, Saritha!

Bikram: You have to!

Wini said...

Golie and babies have become famous! :) Really nice photos maami. The kittens are actually scary when make the "phusss" sound, though they are really tiny. The next time I see them, they probably be all grown up! :(

Deepa said...

More cats?! They are very lucky cats indeed. :)

R. Ramesh said...

superrr pooneis..super clicks..

Anonymous said...

Awww! I want those little babies now! How I wish we could have pets! Once we come back to India for good. Could I please have one of your babies, Sandhya? I promise, I will look after her very, very, very well :)

Sandhya said...

Ashwini: Yes, they grow up fast in front of our eyes, as we have experienced already! Don't know if they would be at home...people have started asking for them, already, Ashwini! I should send them to good houses, they are pampered brats here, in our house!

Deepa: Everybody says, so, Deepa! We love animals!

Ramesh: Thank you!

wordsndreamz: Come home with Poohi and take all of them, Smitha! They are velvet bundles!

radha said...

The first picture is awesome!

Kavita Saharia said...

Angels with whiskers ! So cute and adorable .I love the name Golie.Put them kala tika Sandhya ....nazar na lage !

Roshmi Sinha said...

Chooooo chweettt!!!

Chandrika Shubham said...

WOW! How cute pics! :)

I liked the second pic. :)

Sai Charan said...

Felt so happy to see such cute photos of kittens, their mother's love, tender tiny limbs, soft fur and pink nose :)

Agree with Sarita and Kavita Didi, such lovely pets you have got, post more of the kitten photos, so nice :)

P.S: Hope you and your family are doing fine, its been long time, I wish you all happiness, take care :)

SM said...

beautiful pics
thanks for sharing

Sandhya said...

Radha: Yes, it is a beautiful picture!

Kavita: Sure, Kavita!

Roshmi Sinha: Yes!

Chandrika Shubham: She is the MOTHER!

Sai Charan Happy to see you here, Sai!

Will do! I never get bored of taking their pictures!

Happy with your work? Be happy always, Sai Charan!

sm: Thank you, sm!

SG said...

Cute. And, nice pics. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful photos, Sandhya! Particularly loved the second-last one. What expressive eyes!

Anonymous said...

usually I dont like cats but looking at these pics, they are sooooo cute..the babies especially are adorable.. thanks for the pics :)

Destination Infinity said...

The close up shots were the best... Aren't the kittens afraid of cameras? Blissful!!

Destination Infinity

KParthasarathi said...

They are cute to look.Thanks

Sandhya said...

SG: Thank you!

Manju: They have started 'fighting' with each other from today to watch. They are beautiful. We have to send them off after 35-40 days, though! We sterilized Jinju, sent off the black 'ammaakkari' alongwith her baby to one house, where she is multiplying her family - the family is a joint family and they love cats! Must look that type of house for Golie also now...enough of kittens! Only Zorro and Jinju will be at home! Though they don't play much, they are company! If Zorro brings home more girls, he will be sent off...we have warned him!

Sandhya said...

evanescentthoughts: Yes, you too will love to cuddle them!

Destination Infinity: Even the previous day, they were hissing at me if I tried to touch them! But when i was taking pictures, they were just watching with curiousity!

K.Parthasarathy: Thank you!

Katz said...

cute kitties

vimmuuu said...

with these many cats around, your home and even the locality must be rodent free. :D :D :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Awww...thats so so sweet! The first snap is the cutest :)

kanagu said...

The kittens and goalie were too cute :) :) I love them :) did u uploaded it in picasa like u did last time???

I am planning to get a kitten in my home for my company.. some works were going on in home.. after that :) :)

Sandhya said...

Katz: Welcome, here! Yes, thank you!

vimmuuu: Maybe!

deepsspeakingup: Yes, thank you...that is Golie's, from the previous album!

kanagu: Yes, I had uploaded in picassa first.

Get one, Kanagu! They are good company/good entertainers!

R. Ramesh said...


Unknown said...

Good lord, Sandhya!!!!

Who are your neighbours? Ask them to vacate, i am moving in!!

All of them look absolutely adorable,, i cud play with them & watch them like all day long!!

Mini goalie is a darling! the pink noses!!! Sigh!!

Pat them from me! :D :D :D

UmaS said...

Beautiful.....but how do u manage them all ????

Sandhya said...

Crafty: I patted them for you and they said 'meeyaaav' - thank you! They have started playing inside the box now. They are trying to hop out and by tomorrow, all of them might be roaming in the must be familiar with that stage from the old pictures in my last post about kittens!

UmaS: I will keep them at home for another 10-15 days. Only after 20 days, they come out of the box. Until then their mother takes care. Now, from yesterday, I have started placing milk in a small plate. They will learn to drink milk and start roaming and playing. This is the best stage. Twice I kept one kitten for giving company to the mother (Golie was from last time's kitten!). I sterilized two mother cats! Now, I am sending off the mother too to a cat-lover's house! Then only Zorro and Jinju! One male and a already sterilized female. We love to play with them! No more new cats!

Anonymous said...

my mum would never allow me keeping cats in house :( ..

so cute and adorable

pandu balu said...

nice cats.. i also loving cats. happy to share my comment with u

Balu - Tirupati - 9492379648

Usha Pisharody said...

Bowled over :)
Thank you for sharing!

Sandhya said...

Arvind 1187: Welcome here to my space, Arvind!

Some people don't like animals. Once they get a chance to move with them, start loving them!

Balu: Welcome to my blog, Balu! Thanks for the comment!

Usha Pisharody: Happy to know that you enjoyed, Usha!

Anonymous said...

As Shail says, that pinkie pink nose is the cutest of the lot! :D Do you have all of these cuties with you Sandhya? your home must be one happy place!:))

Sandhya said...

INDYEAH: I am happy to know that you enjoyed seeing the pictures, Indyeah! I gave off the two of the same colour for adoption at Blue cross. I always keep one kitten with the mother. This mother was the daughter of Jinju. After Jinju's delivery, I gave off two kittens and kept Goalie. Once I had 1 set of parents, Zorro and Jinju and their 3 jet black velvetti kittens. I have posted their pictures also somewhere. It was fun. Zorro died of old age, some cats left home by themselves. Only Jinju and Goalie are at our old house. The tenants love cats and are willing to keep them. Both of them are neutered. In our new flat, pets are not allowed. I miss them.

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