Saturday, February 11, 2012

Very Rare Successful Pair Of Father And Son In The Music World!

R.D. Burman and his father, S.D.Burman or should I say S.D.Burman and his son, R.D.Burman!

Sometime back, I came across this article in 'The Hindu' which was a tribute to R.D.Burman, the Hindi Film music director. His father, Sachin Dev Burman comes from a royal family (mother, Princess of Manipur and father, Prince of Tripura!) who was a trained Hindustani Classical Singer.  The son, Rahul Dev Burman also had learnt classical music. His mother also was a music student when his father married her!

My son is an ardent fan of S.D.Burman, the singer and I wanted to make a list of his songs but after reading the Hindu article and the biographies of his and his son's, I thought I should write about both of them, though one post will not be enough for listing their delightful, melodious cum rhythmic songs.

S.D. Burman is famous for music based on folk music mostly, one is here and this one is sung by himself for the film, Sujatha (I love Nutan!), 'mere saajan hai us paar':

This song is from Aradhana...S.D.Burman's voice is very apt for this folk type song.

The music is slow and haunting. Now, to one of his great evergreen song
from the film, 'Aradhana':


His son, R.D. Burman is famous for rhythm based songs. He changed the
Indian Film music by introducing Middle East tunes which became a
craze in those days. But he has rendered very good melodious music
too. Here are two examples. This song is from the movie Sholay. RD
Burman is singing for the famous Helen's dance and the song is, one of his best!

This song is from the movie 'Amar Prem'. Kishore Kumar is singing for
Rajesh Khanna. All the songs of this movie are hit songs which are melodious and soft type.

This song is from Film 'Padosan'. Latha is singing for the young and beautiful, Saira Banu. Slow and melodious song. Her voice is so young and beautiful (again!) and it suits Saira well.  I used to sing this song when I was newly married.  My husband used to listen with a happy face.  You know why? The lyrics go like this: Sharm aathi hai magar aaj ye kehana hoga...ab hume aapke kadmoan hi me rehana hoga... (Saira sits near Sunil dutt's feet and sing this line!).  Will I do it now? I wonder!

It was very difficult to select songs of this father son duo. Both of them have given so many melodious songs of different types. Normally if the father is very famous, the son is shadowed by his fame. It is very difficult to come out of it. But here, RD Burman also bloomed well under his father's guidance/taunting (read the Hindu article!). The father was proud to be called 'RD Burman's father'!
Now, one more song of the father, which is my favourite. I think I must make separate posts for listing more of the songs of this duo!

This is S.D.Burman singing for the movie 'Guide'. And Rafi singing for the same movie.

This is R.D. Burman's song for the film 'Pyar ka mausam'.  Another song for the film 'Rocky' and this is one of my favourites by Kishore Kumar.

This song is by S.D. Burman for 'Yaadon ki baaraat'. The movie and the songs made history in those days. This one is for the famous Amitabh, Jaya film, 'Abhimaan'. Kishore and Latha are singing this song.

This song made history in those days.  We used to hear this song in every street.  Zeenat Aman became famous because of this song which is by R.D. Burman, for the film, 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna'. And his father gave a superhit song for the film Aradhana.

Can you believe this? These are R.D.Burman's song.  One is from the film, Aandhi and the other is from the film, '1942, Love Story'. Both are melodious songs! S.D.Burman is right.  He should be proud of his son!

I think I will stop here! Now, will you mention some songs of these father and son duo, which you admire? It will be fun knowing about more songs of these music maestros..



Usha Pisharody said...

That was beautiful musical nostaliga! Thank you for letting us share in the music.
The Aradhana songs were among the most beautiful, I think, and to think that the same lineage was in 1942... A Love story! Wonderful!

SM said...

SD RD both great
nice songs

Sandhya said...

USHA PISHARODY: Yes, the influence of the father was visible in the son's songs! And 1942 was the last film he (R.D.Burman) made music for!

Thank you, Usha!

SM: Yes, both are great! Thank you, SM!

radha said...

Nothing to beat the old timers. We can still hear their songs time and again.

Kavita Saharia said...

Mere sajan hain us paar is one of my favorites and also meri duniya hai ma.Such a great composer and singer.And got no words for incredibly talented RD.You are right Sandhya just one post is not enough .Waiting for the next one.Happy Sunday Sandhya!

Sandhya said...

RADHA: That is the reason, we still like to hear old songs in the radio and see them in doordarshan - chitrahaar prog.

KAVITA: All of us are fans of SD Burman, as a singer, esp. my son! So, I was thinking of making a post just on his singing! He is making even the younger generation to hear folk songs, that is a great achievement. Everybody loves RD Burman's songs, young or old! Did you notice the resemblance in father and son's songs?

Thank you, Kavita! Enjoy your Sunday too!

Ramakrishnan said...

Thanks for the writeup of the father/son duo and the fantastic songs. Brought back nostalgic and glorious memories of yesteryear s. Helen is at her magical sublime best in Mehbooba Mehbooba.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post,each every song in this post speaks volume about the father and son....

Today in rangoli i saw 1942 love story kuch na kaho kuch be na kaho....

I read that article in hindu too...

Destination Infinity said...

I don't know many songs composed by the duo, but I am familiar with 1942 A Love Story, which is an awesome music album. I heard the first song. The music is good but the singing could have been done by someone with deep voice - like Adnan Sami or Jagjit Singh! BTW, what do you think about Illayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja. I guess they make a great father-son duo too.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

R.RAMAKRISHNAN: Even the item songs were beautiful and Helen never looked like an item girl...she was gracious!

Thank you, Ramakrishnan, Sir!

VARUNAVI: Yes, Saritha, their songs are timeless! I saw Rangoli too!

DESTINATION INFINITY: S.D.Burman's songs are very old. Adnan is from the current generation!

Yes, I like Ilayaraja's songs very much. But except for a few songs, I am not very familiar with Yuan's. Can you do it? It must be interesting, D.I.

Renu said...

You reminded me of old days..earlier i liked only SD but then so many of RD songs are so good...
and now I know that you can time when we meet:).......

Bikram said...

WOWOW beautiful .. The likes of Rajesh khanna became super hero's thanks to such lovely songs and music ..

Old is always GOLD not like the current crop we have of musicians who do best which is copying ..

Thanks for sharing such lovely songs and info


ashok said...

thanks for this wonderful post...lovely numbers indeed!

Sandhya said...

RENU: Yes, people usually thought that the son cannot compete with father. But here, they seem to be equal!

I USED to sing, not now, Renu! Thank you!

BIERAMJIT: Yes, Aradhana and Abhimaan became famous throughout India across the language barriers. Roop tera mustana was sung by even Tamilians in every gatherings!

Thank you, Bikram!

ASHOK: Thank you, Ashok!

Rahul Bhatia said...

This was a beautiful tribute to the legendary father and son, who have been trailblazers difficult to match!

R. Ramesh said...

amam...beautiful tribute indeed..and thanks ji...

Sonia said...

Wow this indeed is a beautiful collection of songs:) I wish such songs were made even now..

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

I like many songs of both the father and son. They left an unerasable mark.
In my opinion musicians who come, conquers and leaves without a trace are the better ones.
Just a viewpoint. Nothing more than that.

Sandhya said...

RAHUL BHATIA: True, Rahulji! They are uncomparable!

RAMESH: Thanks, Ramesh!

MY NEVER ENDING THOUGHTS: Welcome to my space, My Never Ending Thoughts! Even now, we are able to hear good songs from the new composers along with rhythm based songs which become famous instantly and then fade away!

KIRTIVASAN: These two are too good. I am interested in knowing about the 'came & went away' type musicians...can you name them? I know about Tamil music directors too...!I am not able to recollect any name! There are many new composers of good songs in Hindi and Tamil now!

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

I am taking liberty to take some more of google/blog space. I am hopeful my answer will be convincing.
Resonance of sound waves is a phenomenon which causes even physical movement.
R D Burman's music had resonance and he allowed it to be. This caused effect in people.
Ilayaraja made attempts to control resonance.
I am sure this is a reasonably correct answer.

Anu said...

Wow! They are truly the best Father-Son Duo. Abhimaan has lovely song collections of SDB - Tere Mere Milan Ki Yeh Raina, Teri Bindiya re!
Apart from that I like "Ek ladki bheegi baghi se", "Gaata rahe mera dil"..are some beautiful songs of SDBurman. Dev Anand and SDB combinations were very good then...But I've heard a lot of RDB songs while growing up..Dum Maro Dum, all songs from Yaadhon Ki Bharaath, Teesri manzil has beautiful compositions..Love "Tere bina zindhagi me koi" song as well! It's actually a lot...i'll stop here!

Kirtivasan Ganesan said...

I am sorry for blogging extra material.
"Jab chaha yaara tumne" from "Zabardast" is my favourite RD Burman song.
"Badi Sooni sooni hai" from "Mili" is my favourite SD Burman song.

Sandhya said...

VAISH: I can understand, Vaish! It happened to me like that while selecting their songs! I didn't have any difficulty in remembering good songs, but the songs were too many and selecting out of them was difficult.

I love all the songs you have mentioned here! Yes, SD's songs for Dev Anand were superb!

Thanks for the long comment and it was interesting!

KIRTHIVASAN: No problem, Kirthivasan. Ilayaraja is a living legend.

I like the RD Burman song and the MILI song is my favourite too!

Thank you!

Deeps said...

That was so beautifully listed, Sandhya! I loved all the songs you shared of the father and his son :).They both are legends in their right.

Now to answer your question, the first song of S D Burman that came to my mind was 'mora gora ang lai le' by Lata Mangeshkar! And RD Burman is my all time favorite, its so difficult to pick a favorite from his creations. Have you heard Mera Kuch Saman from Ijaazat? And also Choti si kahani from the same movie? They are beautiful songs with soulful lyrics by Gulzar! Then there is huzoor is kadar bhi na from masoom, another gem of a song! How I could just go on and on! Thank you for this nostalgia-filled post, Sandhya :)

Sandhya said...

DEEPS: Oh, you have listed the songs which are my favourites too! I had posted the songs of Ijaazat in my 'list of favourite songs' post! I love mora gora ang le le...such soulful song!

Once you start listing their songs, you can't said it, Deeps! Thanks for the happy comment!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Well said. SD Burman had an obsession for the folk music which is evident from his compositions. Though RDs music sometimes reflect his Dads influence, the generation gap is very clearly visible. I am surprised at the ease with which you have been able to present such a beautiful review on SD and RD. Congrats.

Sandhya said...

PN SUBRAMANIAN: I grew up hearing their songs and my family was obsessed with Hindi film songs! Yes, the generation gap was visible, esp. in the later years of RD.

I would be interested to know your favourites of their songs, Subramaniam Sir!

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