Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Two Movies' Review!

I have never watched two movies in 3 days in my life until now...I watched a Tamil movie, 'Kaadalil sodappuvathu yeppadi', on Sunday and a Hindi movie, 'Kahaani', today, i.e. Tuesday! I liked the Tamil one a lot and the Hindi movie just 'one time watch' movie!

Let me tell you about today's movie first...Kahaani.  It had rave reviews everywhere.  This is totally a Vidya Baalan movie.  The hero, or the male main character, Parambrata Chatterjee, a new face also has acted very well.                       

The story goes like this: Vidya Balan, a Tamil girl married to a Bengali, both software engineers, live in London.  The husband comes to India, (Kolkata), on an assignment and goes missing.  He was keeping contact with her for about two weeks, speaks to her continuously, then no contact at all.  Vidya Baalan,  7 months pregnant now (film name Vidya Bagchi which was pronounced as Bidya Bagchi by Kolkatans), comes to Kolkata in search of him and how much trouble she gets into, is the story.  To give colour, she comes during the famous Dusshera festival of Kolkata!  This is a 100%,  thriller.

I liked the way, Parambrata Chatterjee, a police officer who helps Vidya in her search, gets attracted to her though it is shown subtly, was not elaborated, which I liked a lot.   Vidya Baalan, everybody knows now, is a very good actress and has done very well here too. The director of the movie is Sujoy Ghosh.  But for a Hindi movie, this is a good thriller.

This is not going to be an unforgettable movie. Music is just OK.  But I liked this song of Amitabh, a Bengali song (Robindra sangeeth?) which was played in the end, a lot. Music directors,  Vishal and Shekhar have done well here:

The movie I watched on Sunday was a Tamil one, 'Kaadalil sodappuvathu yeppadi' .  I loved this movie.  The hero of the movie is Siddharth who acted in 'Rang de Basanthi' .  His acting is superb here, in this movie.  The actress, I am seeing her for the first time, Amla Paul also has done her role very well. The story is a simple one.  The hero tells us how he bungled in his love affair.  He tells about his friends' experience also in their affairs.  The whole theatre was laughing for each and every sentence/dialogue.  This is a simple movie but taken interestingly.  Sometimes I felt as if my dialogue with my husband was repeated there! We have fights like these at home! If you follow Tamil very well, don't miss it.  I noticed repeat crowd since the dialogues were shouted before they came in the screen!

Both hero and heroine did not have much make up also.  They were looking very homely and natural which is very rare in our movies! I knew that Siddharth was a good actor but Amala Pal also has acted well here, it was not looking like acting at all! This is being re-made in Hindi too, I read somewhere.  Ranbir Kapoor would suit well for Siddharth's role!

The director of the movie is R.Balaji.  This is his debut movie.  You can know more about him from my blogger friend, Kanagu's review of this movie here.  In fact I went to this movie because of his recommendation!

Have a look at this video sample and you will love it:

P.S.: For once, both are clean movies. We can watch with the family, one thriller and one romance! Both films are box office hits! (Wrote this morning of 18th April, '12)
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Destination Infinity said...

I am skipping 'Kadhalil sodhappuvadhu eppadi' but going to watch Kahaani. But I just don't know when I will be watching! Thanks for your review...

Destination Infinity

Anu said...

I haven't seen Kahani still..waiting for a good print online. Kadalil sodhappuvadhu eppadi is a class, down-to-earth, simple-dialogue-delivery movie! Amala Paul acted in Deiva thirumagal and Muppozhudhum un karpanaigal..she's a good find for tamil film industry!

Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: I liked both Vidya Baalan and Parambrata Chatterjee's acting in this movie. But you have to watch it with full concentration. The plot changes very fast. Interesting. Let me know if you like it, D.I.

VAISH: Please watch Kahaani and let me know if you liked it, Vaish. I haven't watched any of the movies you mentioned. I liked 'kaadalil...' a lot. Maybe I was in a mood for a happy movie and I got it!

Anonymous said...

Both the movies seem to be interesting - in very different ways. Kahani is on my 'must watch' list. Although when I will actually end up watching it -I don't know :)

kanagu said...

Kahaani.. I am yet to watch.. but heard great reviews. Waiting a good print :)

'Kadhalil Sodapuvathu eppadi'... as I have already said I loved that movie very much.. such a light hearted movie which just makes us feel better after watching it.

KParthasarathi said...

The reviews kindle the desire to see both the movies.Thanks

SM said...

kahani havent seen yet
nice review

Renu said...

I am also looking forward tosee Kahani, as my nephew also liked it a lot.

And I shall wait for hindi version for the other one, BTW what is the meaning of title?

BK Chowla, said...

It is after ages that I have seen a wonderful movie like Kahani

Sandhya said...

WORDSNDREAMZ: Yes, Kahaani is a different type of movie for a Hindi film. We can watch it for Vidya Baalan. Try to watch, Smitha!

KANAGU: You will like Kahaani too, Kanagu. Kaadalil was just a light hearted movie. The mood lifts up when you see such movies.

KPARTHASARATHY: Both the movies are good in their own way...entirely different type.

SM: You will like Kahaani, SM. Please try to watch.

RENU: You will also like Kahaani. Kaadalil sodappuvathu yeppadi means how to bungle up in love! If you follow a bit of Tamil, you can understand in the video of the theme of the movie, Renu.

Sandhya said...

BK CHOWLA: Yes, Chowlaji. All the characters have done well, esp. Vidya Baalan and Prambrata Chatterjee.

Bikram said...

I liked the movie Kahani .. although i guessed it in the end but It was nice to watch and for a change it did not have tooooo many characters and those who were in it did a lovely job...


ashok said...

Did u watch "Mouna Guru"...? U shud!

Anonymous said...

'Kadhalil sodhappuvadhu eppadi' sounds very interesting, but I woundn't understand the dialogues. So, like Renu, I'll wait for the Hindi version.

I haven't seen Kahaani yet, but I will when I get a chance.

Nice reviews!

Shobha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ramakrishnan said...

Thanks for the crisp & objective reviews of both movies. Hope to see them when opportunity arises.

radha said...

Have not seen both. Will wait for them to be telecast on the small screen!!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Nice reviews, Sandhya! Yet to see them:(

Sandhya said...

BIKRAMJIT: I never knew the climax before going and I liked it. Vidya Baalan has acted very well. We can watch this movie for her and the story also.

ASHOK: Mouna Guru? Will try to get it and watch. Thank you!

MANJU JOGLEKAR: The tamil movie is a simple one but well-made. All of us can sit together and watch.

Thank you.


RADHA: You will like both the movies though they are entirely different, Radha!

RAHUL BHATIA: You will like Kahaani, Rahulji!

Saritha said...

I think the tamil movie is dubbed in telugu,not sure though.

Kahaani i loved it a lot,the highlight of the movie is its climax and my liking towards vidya balan has increased more after this movie...

Saritha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

nice movies pics

Roshmi Sinha said...

Parambrata Chattopadhyay – is not a new face. He has been acting for at least a decade now. He started as Feluda’s sidekick and nephew – ‘Topshe’ – in a couple of Sandip Ray directed ‘Feluda’ stories – that are part of the larger Feluda series.

Hope you are familiar with ‘Feluda’ :)

Subtlety in romance is sadly missing these days and needs to make a comeback soon. Tired of the so-called ‘Punjabi culture’ induced bare-bodied machismo that is barely camouflaged as ‘romance’ and ‘courtship’.

And it is ‘Robindrashongeet’ – the very popular ‘Jodi tor daak shune jew naa aashe, tobe akla cholo re…’ Meaning: ‘if none responds to your call, walk alone …’

But the Big B has not been able to render it well, ‘daak’ has the letter - the ‘hard D’ in the Bangla alphabet, he has pronounced it with the ‘soft D’. And it should not have been that way, ‘coz it is very similar to ‘Hindi’.

Sandhya said...

VARUNAVI: 'Kaadalil sodappuvathu yeppadi' was a Telugu hit movie. It was remade in Tamil later.

Vidya Balan acted very well in Kahaani. Her image has gone up.

ROSHMI SINHA: I remember watching Sathjith Ray presents, long back. Feluda series are written by Sathyajith Ray, I know and are very famous books, I know! I became a big fan of Mohan Agashe via Sathyajit Ray presents!

In Tamil, we have a proverb, 'aanaikkum adi sarukkum' means even the elephant's legs skid at times...Amitabh tries his best to be perfect in whatever he is doing. Here, he was a bit slack, I think!

Have you watched the movie?!

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