Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First recognition - Blogger Award

Sai Charan, I am overwhelmed, really! I never thought that I will be getting this award, so early for my blogs and thank you very much. This is very important to me. I might get many more awards in the future (!), but this recognition will be remembered by me, always.

You were one of the first readers of my blogs. I used to look for your comments, which were genuine, always. I needed it and encouraged me to write about whatever topic came to my mind. I never thought I would be able to express myself so much and more than that, I had people to read and give their opinion. I still remember reading your poem about nature, alongwith the beautiful photographs. My whole family appreciates your writings. Be like this, clean hearted, soft natured, always! I am really very happy to receive this award, Sai.

Now for the rules:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs (Only if you like).
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

I would like to name these people for the award. All are stalwarts in writing beautiful blogs and nearly all of them have got a long line of awards. I am honoured to mention their names here:

Renu: She was the first regular reader of my posts and had encouraged me to write more. I learnt the rules of blogging, by reading her beautiful writings. She had inspired me to write esp. about politics, which I never thought I will ever do! She is very frank in her opinion, writes about any topic, easily. So, I am happy to name her for the award, first, here!

hitch writer: A sincere, fun-loving soul! I enjoy his writings. I love his background orchestra, for the emotional touch for his writings, very much! This award is for him!

mesoliloquy: I mis-pronounced her name, when I first saw her comment for my blog! Now, I wait for her comment and cannot wait to read her posts, as soon as it is flashed here, in my favorite blog list. I envy her writing, which I know I can never reach her calibre. I will be happy to read and enjoy!

: She was absconding for sometime and I was looking for her posts every day, which I missed very badly. She is a wonderful blogger. She expresses herself beautifully in prose and poetry!

Varunavi: I love her Door darshan blogs. She writes everything sincerely, with lot of emotion. Her blogs about her children are beautiful too! This one is for her!

I will be happy and honoured if you take this award. I have noticed some people don't display their awards, but are very good bloggers. So I think I will just name the people here. If you do not display the award, no bad feelings. The page might look too cramped with awards, I know!

I like to read the blogs of Destination Infinity ( blogs), Smitha (write often please, you do write interestingly and better than me!), R. Ramesh, who has got a very good sense of humour, Soul searcher (he writes about the places he visited, beautifully, but I don't see his writings often now, though), bum bum bole's posts also, I am missing. I don't get bored nowadays and always busy with house work, reading blogs, writing, commenting ....I am into an interesting world with good, intelligent friends, from whom I am learning a lot. Thank you all!

I must thank my son, who had been pestering me to write about something - about anything that came to my mind, in my blog, which he named and opened for me. I had zero confidence, which you can see in my 'Amarnath yatra' blog! I was scared about writing for the public to read! I have changed now, a lot. My son agrees, too!


Renu said...

Thank u Sandhya for the award and the beautiful words,I am really overwhelmed. You are alwys very modest about your posts and since we have met, I can confidently say that you are a very nice and good human being also.

Sandhya said...

Thanks, Renu. I will always remember you, whether I continue to write blogs or not.

Saritha said...

So sweet of u sandhya u gave me the award.Congrats on being awarded.I loved ur post on temples,rajiv gandhi and sheila dixit.
I came to ur blog through HW and the first post i read was on temples and its history.I liked it so much that i came back again and read it and commented.
I am very happy with this kind gesture of urs and the lovely words u wrote abt me.Thanx a ton dear.Hugs to u.:)

Sai Charan said...

Dear Sandhyaji,

I liked this blog “Maradhi Manni” right from the first time I read it and feel that all your interesting writings, with a pinch of native Madrasi flavor in them, deserved this award long ago. It’s only that I myself got it a bit late so shared it with you a little later.

I express my gratitude to you for readily accepting this token of friendship and I was rejoiced to read those kind words you wrote for me. I felt privileged to hear that your family reads my blog, my sincere thanks to everyone of you.

Sandhyaji, as a youngster, it’s my duty to respect elders and I can thank you and praise you to any extent. But you being an elder, same as my mother’s age; I expect you to not thank me in the same fashion but shower your blessings on me and also on the whole blogger youngster community.

Glad to know that blogging, as a hobby, is making you feel happy and driving away boredom from your daily routine. Keep writing more and continue sharing experiences of your life. We readers, will always stay connected.


Anonymous said...

Congrats! You deserve it!!! I love the topics you write on! Waiting for your next one!

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: I love the way you write, with lot of emotion, like this one. I would like to give you a BIG hug, but am small made, so a small hug, with lots of love!

Sai Charan: I have got tears in my eyes, reading your words, Sai. You are younger than my sons, you know! So more love and affection and blessings to you, Sai! Be happy always!

Smitha: Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award Sandhya :)
You will get more for sure :)

R. Ramesh said... did i forget to congratulate u..on the award..keep up the good work..and cheers..

Solilo said...

Sandhya, First Congratulations on the award! Everyone who comes here becomes your regular reader. You are sweet, humble and loving.

Thank you for the lovely words you have for me. I am honored!

Anonymous said...

Hey Congrats !!!!

Ur blogs are really simply beautiful and true... !! I love yoru simplicity which comes accross !!!

and hey cheers... to me !! yay yay...

I have an award !!! dinchak !

Renu said...

Sandhya I forgot to congratulate you:), a very big congrats to you, and you will never stop writing, I know becuase blogging is an addiction:)

Shilpa said...

And we have something in common here. This is my first award too :-)

Thank you very much. I'll surely put it up on my blog. And I'll sing 'Aaj main upar' :)

Sandhya said...

kanagu: Thank you!

Ramesh: Thank you!

Solilo: The pleasure is mine! My family and some of my relatives, who don't blog, are your fans. The post about 'blog addicts' was the best! And the blog about your sweet Peanut! All of us loved it!

hitch writer: Really, I am in the seventh heaven, Dhiren. Is this award your first? Can't believe. I am the happiest person today! Double CHEERS!

Renu: Thank you! I too hope, I won't lose interest and stop I becoming an addict?!! I saw the comments in the morning, went out for some work, came back running and here I am!

Shilpa: I am beaming with pride! I am a great fan of your blogs. I am honoured. I am happy that I was able to express my admiration of you through this award, Shilpa. Double happy that this is your first too! Thanks and Congratulations to you!

Sandhya said...

Shilpa: I will sing along 'aaj mein oopar, aasmaan neeche, aaj mein aage, zamaana hai peeche..e..e..' and how about 'aajkal paav..zameen par nahin padthe meri...!'

Solilo said...

Sandhya, Please convey my thanks to your loved ones. I am really honored! Thank you so much. You made my day.

Destination Infinity said...

I have two more musical posts coming up... I am afraid that my blog might become a musical one and hence I am writing on a different topic this weekend. Thanks for mentioning, and congratulations on the awards. I liked your temple posts - Especially the Trichy Srirangam temple. I want to visit there soon!!

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

Solilo: You and other good blogging friends have changed me. I seem to be happy always, talking about all the interesting blogs I read, here in this blog world (blog samaj - HW!). No more boring days, thanks to you people, Solilo! Since the children have grown up, I get more free time and I am not used to going out and working (I was working, once upon a time, left after the first son was born!). I am a reading person, but only now I have started putting them into words. Sometimes my writings look silly for me too (!), but I am reading the posts of good bloggers and slowly improving and I have got good friends now, who encourage me to write more!

Sandhya said...

D.I.: Looking forward to your new musical blogs. I wanted to add Rahman's 'Vellaip pookkal ulagam yengum malargave' but couldn't get the song in the internet.

Visit the temple and please get some photographs of the elephant and more photos of the temple. I couldn't take them. All the best.

Indian Home Maker said...

Congratulations Sandhya :)

I loved how you have described how you started blogging, and so many of my friends are here, I am surprised I am here so late.... but I will be visiting regularly now :)

Sandhya said...

IHM: Thank you! I am familiar with some of your posts, but started commenting only now!

Wini said...

WOW! maami! :) this is awesome! congratulations... keep writing! :)

Sandhya said...

Thanks and I will wait for your next blog, Ashwini!

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