Sunday, March 15, 2015

Salman Khan Came In My Dream:(

First let me tell you, Salman Khan is not my favourite Khan, but Aamir Khan is! And people say that whatever you see in the early morning dreams, comes true! Let me wait and see if it happens...! I remembered about the dream, after waking up and was analyzing why he came in my dream in the morning Yoga class too! The dream has affected me, in some way, I think...(tongue in cheek!).

The result of the analyzation is: I was reading last week's edition of 'Outlook' magazine last night before sleeping! The article was about the 3 Bollywood Khans who are in their 50's! I didn't even read the whole article, just saw the photographs and read the captions and some highlighted points.  But why only Salman came in my dream?!!!  I met him at Pakistan (in my dream!), of all the places and I remember it clearly! Why Pakistan came in my dream! We were discussing about Pakistan, the previous day, how even my muslim friends felt sorry for their relatives who are in Pakistan now! the connection!

In the dream, as far as I remember, both of us were sitting on a bench (!), I and Salman, in an old garden-like place.  I don't remember what we talked about...I like only 2 of his movies, 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and 'Hum dil de chuke sanam'
I don't remember talking about these movies...we were watching some locals in an old room, eating from a huge single plate, sitting around it (this scene is from a Dubai hotel, which we had visited a couple of months back and remember seeing this scene there!). I remember commenting something about this to my husband. Next scene I remember was, Salman had left and I was alone. Then I noticed that my handbag was missing! I think I was worried.  Next scene (as in a movie?!) was, a man from the room talking to me...he resembled the Kashmiri man with whom I went out in a boat, alone at night in Dhal lake! No weird stories please! I and my sis in law's family were staying in a houseboat at Dhal Lake (many years back, during our Amarnath Yatra).  We had gone out for shopping in a boat.  The shop was also in a boat.  We bought some sarees.  We had to swipe my credit card and for that we had to go to another boat, which had that facility.  Without thinking, I offered to do it.  Came out with the boatman and the boat started moving away from the lights from the shopping boats.  I became a bit nervous seeing nothing but dark water and the sound of the boat wading through it! Well, you can read more in my Amarnath yatra post here! I admired the boatman, I remember.  He said that he and his fellowmen went on life like us, normal people who lived in normal cities.   Children went to school, like ours, weddings took place...they were used to the terrorist attacks! He was very casual! See, where the connection comes!

I don't remember much after that! And I don't want to 'make' a story out of this! Would like to ask you this, 'Do you remember any of your dreams' and if you do, do you know why you had that dream?



Onkar said...

very interesting

radha said...

Don't dream much these days. Partly because I do not sleep well !

Sandhya said...

ONKAR: Thank you, Onkar!

RADHA: Day dreaming?!!!

Ramakrishnan said...

What an awesome dream Sandhya.You must be a sheer romantic for Salman to appear out of all the Khans.Maybe you will win some contest soon where the winner gets to have a candle light dinner with Salman.

KParthasarathi said...

Unrelated incidents seen,heard or read can result in strange dreams that have no connection to reality.Some are scary,some amusing and some even wicked.
Your weird dream with a heady mix of Salman Khan,DalLake,Kashmiri boatman made me smile !!

Sandhya said...

RAMAKRISHNAN RAMANATHAN: Thank you, Ramakrishnan! But he is the one Khan I am not a fan of!

K.PARTHASARATHY: It is fun to analyse ourselves! Only sometimes we remember the dreams in so much detail! Reason?!!!Here, I don't like Salman, still I remembered the dream!

SG said...

Recently I dreamed about a person whom I met 20 years ago and have not thought about that person the past 20 years.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Fantastic dream.

I hope you will get to meet Salman sometime in the near future. As far as I know Salman Khan, who is charged with culpable homicide not amounting to murder in the 2002 hit-and-run case, can face a jail term of up to 10 years if sentenced.

In a recent interview Katrina Kaif was telling Karan Thapar that Salman is a very good man and very kind hearted.

Even if you don't meet him in real life, at least you had the satisfaction of meeting him in your dream. I have so many dreams but some how I have not so far had a dream about Salman and having a cup of tea with him.

I wish I had read the book THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS BY SIGMUND FREUD interpret your dreams.

I hope you will meet Amir Kahn one of these days. I wonder whether you saw the movie ABBA in which the reporter who was chasing the ABBA band members all over Australia in vain suddenly meets them in a lift to his great surprise.

Best wishes

Destination Infinity said...

Sometimes, I remember dreams. One short story I wrote before a couple of years was completely based out of my dream. But such things are rare.

I feel, we get dreams when our mind is in a disturbed state. Otherwise we sleep peacefully or at least forget the dreams.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

SG: If you think about it, you might come to know the reason, SG! You might have met a man who resembled him or his mannerism or something. It is interesting to analyze!

JOSEPH PULIKOTIL: I don't like Salman and I am not interested in meeting any film personality! Yes, I like to watch good movies and talk about it write about it.

The recent movies which I enjoyed were 'PK' and 'Dum laga ke Haisha'! I liked Aamir and Aayushmaan!

Did you see Salman's interview in 'Coffee with Karan'? Hilarious!

Deeps said...

Hahahaha! Sallu in your dreams! And he flicked your handbag too! :D
That was such an interesting recount of your dream, sandhya. I do dream a lot but I can never remember it so vividly.
Same pinch on the 'favourite Khan'!

Sandhya said...

DEEPS: Hahaha...Sallu flicking my handbag? Poor man! I don't know about that and have not analyzed much about my missing handbag...maybe it was not important!!!

About the Pakistani men, I noticed (remembered to have noticed) them wearing green long they are Pakistanis! But the poor Kashmiri man was in whites! Maybe the long nose or something might have triggered my imagination to the Kashmiri man!

Thanks for coming here after a long time, Deeps! Maybe Sallu pulled you here!

BK Chowla, said...

Salman is the last person I would dream of.
I don't like him.
In fact,I don't ever watch any movie of these three Khans.

Renu said...

Sometimes dreams are so bizzarre..I always see totally disconnected people in my dreams.

BTW looks like that I am the only fan of Salman Khan here:)

Rama Ananth said...

For the last few years, I have not had a good sound, and even when i do sleep a little bit, I find myself bombarded by dreams, I feel very upset, because I feel I am robbed of whatever little sleep I seem to get by these useless meaningless dreams.
I used to have a friend who always used to complain that her whole night was spent only in having dreams and she never felt that she ever had a restful sleep. I was wondering what was wrong with her, why should she be against dreams, now i understand her.
I have often got the dream that some person whose face is not clearly visible is trying to strangle me, and I have woken up literally gagging.
Initially I used to feel frightened of this particular dream, but later on, I refused to be frightened by this dream.
I tried to analyse this dream and came to to a conclusion, and now even if it comes I am not afraid.
ANd some dreams are pure nonsense, there is no point in breaking our heads trying to see some meaning in them.
How I wish, like my friend i could have a dreamless night of good, sound sleep.

Sandhya said...

BK CHOWLA: I don't like Salman, I have written in the first line itself! I liked Pardes and Chak de of Shah Rukh. Aamir, is my favourite! That is why I was analysing how come Salman came in my dream....but it was for a very brief time, though!

Thanks for commenting, Chowlaji.

RENU: You are his fan?!!! My sister hates Shah Rukh too! For me, he is 50/50!

RAMA ANANTH: These are passing phases, Rama! I had this sleeplessness phase for nearly 2 years. No dream too:( I had started taking sleeping pill, mild dosage, for a brief period. But it was 3 years back. Now, I am OK. You will be OK soon and have a dreamless, peaceful nights. Take care, Rama!

Shail said...

Lol, interesting dream, Sandhya. Sallu! :) I can tell you I have had some really weird dreams and I have written about them too. Here is link to one:
It is about Hrithik Roshan, no less. And no he is not my fav actor in case you were wondering. I have no clue why I saw this dream and that too during afternoon nap :D

Sandhya said...

SHAIL MOHAN: Hahahaa...I have got company!

Earlier I was dreaming about somebody chasing me and I used to fly away like Spiderman, stretching my hand on the walls on either side! This was during the DD days...Spiderman, spiderman....sing now...cartoon effect!I think cartoon days are gone...I have grown up and so dreaming about Phillum estars now!

sharada.econtent said...

ha, ha ..what a dream maami, i was just waiting for your conversation with salman!!!

Saritha said...

I always dream of going to loo, i dont know why and also of missing my bus or train. Apart from that i hardly remember anything.

You remember your dream so well Sandhya..Maybe you are going to see salman in real...

Maybe sub consciously you were feeling sorry for people in pakistan so you got in your dream.

I used to like him in main ne pyar kiya and i like him in dabaang too.

Sandhya said...

SHARU: Alas, I don't remember my conversations with him! If I had, this post would have been more interesting!

SARITHA: Yes, whatever we think about in our mind, comes out in our dreams! But I don't remember thinking about Salman! The article must have triggered my brain about him! Sometimes I feel sorry for him! A restless mind, he has got!

Ankita said...


My I get your email id as I need to contact you for something :)

Bikram said...

wowow .. you dreaming of Salman khan ... Mam.. I wonder how SIR is feeling about that .. he he he he he :)

How are you , long time no see .. I have also been lazy it seems

I should also ask remember me :)


Sandhya said...

ANKITA: I have sent an email to you!

BIKRAM: He knows me...I don't know if he had read this post!

Thank you, Bikram! Take care!

Ankita said...

I have not recv any mail. Kindly resend :)

Ankita said...

I have mailed you, have you recv it?

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