Saturday, June 12, 2010

If you haven't seen this yet, it will move you to tears, like it did with me !!

My niece sent this beautiful video yesterday! After watching this, it took some time for me to stop the flowing of tears from my eyes! I always admire the soldiers and their families...of any country!

This video reminded me of the day my younger son gave us a surprise visit after some years of studying abroad. He just barged in with a suitcase in his hand, dropped it down and started eating from his appa's plate...we were having our lunch when he came home! We were just watching him with tears in our eyes!

I loved the way the video showed the expressions of both the soldiers and their dear ones! The best part of the video is the way the dog showing its love to his master and the way the master enjoying it, sitting down on the ground! I can still hear the happy squeaking sound of the dog!

Edited to add this quote from Kavita's comment today (13.06.10), which is very apt, here:

"Do you know what a soldier is, young man? He's the chap who makes it possible for the civilized folk to despise the war".


SG said...

Very moving. The life of a soldier and his/her family is tough. They are preapred to give their lives for the country. We should salute them.

Kavita Saharia said...

Very touching....its hard not to cry!Its because of these soldiers that we take our freedom for granted.I remember reading this line somewhere-"Do you know what a soldier is young man?He's the chap who makes it possible for the civilized folk to despise the war".

Well a surprise homecoming is always an emotional ride--you miss this loved one ,think about him/her all the time,wondering how is he/she doing and suddenly you see them standing right in front of you.Your son's surprise visit made me choke...imagine someone so dear to you,living 'saat samundar paar' is suddenly near you and sharing bites...beautiful.

Happy Sunday Sandhya !

Aparna said...

So difficult to hold back the tears! Very, very moving!
I loved the way your son surprised you, I did the same with my parents once after I moved away after marriage. They were having dinner and my mother was flabbergasted.

Sandhya said...

SG: Yes, we have to salute all the soldiers irrespective of the country they belong to!

kavita: "Do you know what a soldier is, young man? He's the chap who makes it possible for the civilized folk to despise the war" - very true, Kavita! We just sit and discuss, but they are the ones who act! Thank you for quoting this line here. I have added this quote in my post, now!

I and my husband can never forget the feeling we felt, at that moment, Kavita! He is like that, very attached to everyone in the family!

Happy Sunday to you and your family, Kavita!

Aparna: Yes, Aparna...I often write in my post and comment in others' posts that the school going days of the children are the best days for parents...afterwards they move away from us and when we see them again, it is always nostalgic...and we will wait for their next visit! But we have to let them go and set up their own lives, too!

JP said...

Wonderful and very touching...Love doesn't have any words.

This Video reminds us to create Peaceful World where War and Fights doesn’t exist.

Thanks for sharing.

Swaram said...

Very very touching Sandhya. Can't say anything more! Thanks so much for sharing this one!

Anonymous said...

Touching.. :)

Anonymous said...

That was touching indeed!

BK Chowla, said...

It is very emotional and touching.
Though, I feel our soldiers must get a better treat than what they get.

radha said...

Very nice. What can be better than having the kids visiting home?

vimmuuu said...

Oh it really is touching. watched the video from home, but couldnt comment. Thanks for sharing it with us. Its not with soldiers alone, I can see the happiness and the sadness in my parents eyes whenever I make my visit. Nobody can love us more than them, le ? Chey, I miss them as I write this !

Sandhya said...

Jarlin Paul: Welcome here, Jarlin Paul! Yes, love needn't have any words. The background music is good, isn't it?

Swaram: Yes, there was nothing more to write for me too, everything was in the video, Swaram.

nimis540: Yes, nimis!

deepsspeakingup: Yes, Deepu!

BK Chowla: Soldiers and our Police force too - example:bullet proof jacket scandal.

Radha: You are right, Radha!

vimmuuu: Even if you are 40 or 50, for your parents, you will still be a child, vimmuuu and they think that they have to take care of you! My mother was thinking like that till she died!

I can imagine how your parents felt - like how we felt when our son came home!

Bikram said...

I went back to indai for the second time after 5 years.. And did not tell anyone i was coming, landed at delhi.. hired a taxi and went reached home at 3am in morning.. My dog "JENNY", as i opened the front gate.. she started barking.. and running like mad , I did not think she would recognise me .. but it did ... that barking made my dad wake up and they had not opened the doors and i could hear is voice "Bikram you come "...

I think its all what I say telepathy.. and then the lights went on everyone came out.. and I had just opened the front gate and walked a few feet into the house.. 3 am .. Cant forget that feeling and that emotion

Soldiers they are marvellous people fighting for someone else's war.. needs courage and I salute them and I hope that all are kept safe..

the video was beautiful.......

Sandhya said...

Bikram: It is nice of you to remember your parents so affectionately, Bikram! They seem to be nice people. Keep visiting them and express your love to them too!

I feel sad whenever I see pictures of dead US soldiers in Iraq. They are giving their life without any good cause - not for protecting their people or motherland but just for the fancy of their President's wishes.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Sandhya, that was just soooooooooo touching. The tears have just stopped. I've always admired soldiers, because they put everything at risk, and for what? To protect someone else!!! God bless the good soldiers. But yeah, I also wish there wasn't war in the first place..........
- Pallavi

Unknown said...

Civilians never realise that the soldiers are the ones who work hard there at the borders to make our lives safe :) and do we really acknowledge their work or their patriotism...

Shail said...

Sandhya, it had me crying too. I was reminded of the few times I have had surprises like this. Once it so happened that my husband got off the cab and didn't bother to pick up the suitcase, left it near the gate and walked to the front door to ring the bell. But I happened to look out of the window from the first floor and saw just the suitcase by the gate and understood. Right then the bell rang.

Indian Home Maker said...

I thought I was unlikely to cry but cry I did and had to get a napkin too, then I called my son and watched it with drier eyes again... loved it.

I have also made videos of my husband surprising the kids, and even more, the dogs when they were young... Ms Mutt behaves like the dog in the video.

R. Ramesh said...

Hi where r u? how r u? cheers

Sandhya said...

writerzblock: Let all of us wish that the world does not face another war, Pallavi.

pins N ashes: Hmmm, no one knows what patriotism means, now!

Shail: Yes, these things are never forgotten, Shail!

IHM: I cried a lot and immediately did a post, so that others also can join with me!

Dogs are lovely creatures. They express their love so well, which no one else does!

RGB said...

Very touching indeed.

When you have folks really close, you take things for granted. It's when they are away, that you begin to value relationships.

Imagine...if seeing your father everyday can bring you as much joy! I guess that will be the day, when we've truly evolved, when we can appreciate everything and everyone around us.

As for soldiers, it is their selfless sacrifice that has allowed us to enjoy time together with our families. Salutes, to them!

Anonymous said...

really touching... I had tears in my eyes too... even though I cry too often... I must say this was really touching... families of soldiers have a completely differnt sacrifice altogether... which we civilians may never be able to comprehend... we can only imagine !!!

Glad you shared this !!! :)

Sandhya said...

RGB: Welcome here, RGB: Yes, we never recognise the importance of people or things when they are in front of our eyes. Like, we never know the importance of electricity/light, until we go through a power cut for hours and get it back!

You are very right about the importance of our soldiers, RGB!

hitchwriter: We had a Navy Vice Admiral for a neighbour, a few years back and he had narrated what they went through during the India-Pakistan war. It is terrible.

Nice to see you back, Dhiren!

Indyeah said...

thanks for sharing this. Thats all I can say.

Had tears in my eyes when I saw this...went to the link and saw more such videos...each one is so beautiful and touching...

yes. This is how it is. When dad used to come home when he was posted in Kupwara. When a beloved uncle would suddenly drop in when we thought he was somewhere near the border. When bro drops in at home just like that ! unannounced.

We just sit there teary eyed just as you have written about so poignantly about your son and both of you.

Thanks again Sandhya for sharing this.

Lots of love to your beautiful family as well:)

Sandhya said...

Indyeah: You always give a nice surprise, Indyeah! You suddenly come from nowhere and drop a comment in my post!

As soon as I saw this video, I posted it with tears in my eyes - the music was in the background while writing it. My elder son is abroad for the past many years and the second one went and came back. This is just for studies and for their normal work. When we feel so emotional seeing them back home, how the families of soldiers will feel, I can understand. If the video was of ordinary people coming back home, the emotion would not have been like this.

I know that your family members are army men. I admire your family a lot. Great people, they are. It was nice of you to share your personal experience here.

Lots and lots of love to you and your family too. Be happy always, god bless you all.

Renu said...

Very emotional! I also admire soldiers ..its because of them we live in peace.

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