Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Somebody Said That I Won't Cross 63 Years!


Until now, I have never shown any of our family members' horoscopes to any astrologer. I don't believe in astrology, I tell myself! When did I come across astrology...well, this is also a kind of astrology! One old lady with a brass stick with silver designs came into our colony shouting, 'jothidam paarkkarathu, jothidam paarkkarathu', means roughly, 'do you want to know your future?'.  She keeps the stick in our palm and starts telling the predictions in a singing tone! I must have been studying in 7th or 8th.  It was school holidays.  So some of my neighbours called her for fun and asked for predictions.  She started in a sing song tone and told some interesting (it should be!) predictions! Everybody was happy and she got her money! While leaving, she turned to me and said, 'onnai oru raja veleelerndu kudiraila vanthu thookkindu povan! Avan unga janam illai!' means, one King will come by horseback and take you away...he is not from your community! All of us laughed! But later on, my husband who is a Tamilian (I am a Kannadiga...this information is for the new readers!), who was quite tall with big mustache came and married me off!  My horoscope or my husband's was not taken out for checking if we suite each other, which normally is the custom. My parents and his relatives just checked the gotra (people from the same gotra should not marry each other...they are supposed to be brother and sister!) and married us off! We are living happily ever after!

This prediction also was given off handedly, without asking for, by a man.  He said that I will live upto 63 years! Later on one more person said nearly the same.  Now, we have to wait and check this information...another 3 years are there! One 'face reading man' asked my husband to listen to his wife and that will bring goodness to the family! He is not following the advice fully, though!

My sister and sister in law always go after astrologers.  Once my sister went to one for asking for predictions for my brother.  My children were around 13-14 years.  He predicts via sozhi (cauri shells).  My sister just for fun asked him about my sons' future! I was watching with a big smile on my face (I don't believe in all these things!).  He said that we have got 'naaga dosha'  and we have to do sarpa samskara (His house has got a snake temple!) or Ashlesha Bali, i.e. doing shraddha for dead snakes. They draw a picture of a snake and offer rice balls with all the relevant mantras.  He also said that the children will have health problem and their eduction will be disrupted. I was just laughing all the way home.  But it happened in the later years.  I went to Kukke Subrahmanya temple and did Aashlesha bali.  I don't want to say openly that I believe in these things, but when it is concerned with the children we go to any length.  Even now we go to that temple often to offer prayers.  The children are doing well now. Amitabh, Sachin and many VIPs also visit this temple often!

My friend went to Vaiththeeswaran temple to read 'oalaich chuvadi' for her children.  She is a Maharashtrian. Still she went to this temple and checked the future of her children and did some poojas.     This temple is an ancient temple. She laughs now when talking about it.

My chikkappa (my mother's sister's husband) knows numerology and palmistry. He combines both and predicts our future.  Whatever he has said has happened in my life.  So I believe in him. I have not yet shown the horoscopes to anybody...that is a relief. This might become like an addiction! But when we become desperate  and in trouble, we tend to do all these things, whether we believe in them or not.  What do you think?

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Destination Infinity said...

Fortunately, I have never got a prediction for myself.

Before some years, an astrologer came to our house, and made some predictions. I was not aware of what he said, as he spoke only to my father. He asked me to put my signature. I signed on a newspaper.

You won't believe it - He asked me to change my signature! I started fighting with him on why should I change my signature? He said I was making my life complex with that signature. Then I told him, I want my life to be complex. Then everyone asked me to go back, and I happily went back to listening to my music CD :)

I think, no one can make accurate predictions. If they can predict, why do they give options to do 'parigarams' to change their own predictions? By doing that they are clearly mocking their own prediction.

Destination Infinity

Bikram said...

hmmm I beleive and I dont beleive .. yeah i got love hate relation ..

I have had a experience there is a clairvoint here whom i called once , and dont know how but what .. SHe gave me very veyr precise details of a lot of things. Even of back home in india. Now how did she know all that I cant reply ..

so i dont know what to say on this topic..

and sandhya bhen here wishing many many beautiful lovely years your way .. :)


KParthasarathi said...

Much can be said on both sides.There are many who swear by astrology and equally large number who have reservations.But I give a wide berth to it.I don't know anything about this science or art to give a judgment.May be expert astrologers who lead virtuous lives can predict correctly.The time of birth is crucial and there are different schools of thought on what is the time for girls.
I believe that while comparing horoscopes for marriage,good matches are ignored on the advice of astrologer whose credentials are in many cases suspect and the next best is chosen.there are people who take important decisions on business,education,job based on astrologers views.
When something is deigned to be a secret or unknown to us,why should one wish to unravel.For every ten predictions that are correct,there are hundred incorrect.
The force of tradition,custom and the fear of totally rejecting make people seek astrologers.It is an irony most astrologers are freelance withno formal training or study.
Sandhya,accept all predictions not with a pinch of salt but liberal doses.

Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: They say the impact of the dosha will reduce, they say. No, I can't explain more than this!

BKRAMJIT: Same like me - believe/not believe!

Whatever my chikkappa said had been happening for me but not for my sister or some cousins. For me nearly 80% worked - both negative and positive predictions!

I will be there writing posts and comments for years to come, Bikram, thank you!

K.PARTHASARATHY: Hmmm...the exact time of birth is very difficult to keep track. Now, they decide on the time via caesarian section. So those children's horoscope cannot be correct at all!

Yes, I do, Partha Sir. The 63 year deadline is just for fun. But the astrologer said so!!! Thank you!

ashok said...

everything is in the mind!

R. Ramesh said...

haha bikram kitna smart answer diya..sandhya ji...if humans were able to predict future..then the whole mystery n fun of life is gone..it is like watching movie after knowing climax..so even if they can predict v can avoid..lots to write..i better stop..hey i remembred u a lot when i was in chennai last month yar..in pammal..but v were all engrossed in rituals after dad's passing away...so couldnot get in touch..take care..best wishes to fmly...

Prasoon Khare said...

I believe in Astrology until it says something positive about me or about things around me. Moment it goes negative, I stop listening to it.

Our life, our future, our happiness is in our hand. No astrologer or anyone could predict it. If they could everyone would have been atheist. But there are people who believes in god. I do!

:) :)

Sandhya Ji ignore maadi these astrologers.

P.S. Im in Bangalore for 3 years but I have only learnt couple of words of kannada, Maadi is one of them :D

Kavita Saharia said...

My horscopes never predicted that I would be a blogger :):)
I believe in prayers and rest is que sera sera .
Wish you a happy and healthy life Sandhya:)

Usha Pisharody said...

I rather like Bikram's reply too :)I'd like to believe, and do sometimes, and sometimes not :) Depends, I guess, on what one wants to hear :)
My father's hor(r)o(r)scope (:D)when read was taken to mean that he would not live beyond 67 years. By the Grace of the powers that be, he is still quite healthy at almost 82. So you see, I do know that 63 is nothing :) You'll celebrate that wonderfully and carry on in the same beautiful way you always have :) :)
God Bless, always!

Sandhya said...

RAMESH: Yes, what you say is right. If we know what happens next minute, the thrill is gone!

Thanks for remembering me, Ramesh. Take care.

ASHOK: Yes, I agree, Ashok.

PRASOON: Yes, we tend to believe what we want to believe. That is a healthy nature. Yes, it is like our every action has a reaction. Our life continues with what steps we take.

Baruva varshada olage Kannada innoo swalpa kaleeri! Thank you, Prasoon!

KAVITA: Because what chikkappa had said had happened, I believe in his predictions. Otherwise I don't go looking for astrologers. Most of them are frauds.

It was for fun, I selected the heading. Somebody's prediction, it is, though! Thank you!

USHA PISHARODY: Happy to know that your father is 82 now. Yes, we like to hear positive things. If an astrologer says negative things, people will never go to him!

Thank you, Usha. No, I don't believe in that prediction!

Anonymous said...

Some prediction may happen or not....

Deeps said...

I agree with Usha, you'll celebrate your 63rd wonderfully and many more years to come :)

Predictions always scare me, so I try and stay from them.

"But when we become desperate and in trouble, we tend to do all these things, whether we believe in them or not." I agree Sandhya..there was a time when I used to read the horoscope-corner of every newspaper, every magazine, without missing a single word :D. Naadi-shastra was a much favoured astrological tool in my husband's family. As Usha said one tends to believe what one wants to hear.

Bhagyashree said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bhagyashree said...

I don't know whether its good or bad but as said earlier when in trouble we rush to know the future and also start praying. And so when I was in trouble, I have done all, shown horoscope, done ashlesha bali everything.Some predictions have come true, some not.
Today I have faith and I pray that whatever happens, I have the strength to take it in my stride

Swaram said...

Ha ha! Gud one Kavita :P

One of my uncle's cousins was also told that he will live for only 40 yrs. On his 40th bday, they conducted day-long pujas and havans. He is 44 now and going strong :)

Wishing u many many happy and healthy years ahead Sandhya!:)

Renu said...

I believe in astrology, but not in every astrologer..

Many sadhus came to my father and always told him some truths about past and future too.

I always heard that south has best astrologers, but so far nobody recommended me anyone:)

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: Yes, Krishna!

DEEPS: Thanks Deeps...I don't think I will leave you people that early! You will be made to read more of my good/bad posts for many years!

Yes, Usha's statement is very true, Deeps.

BHAGYASHREE: All branches of my family have got naaga dosha! How is it happening, I don't know. Nobody kills snakes but the dosha is there. The way they conduct Ashlesha Bali is interesting to watch. Have you seen the rangoli they draw? Everything is an art. It worked for me whether the problem got solved by itself or the ritual helped, I don't know. Praying is the best thing, Bhagyashree.

SWARAM: Kavita hit the target, straight!

My father had to live longer according to predictions but he died at 62 itself! Yes, I will be here to entertain you for long, Swaram, thank you!

RENU: I don't believe in 90% astrologers. I haven't gone to any proper astrologer but my relatives go. I never liked anyone. They are after making money. But some good ones are there, I have heard.

Shail said...

Enjoyed reading this Sandhya. Though I am very curious to hear what anyone has to say. But I hear it in one ear and let it go through the other like they say.
In my case the horoscope was matched before marriage. Imagine for seven births we have been following each other around! The mind boggles at the thought :P ;))
This post of yours reminded me of a stranger who said some things recently. I had thought to blog about it and completely forgot. Let me rectify that ;)

Anu said...

I believe in astrology, but not the astrologers. But I don't like to take predictions - whether positive or negative. And I don't mock on what astrologers predict.
Wishing you a healthy and happy life always Sandhya!

Anonymous said...

Even I used to laugh at these things, but just after we got pooja for snake, I found my husband. Before that, we had a hard time searching for one.. so now I kinda believe :)

Sandhya said...

SHAIL MOHAN: My sister visits many astrologers and sometime I accompany her just for fun. Most of them are after making money. One or two predicts nearly correct. But we should not depend on their predictions.

Waiting to read your post about the stranger!

VAISH: Astrology is an art. But very rarely we come across good astrologers.

Thank you, Vaish. It was written for fun, though around two astrologers predicted it! I don't believe in that.

EVANESCENTTHOUGHTS: It happens. It happened with me too, I laughed at first at naaga dosha, now believe, reluctantly, though!

Good to know that your wishes were fulfilled.

kanagu said...

Some people have the knack of telling the future.. but I never believed in Astrology and I don't asked for it yet.. as my decisions may get prejudiced. :)

Ramakrishnan said...

Hmmmmm! Never went to an astrologer all my life. But now due to some unexpected challenges visited an astrologer :)
Whether astrology is a science or an art or a bit of both, there are hordes of fakes going around deceiving people. I am sure the one who predicted your life span is a fake. You will live up to 100 years. God bless you.

Sandhya said...

KANAGU: Astrology is an art/science and some people say that it works. What you say is right, hearing an opinion from somebody might change your own decisions.

R.RAMAKRISHNAN: Yes, very rarely we come across a good astrologer and even their predictions work for some people and don't work for others.

Thank you, Ramakrishnan Sir, I will be here for long!

Saritha said...

I don't believe in astrology but i believe in naaga dosha and i too did puja for that.

Parrot predictions i love to hear just for fun.

Wini said...

Maami, I think predictions, in a way are self-fulfilling. Because, you tend to keep thinking about it all the time, they actually come true. It is best not to know the future.

That, I think, is how it was meant to be anyway. :)

Sandhya said...

VARUNAVI: Yes, parrot predictions are fun to watch. Most members of my have done naga dosha pooja!

ASHWINI: 'That, I think, is how it was meant to be anyway. :)' you are right, Ashwini! Sometimes we like to hear positive predictions too!

Ruprekha said...

Wish you a very happy and long life Sandhya.
My grandma and maa were true believers in astrology. I took my father's side and never believed in trying to know the future or better it by offering pooja in the temple. But much later, after my mother's death, checking my horoscope I was stunned at what was written! They matched so well with what happened to my life till then. So, now I can neither say I do not believe nor fully do.

Sandhya said...

RUPREKHA: Thank you, Ruprekha! I just remember what he said but do not believe in astrology. I know that some are very good in their art. So, like you, I too believe sometimes reluctantly but hesitant to admit to myself that I believe!

radha said...

When you are young, you tend to laugh at all this. As you grow older, you may not believe it all, but you stop mocking this. And once you have children, if they say I should do something and it will improve their lives, I would do it regardless of whether I believe in it or not. As for the 63 years bit, do not think about it. A decade later you can smile and tell your grandchildren about it.

P.N. Subramanian said...

I wish this prediction does not come true. I wish you a very long but healthy life.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Had fun reading this one :)

So, a Knight in shining armour whisked you off your feet! Great :)

About that ‘gotra’ bit, I think our ancestors may have used this as a cautionary measure. You see, during earlier times, the population would have been smaller and people would have lived in smaller groups. If one married within one’s family (also denoted by ‘gotra’) – there are medical issues. Consanguineous marriages were not advised.

Gradually as the population increased, and people moved to different places, this rule/custom could and should have been done away with.

To my mind, anything even ‘patriarchy’ is not bad in itself. It’s just that the caliber of men has fallen and is still in free fall. Hence all kinds of strange diktats!

Sandhya said...

RADHA: What you say is right, Radha! I do vrat for the sake of my children but they always laugh at it!

63 years is a joke in our family and I quoted it here! But some astrologer told that!

P.N.SUBRAMANIAN: Thank you, Subramanian Sir!

ROSHMI SINHA: Your reasoning for the gothra sounds right. With so much population increase that looks silly now.

Usha Basker said...

I won't say that I have faith in horoscope & astrolog. But when it comes to children I will follow it as u said. I have strong faith in destiny and God. Sincere prayers will definitely pay. But sometimes it is fulfilled delayedly coinciding with prediction and our prayers. Elders used to say அதற்குரியளை வந்தா தானாக நடக்கும். Means if proper time comes everything will workout rightly. Our prayers gives us the mental strength and will power to go thru it. This is what I believe. Nice reading ur blog Sandya Kumar. More than horoscope and astrology I believe in God and prayers and chanting slokas.i love praying for others

Sandhya said...

USHA BASKER: Thanks for the detailed comment, Usha! Yes, I too don't believe in horoscopes. I feel we should not hurt others without reason, be true to our conscience. Whatever I pray at home is more than enough!! Everything else destiny...yes, I seem to believe in destiny!

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