Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Post About 'this n that'!

I had planned to write about Kashmir after I read this article in 'The Hindu'
titled, 'Twenty-four years after he left Kashmir in the wake of violence, Sandeep Raina returns to find a home he had all but forgotten'.  I became very emotional and remembered the days we had been to Kashmir in 2004 i.e. 10 years back.  I remembered writing about our Kashmir visit and it was my 2nd post.  First post was about our 'Amarnath Yatra'.   I had written our experiences in a diary then.  Son insisted to start writing blogs.  And he opened a page for me.  My blog-writing started!

I didn't have a single comment for the first post and the second one got 1 comment in 2010 from my friend 'Swaram'! Well, I had started getting good number of comments later but Swaram came back and read my old posts and this second post got a first comment from her! I didn't know how to go further and so just left it with the 2nd post. Then my son pushed and insisted to read others' posts and write comment in them. He said that 'if your comment kindled some interest in the writers, they might visit your blog too and drop a line'.  I knew I was not a very good or interesting writer then,  but did what he asked me to others' posts and dropped comments. I restarted writing again in 2008 after a '4 year' gap! It was about 'Vividh Bharati's Sangeet Sarita' my favourite radio programme. So, it is 6 years of official blogging now! Kashmir post was in September 2004 and I started blogging again in July 2008! We can take July or September for marking the 'starting of the blog' time! I can't say 10 years of blogging but 6 years!  People seem to like my posts and so, read and comment now!

Let me go back to Kashmir post now.  I had concluded the post in 2004 like this:

'We left the place with a lump in our throat. Kashmir should have been so beautiful before the terrorist activities started. Now we see poverty, though the people have brave happy faces even now. Hope the politicians help them and their children to see happiness in the future at least, instead of troubling them with their selfishness.' 

Now, apart from the politicians, nature has devastated Kashmir.  It might take a long time for this State to recover.  Will the CM take proper action at least now?  I hope the writer of the article, Raina, goes back to Kashmir soon. 

Here, in our Tamilnadu our CM has become ex-CM and is in jail now on corruption case.  On one side, I feel that this is a good precedence in our political history.  Nobody can escape judiciary even after winning the last election with a thumping majority.  The Finance Minister in her cabinet, Mr. O. Pnneer Selvam will be the 'new' CM! Jayalalitha cannot contest elections for another 10 years.  So, her political career is over.  Well...she might bounce back if she gets a 'stay'! She hasn't got any proper opposition party here to fear! DMK is nearly gone.  Congress and BJP hadn't got any hold in Tamilnadu, ever! They had to piggiback on these Dravidian parties always!

Hope some miracle happens to Tamilnadu and some good leader pops up from somewhere to pull up the economy of the State soon. 



sm said...

JK needs help and hope our government helps them properly

Sandhya said...

SM: Yes, the govt. seems to be helping sincerely now...hope they come to normalcy soon.

Destination Infinity said...

If you started blogging in 2004, you are senior to most of us in Blogging!! Will visit those two posts shortly :)

Destination Infinity

KParthasarathi said...

As Rajesh said you are very senior blogger with a decade of blogging from 2004.I started in 2009 only.
Getting comments from others is based on the dictum'if you post a comment,I will post one'!!So browse more blogs comment and you will have many comments.

SG said...

Finally someone brought Ms. Jayalalithaa to the earth. But please don’t count her out. She is like a Phoenix bird. Legal experts are already saying that the sentencing judge had gone way overboard.

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

Yes... Indeed post on JK


Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: I have written there specifically that a break of 4 years were there from 2004 to 2008! The actual, serious blogging started from 2008!

Please read them. The subject of the post is good, though I wonder if the writing is good!

K PARTHASARATHY: I was advised by my son to visit others' blogs and comment for getting comments in my blog. I did that long ago and now some steady readers/good writers too, are there to actually read what I write and comment. I have learnt a lot from my readers, reading their posts and comments and now I am sort of settled down. I don't worry if my readers would like the subject of the post or not, I just write on every subject! I get less comments for some, if the subject is not interesting or the writing is not good. I learn from the reactions and improve

SG: I am just worried about her health. She has got multiple health complications. We need an intelligent person like her to bring this state to a good level. Nobody else is there in the vicinity. She is the only one who can control her ministers and rule properly, well, if she makes up her mind!

Anonymous said...

Love those days when we made friends on the glad to have met you :)

And guess was through Swaru that I connected with many other bloggers...she is awesome sweet :)

BK Chowla, said...

I think I almost started following you when you had just started blogging.
I am happy that PM has himself monitored J&K relief measures.
As for JJ,what goes around,comes around

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: Thanks, Krishna!

UMS REFLECTIONS: In 2010, one day comments started pouring! It was Swarm reading my old posts and writing comments! It was so nice of her!

Some of the readers of those days are not blogging anymore or not commenting anymore. We had a group called 'blog samaaj'. Dhiren was famous in those days!I was so interested in writing because of this group. I read a lot and my writing improved!

Thanks Uma!

BK CHOWLA: Yes, you were one of the earliest followers of my blog.

Hope our relationship with Kashmir improves and Kashmiris are comfortable and happy to be with us. They have faced too many problems from all sides.

Yes, but we don't have anyother good leader. She must have learnt her lesson, now we would like her to come back. DMK is useless now and Congress and BJP don't have any hold here. Not a single person from these two parties are familiar to us.

Sasi, her friend, must be kept in control, then Jaya should be OK. Sasi and her family did all these things...OK, I am partial to Jaya!!! She is too intelligent to go under!

Bikram said...

I need to go back and check when I started visitng you. It has always been a pleasure reading the posts.

I have been lazy lately not been active due to a few things going on in life currently.
I regreat stopping to write for more than a year, and that took away some GOOD friends who forgot all about me .. But I am glad that you did not and still come and read what all rubbish i write , So let me take this oppurtunity to Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

and 10 years is a long long time..

Kashmir has been devastated by nature, politics and PEOPLE.. I do wish and pray good sense prevails and things start to work for the beautiful place ..

Politics in our country is a dirty game, she has been jailed yet some supporters have gone on fast and threaten to commit suicicde .. I mean WHY .. if she has done wrong then she should be punished.. Wish people become intelligent and choose wisely rather than emotionaly


Renu said...

Everybody is saying that jaylalitha is good administrator, but what is the point of being good if one is not ethical...

Its only a matter of time before people in madras find someone always everything is changing for better..

Anonymous said...

The Indian Government, especially the Army, seems to have done a good job in J&K during the floods. As regards the political situation, I think that successive governments have taken wrong actions and/or have not taken correct actions due to electoral pressures. Both the central government and the state government must deal with the issue without any hidden agenda. We should also be realistic about Pakistan's bag of tricks. PM Modi described this very well at the UNGA last week.

Sandhya said...

BIKRAM: You had started reading my posts for many years now, Bikram! I value your comments because you really read and then comment!

It is 6 years only, I feel. I had written just 2 posts in 2004!

Yes, I too hope that Kashmir people start living peacefully in their place soon.

Bikram, no politician is clean in our country or anywhere else, for that matter. Here, in Tamilnadu, we just don't seem to have any leader at present, who is capable of doing good to people. They promote their own family and assets. Hers is visible. Hope some good party emerges out from this chaos. Otherwise we are stuck with her...remember, she is intelligent and a capable leader and can do good for the State if she makes up her mind. Now, it is out of question, I think. Many say that she will bounce back. Will she?

RENU: Shall I say 'aap ke muh me shakkar'? If a new party emerges and we get a good leader, all of us can be very happy!

PROACTIVE INDIAN: Yes, the people of Kashmir have got a better opinion about our army now because of the efforts it took to help people during the floods. Hope the politicians don't spoil this with their votebank politics!

Modi seems to be going in the right path. If Kashmir problem is solved and Pakistan kept in place, we can breathe peace in the future. Punjab has changed now after all the bloodbath over there. Hope for the best! People should give time to Modi before giving negative comments. It is not easy to solve all the problems in a jiffy.

Avada Kedavra said...

Like DI said, you must be one of the senior most bloggers still blogging. I started only in 2005. But even I did not have any readers until 2008 or 2009 I think. First few years I used to blog and read the articles myself. :)

Crafty Shines said...

I've always wished to visit Kashmir, especially after seeing the movie Roja aired on DD national on Independence Day.

I can't remember the first time we spoke on blogs, but I am glad we did.

I love you, Sandhyamma! Never stop writing! Hugs

Sandhya said...

AVADA KEDAVRA; I literally started the blog in 2008. I had started getting 2-3 comments. Slowly it increased. The maximum comments is for my Rameshwaram trip post and then my 'two wheeler learning experience' post...around 35-45 comments! Not 15-20 per post, mostly. If the subject is interesting, I get more, which is natural!

CRAFTY SHINES: I am so happy to see here after a long time, Crafty!

Many old movies, Shammi and Shashi Kapoor movies too had shown Kashmir very nicely. Yes, Roja was the latest, we can say which based the story in Kashmir. We had been there and inspite of so much turbulence and destruction, the place is still beautiful and people don't show their hostility at us. They are happy to interact with people from other States, even now. I admire them.

Thank you, Crafty...hugggs to you! No, I am not planning to stop writing in the near future...or until I get at least 2 people to read!

Jeevan said...

You are a year senior to me in blogging, though you are regular by 6. I worry how people going to tackle the yet to come winter in Kashmir, if things aren't better soon.

What’s happening around in support of J sounds doesn't good. The law is equal to everyone and if people are ready to accept court order in terms of good, why can’t this and let her face it with progress of law to prove her innocent.

Onkar said...

Nice post. Kashmir needs all help to come out of the tragedy

Rachna said...

You know I started blogging in 2008 too. You are right about Kashmir. My heart goes out to them. No one should have to live in the shadow of war and fear for so long. I do hope that they see better days soon. About JJ, I feel it is a great step if it can be upheld. I don't know if we should forgive leaders who loot us first and then show better administration. Unless the big fish get punished, corruption will continue to be the menace it is.

Rama Ananth said...

I can totally relate to everything you have felt about Kashmir. Both central and the state government could have done a better job, and not let it rot like this. imagine it is the dream destination of everyone in the world, instead of developing it, and bringing money and joy t o the people of Kashmir, these spineless and selfish leaders have ruined it beyond repair.
As for JJ, I feel she deserved it, why did she get involved with Shahi and the gang, why did she need all the money, she had enough, why do intelligent people don't recognise the danger they are putting themselves in, why why?
What is the use of doing many good things later on, it cannot wash off the sins committed by her.
Now even God can't save her, and i don't believe that she would ever be in a position to make room for herself in Politics, and we had hopes for her to become the Prime minister of our country.
She is such a smart, well educated person, to think she herself brought all this upon herself, it is a real tragedy. She has no one to blame but herself for her plight.
Now she is sitting comfortably in the jail watching people on the TV, threatening to burn themselves, and do other such nonsense, like some big puja for her release, it is too much.

radha said...

Thanks to the politicians, we many never have a solution to Kashmir problems.
And as for Jayalalitha, the less said the better. They will have the means to make a comeback People do not uphold values. Money power is very strong.

And congratulations... you write from the heart. That is why you have so many regular readers.

Sandhya said...

JEEVAN: Why do they get so many never ending problems? We can just feel sorry for them.

Hmmm...I am waiting for some good leader to pop up soon...normally they do that when people face some sort of crisis. We are having a crisis now.

ONKAR: Our govt. seems to be doing its best. Hope more help comes their way.

RACHNA PARMAR: I hope so too! Good days come soon to them.

Politicians never change, Rachna. It is their birthright, they think. Do you think any politician will learn from Jaya's episode? Na.

RAMA ANANTH: It is being ruined from the days of Nehru. Their state should have merged with the mainland India. Special status like nobody else can buy house there, etc. has ruined it. But on the other hand, non Kashmiri people may not have the attachment to the land like Kashmiris. Will they ever get peace in their land?

JJ's problem is created by herself. First thing, she should not have let in her aide Sasi and her family into her close circle. Now, nothing will change. Her political career is over. People burning themselves and dying is the ultimate foolishness.

RADHA: I had been there and felt very sad seeing the happy faced people even after facing so many problems. Some small children were begging though because of their colour and sharp features, they didn't look like beggars at all. I felt like hugging them before giving them the biscuits we had with us, on our way to Amarnath. She might rule like Bal Thackerey did, from behind!

Thank you, Radha! I never expected to stay for so long in this blog world. Hope people will push me to continue for few more years!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Congratulations for the decade ..err..,six years of blogging, Sandhya! You do choose interesting things to write about!

Ramakrishnan said...

Kashmir is finished completely.The terrorists and separatists have great influence and even the incumbents CM's like Omar Abdullah are not keen on total integration with India !The blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of tall ambitious politicians like Nehru and Jinnah who were totally responsible for India's partition much much against Mahatma Gandhi's sentiments for a unified India. Kashmir issue will be sizzling even after a 100 years from today.

Ramakrishnan said...

As regards Tamilnadu it is a sad state of affairs. AIADK has zero leadership after Amma. DMK is virtually finished with a nonagenarian leader who has become toothless and physically disabled and mentally deranged.There is a serious leadership issue with the now famous family feud between the brothers. Congress is virtually wiped out and I can see anarchy and lawlessness around the corner for Tamilnadu.Well I hope some one from the film fraternity will soon take charge - Rajni Kant, Vijay Kant,Sarat Kumar, Vijay,Ajit,Kamal Haasan,Vikram... take your pick.

Sandhya said...

RAHUL BHATIA: Thank you, Rahulji! This has happened because of people like you who encourage me to write more!

RAMAKRISHNAN RAMANATHAN: Yes, Kashmir is going to bleed India for many many more years. We will never have peace of mind because of a wrong decision by our politicians long back.

Rajnikanth might take over, I feel. We have to wait and see, how much he is capable of managing other old, very old politicians in the party. Everybody is used to swindling now.

Renu said...

Hello Sandhya..where are you?

Sandhya said...

I am back Renu! Had been to California to visit my son! New posts will follow!

Thank you, Renu!

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