Saturday, June 5, 2010

The future of our children lies in the hands of 'this' type of irresponsible teachers.

I read this news about an intermediate student who got 'zero' (do they give 'zero' mark to anyone nowadays?) in the exam, got 75% after he applied for re-valuation!

The Deccan Chronicle says:

An Intermediate student who was shocked at getting ‘zero’ marks in the exam was wonder struck at seeing it climb to 75 when he applied for re-verification.

Likewise, a student who got 59 marks in math had been given nine marks by the evaluators. This startling ‘counting error’ also came out during re-verification.

Variation of one to five marks is common during re-verification,” said Mr G. Balaramaiah, secretary of the Board of Intermediate Education. “But this time, we have noticed huge variation in some cases. We will initiate stern action against the evaluators responsible for this.” The BIE has found serious evaluation errors in the case of 4,000 of the total 20,000 applicants who sought re-verification.

The gross negligence of evaluators would have marred the career of thousands of students in the wake of 25 per cent weight given for Intermediate marks while determining the rank in Eamcet. BIE top brass have decided to issue notices to about 1,500 lecturers who committed mistakes during evaluation and to impose a penalty ranging from Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000 on them. They will also be barred from evaluation duties for three years. The BIE is also planning to lodge criminal cases against negligent evaluators in cases where the variation of marks was ‘abnormal’.

The Hindu has got more to say on the 'zero' mark to 75 marks case:

With the startling variation of marks coming to light, the Board of Intermediate authorities are planning to initiate stringent action against the evaluator – a lecturer of a private college in Kadapa district.

Stranger is the explanation of the lecturer that he had awarded zero marks “as he could not understand the answers written in English”, authorities disclosed.

Considering the fallout of such an irresponsible action on the future of the student, the Board secretary, G. Balaramaiah, said a criminal case would be registered against the lecturer, whom he refused to identify.

“We have also asked the college management to remove him from service and a penalty fee would also be claimed from him,” he declared at a press conference here on Monday.

In some cases, some answers are not evaluated at all; some answers evaluated but marks not given; in some cases, evaluation is done, marks given, but not added to the total. In the last category, the evaluator simply strikes down the answer and awards ‘zero' marks.

This news hurt me more because I know a student, who had faced this type of blow in his Plus II marks.

This boy had been a top scorer in his classes throughout and got 100% in maths in 10th standard. When he came out of the examination hall, he told his parents, friends and teachers that he was sure of getting 98% (Maths exam). That year, the maths paper was long and many students could not complete answering the paper. This problem went upto the Parliament and they decided to add 5 or 10% (I don't remember correctly) as grace marks for the particular paper. After all this, the boy got 56%! He was planning to write IIT entrance, but he could not do so. He stayed at home for one year and the parents thought that he would try the IIT, the coming year. Instead, he wrote SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and got 99 percentile (top score in India), got admission in a top Engineering University abroad with 94% scholarship.

This is one example of why the cream of our intelligent children hate to settle down here, in our country. Sincerity is not visible anywhere, even in our education system, where the future of our children is decided.

The teacher who just got bored to correct the paper and gave 'zero' marks to the student must be having children of his own.

We are taught to treat teachers as god from our childhood - 'Maatru devo bhava, Pitru devo bhava, Aacharya devo bhava'. My own family has got devoted teachers but the teacher from Kadappa, is a shame on the whole clan of good teachers.


Anonymous said...

Stranger is the explanation of the lecturer that he had awarded zero marks “as he could not understand the answers written in English”, authorities disclosed.

This is the most disgusting one..

As you rightly said,we should take criminal cases against such irresponsible people,or rather animals i must say..I feel really angry..We study hard,and this is how it ends...

BK Chowla, said...

This only goes to show the level of those who mark the papers. It is true that some of them do not understand the English language and it is only the children who suffer.
I hope Kapil Sibal reads your post

kanagu said...

Responsibility is totally out of question now, I guess...

I have read recently that Iraiyanbu said, 'manithargal pinamaagamal kaapatruvathu doctorgal, avargal nadadipinamaagamal kaapatruvathu aasiriyargal'..

This is going to be proven wrong completely soon :( :(

What if that boy was suicides for scoring low marks... scary...

SG said...

Criminal action should be taken agaianst these teachers for jeopardizing the career of the students. I pity for these students.

Gouri Guha said...

Some teachers think it is fun-time while correcting papers. But when the time comes and their own children are appearing for the exams, they take care to speak to the examiner for giving very good marks.
Such teachers need to be thrown out of their job. I know lecturers who are novice, they simply play with the lives of the students...they lack the ability to read and understand the answers written by a good student.
When everything is over who takes the responsibility?

Sandhya said...

nimis540: I just wonder if that man has got his own children and if he is capable of thinking that this might happen to his own children too.

BK Chowla: How do the authorities allow these people to correct the papers? When these types of mistakes happen, they will just blame each other. Or, at least the teacher should have expressed his inability to correct papers written in English, I feel, Chowlaji.

kanagu: Every year the day after the results were declared, we read in the newspaper about 2-3 suicides, minimum. Who knows how many of them had this type of teachers to correct their papers?

SG: This incident will be discussed for a few days and then forgotten. As I said, this is not the first case.

Anonymous said...

Yes, some teachers seem to take their responsibilities so lightly! They do not stop to think how their actions may affect the young students.

It has become a game of chance as to how many marks a student will score in the exams.

The example you have narrated about the student who fortunately could complete his studies abroad, is shocking.

My niece went through something similar a few years ago. She gave the exam again the next year, and passed with flying colours!

Sandhya said...

Manju: I am so happy to see you here after a long time, Manju.

Yes, he was lucky and determined to reach his goal. Children might go into depression because of these types of acts by irresponsible people.

I always tell everybody that scoring good marks in the public exams is 50% hard work and 50% luck.

vimmuuu said...

That explains why I got lesser marks in my second year degree !! I shouldve sent it for re-evaluation. Is there a way now ? :D :D :D

Jokes apart, such things happen only in India and Im sure it will happen only here. We always need an excuse to escape from our work and responsibilities. Sad that someone elses life is getting affected by our actions. and I second you on why the intelligent lot choose to settle abroad, they dont get recognised here.

Kavita Saharia said...

Work is worship...we have been hearing this but there are very few who really follow the golden words.We are (specially our country)are not very dedicated,sincere and responsible towards our many of us its just a mean of livelihood...we do it because we have to do it.

Its a very sad situation prevailing in every field but both the government and the citizen need to buckle up when see it happening in our education system.

Thought provoking ! Namaste Sandhya.

Sandhya said...

Gouri Guha: Yes, some lecturers are just taking their job like anyother job - for earning money. They don't try to do any homework in their subjects and this attitude continues while correcting examination papers also - just finish off correcting the bundle of papers. They don't bother to check, before keeping the paper aside. As you said, they give more importance when it comes to their own children.

Now, will any paper continue to report what happened to the Kadappa teacher? If he is let lose, there will be more incidents like this, in the future.

vimmuuu: Shall we track down that teacher now?!!

Yes, this type of job needs responsible people. They should be paid well and the authorities should take severe action against the erring teachers, so that this will not repeat again and the teachers need not get sold for extra money.

kavita: The teachers should think twice before taking this responsible job. Once they do, they should have a conscience before resorting to this type of action. The teacher should have told the authorities that he was not good in English language instead of awarding 'zero' marks.

Thank you, Kavita.

Shail said...

Nothing but criminal negligence. How can anyone compensate for the trauma the child has gone through??

Anonymous said...

OMG, that's just terrible and pathetic. I have never had a good opinion of teachers, from my past experience. And you're absolutely right, such teachers should really be punished, and we should set an example to the entire fraternity to take more care and stop ruining lives!!! Teachers are a powerful clan, for the impact they have on young minds. Its so important that they use this power well.


Shilpa said...

In my second semester engineering, I was awarded 14/100 in Strength of Materials (a very tough subject). That was the first time I had failed in a subject. Unable to believe that I could have done that bad, I applied for revaluation paying 500 bucks. The result was 37/100 and a pass.

I asked the HoD if I could get my 500 bucks back as it was clearly the valuators error. Unfortunately no such provision existed.

I wonder how such errors can happen. Aren't valuators supposed to know basic maths?

Swaram said...

God! This is so shocking! Esp. the reason that they lecturer gave!

Some such ppl r a black mark on soo many of them who do such a noble job :(

Bikram said...

This is so shameful.. what to say I have myself been a victim in my +2 exam physics they put me as 20 odd marks out of 75 .. and I knew i had done well.. we got the papers re-evaluated and all , and in those days you could see your answer sheet, the moment i saw my answer sheet I knew it IT WAS NOT MINE, some crafty bugger changed the roll number dont know how ..

and then after a complaint same old enquiry blah blah .. in the end i had to sit for imporvement exam and do it all over again and got 58 ...

but this is the sad truth that goes around .. PUUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION BOARD zindabad ... :)

but giving such excuses as u mentioned is atrocious..

radha said...

My daughter too got just 36 in physics, and she almost had a fit. We sent it for re-evaluation and they gave her just a single mark more. It was enough for her to change her stream of education. She is now a lawyer. I wonder if I should thank the Intermediate Board for their callousness. They are the worst lot.

Anonymous said...

Goodness I still cant believe the lecturer actually gave an explanation for giving Zero marks to a student! That is preposterous, to say the least.

You're right, Sandhya.Its scary to even think that the future of our children is dependent on teachers like him.

Such lot dont even deserve to be called teachers!

Anonymous said...

Goodness! That is the most disgusting thing I have heard! How is such an examiner allowed to become an examiner! It is scary to say the least..

No accountability, what so ever! And how many children's lives he must have already spoiled, is beyond me..

You know, when I read things like this, I sometimes wonder if we are making the right decision to come back to India for good :(

Sandhya said...

Shail: This is just a job for them, that too like govt. job - no one takes responsibility for any type of mistake.

P: They take this job too easily, Pal.

Shilpa: Yours is a logical question, Shilpa. They can play with children's future and get away with it easily, without any type of punishment. The teacher who did the wrong correction should be made to pay the Rs.500, which is not enough punishment, but at least a token of satisfaction for the student.

Who cares for the qualification of the teachers who are made to correct the papers? Our education system is too weak.

Swaram: I and my children had some good teachers. My children used to excel in the subjects of the teachers they had great respect. Still good teachers are there alongwith this type of irresponsible teachers.

Bikramjit: I have heard the some teachers take money and change answer paper. Corruption has eroded in every nook and corner of our society, Bikram.

The boy I have mentioned here, refused to write the improvement exam. He just wanted to leave this place and did that.

What can Kapil Sibal do for this? When sincerity is NIL in our people, no one can do anything.

Radha: These types of mistakes change the nature of the children completely. They become rough in their nature. They will never be the soft-natured children they were before.

Thank god, your daughter changed the line of her studies.

Deepsspeakingup: I am astonished at the authorities who gave out the 'Zero mark' teacher's explanation to the media!

wordsndreamz: I had heard some teachers saying that the corrected bundles go for second valuation, but at which level, I don't remember. But 10th and 12th std. marks are very very important. These are taken into consideration, esp. the 12th std. mark, later on, in many job applications.

Like I said earlier, here, 50% LUCK and 50% hard work - is the mantra for a good future. Hard work alone doesn't work here.

Anonymous said...

Shocking but not unheard of Sandhya. Was the teacher who could not understand fired after wards?

Don't they realise their carelessness can ruin lives? Picture a smart but not the brightest child, he would not have been able to get a second chance like the one you mentioned did :| Really sad...

Chandrika Shubham said...

A BIG mistake indeed!

Sandhya said...

IHM: We are hearing children resorting to suicide after the result are announced. God knows how many of them took the wrong decision....maybe some teacher might have given wrong marks. I shudder while thinking in this angle.

Chandrika Shubam: Yes, Chandrika.

Aparna said...

What a shame. This time in my daughter's school, a hindi teacher has been asked to teach maths, and she has neither the qualification nor the experience. Can you imagine what will happen to the students?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I need to add the other side also, to this post - some times teachers and universities put more marks than deserved by a student. This they do to show good results I guess... but it hampers our education system and lowers its quality of evaluation.

"The cream of our intelligent children hate to settle down here"

About this, I have a friend in the United States who frankly tells me that Universities (the lower ranked ones) there consider students as 'clients' as they pay a lot of fees to attend the full time master degree courses and clearing the exams/ research paper depends on the rapport that the student has with the lecturer!

But I do accept that the situation is much worser in India, as far as education standards are concerned. I think the problem lies with the attitude of the people - no one is really bothered about the quality of teaching or learning, but they are more bothered about placements and salaries. No wonder the system is like this!!

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

Destination Infinity: Is it so? This is worse!

My son also says so! They can meet their lecturer anytime to clear their doubts and very limited no. of children are allotted per teacher unlike our colleges. They collect more fees and deliver too.

You are right, D.I. This is the reason parents compel their children to do engineering, whether the children like it or not. Other science and art subjects are ignored. is still a favourite, though!

Anonymous said...

": Every year the day after the results were declared, we read in the newspaper about 2-3 suicides, minimum. Who knows how many of them had this type of teachers to correct their papers?"

So true Sandhya...

Anonymous said...

That 'explanation' if it can be called that just goes to show the brilliance of the lecturer I guess.. Truly brilliant!

I agree with Gouri's words
Some teachers think it is fun-time while correcting papers

I have seen how lightly some take it..

The selection procedure for teachers is seriously messed up in India. I mean why cant we have proper qualifications for respective teaching of subjects instead of some sort of khichdi? A teacher qualified in one subject teaching an additional two subjects that he/she has no knowledge of!!

I also strongly feel that teachers in India should have to pass some psychological tests in order to be qualified to teach.

Sandhya said...

Indyeah: Most of the schools don't pay well to their teachers, Indyeah. So, good dedicated teachers will not stay and work in those schools, though some exceptions are still there. My niece did not have a math teacher during the last 3 months in her 12th Std. She was studying in a reputed school.

The teachers also do not update their knowledge, maybe they do not get that extra time from their family responsibilities and full-time job. Education also is a business here, now. They are just after the 100% results, so that they can eye for more donation in the next academic year.

Now, international schools are coming up. They might take teachers who are 100% trained for the job and pay them well.

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