Saturday, April 18, 2009

Election time - Ice cube story

I read this story in the Tamil magazine, 'Ananda Vikatan', which is apt for the current political situation, here!

Once during a party, Frederick the Great, of Prussia, asked his ministers,

'I dole out so many goodies to the poor people of our country. Still no one acknowledges them, but say they did not get anything from us. Why is it so?'

'Let me give you the reason', an old and experienced minister says. He just takes an ice cube which was near his plate and passes on to the person who was seated next to him and asks him to pass it on to the next person. Likewise, the ice cube goes through 50-60 hands and when it reached the King, it was just a drop of water. The King asked the minister, where the ice cube was. The minister replies, 'You have got it in your hand, the drop of water. It started as an ice cube but passed through so many hands and has become a drop of water. Likewise, the things you gave for the poor passed through so many hands (brokers) and became a drop of water, when it reached them'.

This story was told by the ex-CM of Tamilnadu, who had started the DMK party. The current leader M.Karunanidhi is doling out TVs, Gas stoves etc. to the poor, but most of the things go to the people who are close to the party cadres. They just sell them and make money. The flood relief money also went the same way. Karunanidhi offered Rs.2000 to each and every house in the low lying areas, which were flooded during the recent rains. A person who is living just 4 houses away to my house, showed the ration card, paid the person who was distributing the money, Rs.500 and took the balance Rs.1,500. This person has got his own 2 bedroom house, has rented out one 2 bedroom house and a shop in front of his house! Lots of people who owned independent houses in our street, got the money! Some bribed our Ganesha temple some money and got some sarees for themselves!

Karunanidhi knows this, but being a veteran politician, he is making way for his followers to make money. Otherwise, his party will be dead without any party members!


Saritha said...

This is quite common sandhya,when chandrababu gave gas connection to the poor women,they took and sold the gas cyclinder,when a reporter asked them why they are selling,they said what we will do with the gas when we don't have proper house.Even if the houses are given they will sell that also.Even politician know that these thing will happen but to get votes for them they bribe them with these incentives and forget what they promised in return to their votes.

Sandhya said...

Yes, my servant maid said the same thing. She has not got power connection, she was asked to bribe/pay Rs.10,000. So she was asking what she will do with the TV.

Sandhya said...

Even the politicians know that. They are openly offering the party cadres their due for being in the party.

Anonymous said...

The ice cube story is very apt.. Corruption at all levels ensure that nothing or next to nothing reaches the people!

As for politicians doling out freebies - it is such a pity what it has come to.. Is it not the tax payers money that is used to give away such goodies.. Why is it that we tax payers have no voice at all? As for party workers making money - isn't it sad that politics has become the easiest way of making money? No wonder it attracts all the thugs and hoodlums!!

Anonymous said...

nice story Sandhya.. Even I read Anandha vikatan but missed this one..

But never speak about Karunanidhi's politics... I am a hater of him when it comes to politics.. he is trying to implement dynastic rule in tamilnadu.. One of the worst I can say.. he was not able to do the things on his own.. his memory is also not good now.. instead of handing over the power to youngsters he is still sitting there.. what can we call these.. a service.. or sacrifice.. it's pure greed :x

Solilo said...

Corrupted politicians. I can't stand Karunanidhi and he reminds me of those missionaries who convert poor people luring them with TV sets and some money. There was a documentary I saw some years ago on how missionaries were converting poor people in TN and Orissa.

Sadly! our politicians are worst.

Sandhya said...

wordsndreamz: Welcome! Yes, we, the tax payers are the one, who are indirectly doling out money and promoting these political thugs. To stop this, the voters should not accept free bees. But, here, even the educated and well-off people (like my neighbour who paid Rs.500 to have Rs.2000, which should have gone to a needy/flood affected person)are ready to bribe, to have such a small amount of money. So education also does not help. The least we can do is, elect a person who has got a little bit conscience to do something (a good education is a must, though!), which will, in time, change the political scene. Let them be independent candidates this time, but if they get a very good percentage of votes, they might have a say at least in the next election and slowly, some good leader might come out to lead our country. But we may have to wait for a long period, for this to happen.

kanagu: Karunanidhi's period is over. He is trying to promote Stalin, but he is a duffer. He was given the responsibility to talk to PMK's GK Mani,when Mani offered to talk out the differences between their parties. Stalin, instead of taking that responsibility, delegated Arcot and someother leader to talk to them and when Mani refused to talk to them, this fellow kept Maran alongwith him when he met Mani, whom Mani doesn't like. PMK was off to Anbu Sahodari.

Karunanidhi has not got any control over the party now. He wants to die in peace and for that, he is making his family members happy at the cost of his party and his state.

We will sit now and watch DMK's Superior thug Azhagiri or Amma's group of thugs (Sasi's family) take over our state. All the remaining educated people will run away from this state, but where? Now, US/UK also do not want us. 'Slumdog' word is common now over there, for us, Indians.

Solilo: You are right. I was residing earlier, near a pentecost church. My servantmaid and her neighbours were going there to have free lunch, which included mutton biriyani, everyday. Many members of her family, slowly got converted to christianity. The only drawback in that church was, the members should wear white clothes with no jewellery! So my servant maid was hesitant to get converted!

As you said, our politicians are worst than them. Funny thing is, they do poojas and homams to god and ask for his help to swindle and make money for themselves. Bribe more money to Lord Venkateshwara and all the sin is gone with the wind, they think! We are the poor spectators!

sharada.econtent said...

Well said about our politicians, no matter who, the whole system is currepted, I think slowly we will start to put up with these people [ which we already have] Hope one miracle will happen and the whole Indian political system will be changed totally with very good governors... hmmm.. sounds like RajniKanth movie ..

Sandhya said...

Sharu: What is wrong in dreaming? Unless you dream, you won't take steps to realize/reach it!

Welcome, Sharu!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice story, so it is the same situation across the globe and at any period of time (I thought the olden days were better!).

The situation you represent is the inherent flaw in democracy: When some party has to get the maximum votes, they need to satisfy a vast majority of the people. So, if the people are greedy the leaders will naturally take advantage of such greed, as that is the language that can easily reach the masses. Just imagine getting votes from the masses by preaching the virtues like hardwork etc. Who will vote for such a party?

And it takes a lot of money to maintain such party workers - at least a chunk of them full time. From where will the politicians bring so much money to pay salaries for their party workers? I wonder how politicians abroad are managing with a system like this!

Destination Infinity

Anonymous said...

Sandhya, You've been tagged.. I commented earlier as wordsndreamz - I am Smitha - I just moved to wordpress - so my name doesnot come up :(
Anyways, you've been tagged :) at
Would love to see your take and do leave me a coment once you're done - Thanks!

Saritha said...

Sandhya u have been tagged,check this link,once u do it pls let me know it.

Sandhya said...

Destination Infinity: Yes, it is the same situation world over. I think this is the reason, educated people hesitate to become politicians. First they should change themselves to keep away their ego and do anything to earn money to run the party. They should be ruthless also.

I have seen videos of US contenders, conducting special meetings during election times, in private houses. Limited people (important/rich!)from nearby houses will be invited and the politician comes with some organizers and give their speech and collect donations. They use email also to collect money. No money means, no party.

Smitha: I was thinking of checking who this w n dreamz was, just now and saw this message. I will be happy to do the tag as early as possible.

Varunavi: Shall do the tag as early as possible.

Renu said...

Sandhya, the same thing once even Rajiv Gandhi said, but nobody had been able to decrease corruption or be above it.
I think to combat this problem we need to take a vow not to give, rather than asking the people not to take.

Sandhya said...

Renu: Who will bell the cat??

Renu said...

It has to come from everybody, we normally dont mind paying a little extra for our convenience, it has to stop.

Sandhya said...

You are right, Renu!

Anonymous said...

that ice story is so true and real... !

unfortunately.. !

Sandhya said...

hitchwriter:100% true, Dhiren.

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