Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Rain Started With Us Drenching/Giggling And Then....

It was 'walking in the rain' for us today morning! Mild drizzle was there when we started. After half an hour, it was quite heavy with a strong wind. Our umbrella pushed us to running mode! Some youngsters were 'jogging in the rain'...It was fun. Came back half drenched!

This was my status in Face book on 1st Dec. '15 morning.  My friend's comment and my comment:

 Zephyr Nag Did you sing a rain song, or not? How about this one? Lovely Waheeda and dashing Dev Anand.

 Sandhya Kumar Love this song, Zephyr Nag but we were giggling all the way, even my rigid husband enjoyed and SAID SO too!

And then how the days turned out to be later!!! We had the heaviest rainfall of the century.  Our Chennai had this much rain in 1901, I read.  Never imagined Chennai facing this type of rain...ours had always been famous for heat and sweat.  People were scared of the heat here, esp. my friends and relatives from Bengaluru always said so!

As Zephyr said in her mail, 'It is the middle class in inundated places that are suffering as relief efforts are concentrated more on slum and lower income clusters. The affluent are able to find other homes to shift to and use their resources to get their houses back in order.' people from middle and upper middle class will take longer time to recover. They have been living a secured, comfortable life.  Disciplined, systematic life.  This type of calamity is not easy to face, for them...they are not comfortable for taking 'help' from others. 

One of my relative, a very old couple, had to go by boat from Velachery to Royapettah (to her relative's place) by army boat.  They have come to spend their retired life here after living in the US for more than 40 years.  Daughter is in the US.  They live alone and their siblings are scattered in Chennai.  She has got arthritis and her husband also has got many health issues.  It was not easy for them to climb the boat.  Their whole complex was inundated by flood water, cars were drowned completely, no power, no phone, no drinking water... Flood water is not just rain water, it is mixed with drainage water.  It is not easy to make up our mind to wade through ditch water.

Another relative in West Mamblam has to spend a hefty sum to repair her car...they are retired people.  A teacher in MCN nagar (outskirts) is living in the I floor now, since her ground floor rooms are flooded, even now.  She has got a 95 year old mother.  Had to carry her upstairs.  No young member is there in their house.

Another relative is the owner of a hotel, has got a house in ECR in a good locality.  Most of the houses in their locality are flooded.  They have left to his brother's place which is also surrounded by flood water.   They have arranged to send lot of food to stranded people in Semmanjeri area, which is in a very bad shape.

Our own flat has got 4 floors and the lifts are not working even now.  Water is oozing/seeping and stays in the ground in the lifts' well.  It will not dry for many days. The ground is full of water already. We pumped it out and it gets filled up again and again.  It is not easy for many people to climb up 3/4 floors.  Our complex has got many retired people like us.

Rain has started again after a 2 days' break.  Hopefully, the rumour about more heavy rains stays as rumours.

 Many more stories are there...

We thought it was a happy day and occasion for us Chennaiites to drench in rain and enjoy and how it turned out to be.

P.S.: Many areas are still flooded and people are still trying to clean their houses and start living from scratch...this post is just to show that no one is above nature's fury.


Destination Infinity said...

Fortunately, our area was not affected much. More than the rains, it was opening up of dams/reservoirs that created major flooding. Glad to know you are back in action.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: Yes, They did it without giving any warning. Or I think it broke and flooded the area.

I didn't write other stories within our family and close friends. It will be very long. A relative who has got a flat in ground floor (3 other flats too), water entered their house and all their valuables are soaked in water. Fridge is gone. Bed, cot, wardrobe, everything has to be changed. It is not easy for middle class people. All savings will go and loans will pile up. They have to paint the walls. Never ending expenditure. This is in West Mambalam. It is not easy for middle class people to take help from others. We had been there.

Bikram said...

Nature is playing havoc.. and I think its nature taking over because WE the humans have played havoc with it over time ..

my prayers and wishes go out to all those who are suffering ..


Zephyr said...

Sometimes jokes turn into serious matter. Who would have thought that things would go to such a terrible extent! The city and its residents need a lot of help to reconstruct their homes and lives. Imagine losing all one's life's savings! But the city has so many bravehearts that they will put it back on its feet. Only, one hopes the efforts don't begin flagging after a while.

Sandhya said...

BIKRAM: It will take time for the affected people to settle down. Hope the help goes to the right people.

ZEPHYR: Help is coming from many quarters. I just hope that the right people get help to restart their lives again. It is not going to be easy.

Pins N Ashes said...

Hey Sandhya, it was a terrible time and a classmate of mine has lost her entire house, and everything in it.. she is a very positive woman, and we are there to give her that strength if and ever she tires out.. but losing everything what we have worked for all our lives.. in days because of an unprecedented flood! nightmare!


Sandhya said...

PINS N ASHES: Yes, I know! I came to know yesterday about the teacher's situation again. She and her family, stayed upstairs with just the dress they wore for 5 days. The whole house was submerged. Once a day some helicopter was dropping some food and one bottle of water on the terrace. They had to share that bottle till the next next day. Food only once. Couldn't communicate with any friend or relative. The whole area was flooded. Nobody was able to reach them. Now, the whole house has to be remade. Gadgets have to be replaced....very scary situation.

Hope your friend is managing. Good luck to her.

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