Saturday, May 29, 2010

A garland of songs...add one or two of your own to this please...!

After a long time, I am doing a musical post and all of you please come and join!

Both sides of my family are music lovers. When we have a get-together or a function at home we play 'anthaakshari'. Sometimes, one of us will just hum a song and others will join with another song which comes to their mind after hearing that we continue in this way and it will become a chain or garland of songs of similar tune - raaga.

As many of you know by now, I am a great fan of Jagjit Singh and this song is one of my favourite. Whenever I play this cd, I hear this song in the 'repeat' mode! I never get bored of hearing this song! Now, let me start this chain with this song:

This soulful song from the movie 'Leader', is picturized on Vyjayanthimaala and Dilip Kumar. Music is by our famous Naushad saab:

This Kannada song by Rajkumar, from the movie 'Hosa Belaku', is my favourite one. The tune is the exact replica of the above two! Rajkumar's voice is so expressive, here:

This is also a melodious song. You can watch MGR and Jayalalitha (younger Ammmaa!) in this song. MGR's movies were famous for melodious songs. I could not get the video of the whole song, this one runs for just 3 mts., sorry. Now, watch this song:

This song is from my favourite film, 'Unnaal mudiyum thambi'. The storyline of this Tamil movie was very good. I love this song picturized on Seetha and our Kamal:

Sharmila Tagore is one of my favourite actress and I loved the movie 'Amar Prem'. As soon as I got married (1974!), we were invited to our relatives' places for dinner and everyone 'thought' I was a good singer, that too, of Hindi songs, which was new to them! If anyone asked me to sing a song, I used to start with this song! I remember the lyrics of very few songs - 2 stanzas of songs! I can sing along with many songs, though! Whenever my husband hears this song now, he will start laughing and recite the old story to my sons! So, this song has got a special place in my heart!

Now, please hear the songs and if you remember anyother song after hearing this, please jot down! If you don't get it in 'you tube', it is OK! Let us enjoy music together!

33 comments : said...

I love this Rajesh khanna Song ...its it!

Renu said...

I love all those old songs of 60's and have most of them. Actually earlier songs had proper words and situations, and I think thats why I could remember them, today's songs..I cant rememeber a single word.

kanagu said...

I love both the tamil songs you have mentioned... both are so melodious and have wonderful lyrics too :) :)

Anonymous said...

For some unknown reason,i love "Ankhiyon ke jharokon se" Song...

There are many tamil songs i love,not very old,but 2000 ones... Recently i loves song from Payya..Sei sei avoloru sei..lovely,...

Sandhya said...

Harman: Welcome here, Harman! Yes, that is a lovely song!

Renu: The songs I have mentioned here, are nearly of the same tune. I started liking the latest songs after hearing them in the reality musical shows. Only thing is, we have heard the old songs so many times and it has settled in our mind. The current songs will take its own time to settle down, esp. A.R.Rahman's!

Kanagu: Yes, Kanagu, the lyrics are too good. I thought you will mention some song here! Just write down the lines of the songs which you remember when you hear these songs. This is just for fun.

nimis 540: Akhiyon ke jharokon se ...I too love this song. It is slow and melodious.

I liked angaadiththeru song and before that 'munbe vaa yen anbe vaa'...Shreya is superb in that song.

Aparna said...

The evergreen classics of the '60s! How I miss listening to them.
I loved the RD Burman Asha Bhosle Kishore Kumar combo. The new music does not appeal to me so much.

Shilpa said...

The song most often on my lips these days is Lakdi ki Kaathi. Little Amogh refuses to eat or sleep without hearing that song.
The other song I used to sing until recently was Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu.

Pixie said...

The songs from "Hosa Belaku" are really good! :)

Will listen to the remaining ones at home as usual :)

Swaram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Swaram said...

This is Raag Lalit rt? Beautiful collection Sandhya :)

I luv teredido mane from Hosabelaku .. such a soothing melody no :)

Btw, I started a page dedicated to songs on my blog :)

Swaram said...

Another song I cn remember is 'Tu hai mera prem devata'

Sandhya said...

Aparna: Yes, Kishore and Asha and RD Burman combination- each and every song was a gem! The expressions in their songs were unbeatable, Aparna. No song?!

Shilpa: Beautiful song. Amogh is a unique name Shilpa, nice.

Chanda hai tu - again Sharmila - beautiful song. Very apt for Amogh!

Pixie: Yes, all the songs in 'Hosa Belaku' are good. We saw the movie when we were in Banglore and loved it. I and my husband are Rajkumar fans!

Swaram: My nephew said that all the songs in the list come near to 'Lalit' raaga.

I love all the songs of 'Hosa Belaku' and 'Yeradu Kanasu', beautiful songs. 'Poojisalende hoogala thande', 'Indu yenage Govinda' - I used to sing these songs to my sis-in-law. These were her favourites!

Let me visit your song page. Off to Hyderabad now. Short visit for a function. Will visit you when I come and stay there for at least two days, Swaram.

Gouri Guha said...

I love the oldies of the 60's, so soothing to the ears, the tune and words too.

Swaram said...

Woww u r cmg here :)
Hope we cud meet Sandhya. And eh, they all r based on Lalit is what I feel :)

kanagu said...

actually the list is too big.. so didn't mentioned any songs :)

here is a tag I have done last year contains many songs..

and recently I have loved lot of Ilayaraja's songs..

Muthamizhe from Raman Abdulla
Poo Poo Poo from Pudhu nellu pudhu naathu
Etho mogam from Kozhi koovuthu
Thamthana from Pudhiya vaarpugal.

kanagu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Ek Shahenshah is a classic song! Heard 'koi paas aaya' for the first time. I loved Unnai naan sandhithen. Raina beeti jaaye is one of my favorite songs too. Theres so much of pathos in the song.

Thank you so much for this beautifl collection of songs, Sandhya :). Enjoyed it thoroughly.

starry said...

Hi! stopped over from Renu's blog to say have a cool blog here.

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved those Tamizh songs... took me right back to a different era :-) Thanks for posting these Sandhya :-) The downside though is that I'm feeling EXTREMELY homesick now :-((((

vimmuuu said...

Sandhya ji, I shall get back to this post once the net at home works. It isnt possible in office to open youtube.

Kavita Saharia said...

All the songs are beautiful...'Amar prem' is one of my most favorite.Not only 60s presented us with best of the music but some great movies too.
Hi Sandhya.Today i know one more interesting fact about are a good singer too...loved that story.

SG said...

Nice one. I can understand only Tamil. Unnai Naan Sandhithane Nee Aayirathil Oruvan is an excellent song. Another of my favorite is Vaseegara (Bombay Jayashree). By the way, she is giving a carnatic musicl recital here in San Francisco Bay Area on June 12. We are planning to attend.

Sandhya said...

Gouri Guha: Yes, music directors gave importance to both lyrics and melody, equally. They were taking long time to compose each and every the staying power is longer.

Welcome, Gouri!

Swaram: Yes, all the songs are based on raag Lalit, Swaram. Many more songs are the one you quoted 'Tu hai mera prem devta...'. Beautiful raaga.

Kanagu: Yes, I remember reading the post on 'slow and melodious songs'. I love the songs you have quoted now, esp. puthu nellu puthu naaththu song. I forget the names of the films, though! Ilayaraaja has come back again. Some of his songs were not that good in-between. Now, he is giving good songs again.

deepsspeakingup: Happy to know that you enjoyed the songs. Wanted to include some malayalam songs also, which are similar to this tune. Most of the malayalam songs are based on classical tunes.

starry: Welcome here and thank you, starry!

Pallavi: You like Tamil songs? Nice. I am thinking of posting raaga based Tamil songs in my Tamil blog. So one reader is guaranteed!

vimmuuu: It is OK, vimmuuuji! Take your time and enjoy!

kavita: My mother and grand mother too, loved to go to movies and loved film songs too! It was taboo for the grand mothers to go to the theatres! But we used to take her during daytime to a theatre which was just in the next road. She used to feel so happy and used to narrate the stories to us if we didn't go with her, so nicely!

Thank you, Kavita! Ab to gala kharaab ho gayee!

SG: P.Susheela's voice is superb in that song. When she talks in the Reality shows, her Tamil is so bad but while singing, no Tamilian can beat her accent!

Bombay Jayashree is my favourite too! We go to her concert at least once, during the December season.

Do you have her cd's Radha Madhavam, Amritam etc. Beautiful songs/bhajans. I am sure you will enjoy her concert. She never bores us, even if we have to sit and listen, continuously, for 3 hours also!

radha said...

I like the Kaagaz ki Kashti sung by Jagjit Singh. Of course any old Raj Kapoor film song, Dev Anand's Hum Dono... the list can go on.

Anonymous said...

The Amar Prem song is nice, I also love all the songs from Kati Patang... and Rajesh Khanna-Mumtaz songs from the movie... don't remember the name but I remember a song from that movie - 'Jai jai shiv shankar'. Maybe it was Aap ki kasam?!

I like Jagjit Singh's ghazals too.

Chandrika Shubham said...

I love to play antakshri. Nice collection! :)

Sandhya said...

Radha: Yes, Jagjit Singh's 'Kaagaz ki kashti' is a beautiful song. Dev Anand and Madhubaala's songs are the best. Mukesh's songs in Raj Kapoor's films are very soulful.

IHM: All the songs in Amar Prem are good. Yes, the movie is Aap ki kasam. I love Kati pathang songs and I liked the movie too.

Chandrika Shubham: Welcome here, Chandrika! One more antaakshari fan here, nice!

vimmuuu said...

Beautiful songs. All of them. I loved the Jagjit song, the one from Leader and the Amar Prem song.

I donno if you would listen to mal songs, but it one mal song that came to my mind -

from the movie Bharatham -

mohanlal received his first national award for that movie. Amazing song, amazing picturisation. check out how the song culminates in one single breath. Yesudas is something, I tell you !

Sandhya said...

vimmuuu: Yes, Jesudoss is one of his kind. I love most of his songs and many of his malayalam songs also. I know that most of the malayalam songs are based on classical ragas. I am familiar with this song and heard it once again.

My son and our whole family are fans of 'His highness Abdullah' songs and other Jesudoss songs. I sent this song to my son, just now. He loves this type of songs, thank you, vimmuuu.

Did you notice a common thing in all the songs? They are all based on one raaga 'Lalit'! No I didn't recognize the name of the raaga, my nephew did! I don't know the names of raagaas!

Bikram said...

I did not know that .. No i did not that you are a jagjit singh fan.. I AM TOOO... wow finally met someone who can understand cause here when i ask people to put some jagjit singh especially after a drink or two they dont understand ...

Wah so what are your favourites .. My car is always running on jagjit singh it seems :) but the SADDEST part is SADDEST I have never gone to see him live.. had so many chance in india, uk but always something or other came up.. I so much have to see him live in a concert ....

i could go on and on and on :)

Sandhya said...

Bikram: My whole family loves his songs. My elder son is crazy about Jagjit Singh's songs!

I had done a post on Jagjit Singh's songs here

Nice to meet a fellow Jagjit fan, Bikram!

Indyeah said...

After reading the post I feel like asking you to upload the last song sung in your voice Sandhya:)))

trying to imagine you singing it :D sho cute

((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))Its been ages and you were missed:)

I have been listening to these songs these days.. Kai baar yun hi dekha hai yeh jo mann ki seema rekha hai...(Rajnigandha)

na jaane kyun hota hai ye zindagi ke saath (Choti si baat)

Sandhya said...

Indyeah: I got married in 1974 (I am sure you were not even born then!). My voice is just for humming now! I am happy that I am able to enjoy music even now. I sing along with my nieces now! Music binds all these youngsters to me!

I loved the movie 'Rajnigandha'...Amol Palekar's movies became very famous. Simple down to earth heroines, good stories, good music. I like this song too.

I like the voice of Mukesh...though all the songs sound similar, like he had his own ghraana!

'Choti si baat'...we have seen it many many times! And 'Golmaal' too! This song is so beautiful. Amol Palekar and Vidya Sinha look sooo ordinary, next door youngsters! Latha's voice is so young here.

Have you seen 'Bhoomika'? I still remember Amol Palekar's eyes in that film. Superb actor.

Thanks for making me to hear this song again now, Indyeah!

I am very very happy to see you here, Indyeah.

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