Monday, January 28, 2013

I Want To Add This Man In My People Whom I Admire List!


Our whole family had been fans of this man for so many years now! We have watched many of his films in theatres which is a rare thing now, since we get everything...DVDs in our doorstep.  He was always experimenting new things in making films, in acting, in singing etc. I am talking about our Kamal Haasan, the actor, director, singer of Indian Cinema! Many times he had lost lots of money...still he has not stopped experimenting.  Even now, he is into a new experiment, with the movie  'Vishwaroopam'  The release date is again posptponed in Tamilnadu! Is it  Politics or the muslim agitation which is stopping this ? Both, they say.  We had watched so many movies with terrorist background.  Why this new agitation?  God only knows...sorry, Kamal is a 'non-believer'...He has nearly pleaded to the muslim agitators (which is a very tiny percentage of the muslim population here in Tamilnadu)saying that the muslim character in the film is a good muslim one.  The tiny percentage is affecting the whole muslim people's reputation. Rajinikanth gave a supporting statement only yesterday.  Others are keeping mum.

Now, to some of my favourite songs from his films! All the best, Kamal...waiting to watch the movie!

1. This is not the first time I am mentioning this song as my favourite! I love this song and Kamal's  acting!  The film is, 'Guna'!

2.  Kamal had said that this is one of his favourite movie! He had produced this movie, Raaja Paarvai and acted like a blind of his best movies ever with Ilayaraja's lovely music!

3. I love this song and never get bored of watching this! The film is, 'Michael Madana Kamarajan'

4. This is one of my favourite film of Kamal.  He is entirely different here.  The film is 'Anbe Sivam':

5. You can see the baby Kamal Haasan (just 6 years old!) here! Take note of his expression and the film is 'Kalaththur Kannamma' 


6. '16 vayathinile'...this was a very different movie of Bharatiraaja.  I think Kamal started acting 'differently' from this movie.  You can see a very young Kamal and Sridevi in this movie and they became a hit pair after this and acted together in many movies!

7. 'Salangai Oli' This movie showed Kamal as a dancer which he really is! It was a famous movie in those days.  Have look at this song:

8. 'Avvai Shanmugi' A re-make of 'Mrs. Doubtfire' - made to suite Indian audience.  The Hindi version was 'Chachi 420' which got Kamal a good name in the Hindi belt. Kamal acted very well in this movie.  I am not very fond of this song.  But you can see a 'different' Kamal here:

9.  'Thenaali' This is a hilarious but 'different' movie.  Kamal speaks Sri Lankan Tamil and the acting is superb! I watch it again and again!

After '16 vayadhinile' in most of his movies, he did something 'new'. I should mention director Shankar's 'Indian', Mani Rathnam's 'Nayagan', K.S.Ravikumar's 'Sathi Leelavathi' (comedy), 'Apoorva Sahodarargal' in which he acted as a circus dwarf and Balu Mahendra's 'Moondram Pirai' (Sadma in Hindi).  I liked 'Unnal mudiyum Thambi', 'Nammavar', 'Pammal K.Sambandam', 'Virumaandi'. 'Thevar Magan' was one of his best movies with Sivaji Ganesan.  They competed with each other in acting. Wikipedia says he won 19 Filmfare awards apart from 4 national Awards. Have you watched his silent movie,  'Pushpak'? You will know his calibre there.  'Mahanadhi' was one of his classic movie. The story is so strong that I get upset whenever I see this movie.  His acting is superb in this movie.

I have got a longer list of Kamal's songs, but I have given importance here to the different roles he played in different movies. We should be proud of him, instead he is being punished for experimenting different types of cinemas.  I heard from a relative of mine that her relatives are going by two cars to Bangalore to view Viswaroopam!  Problems are there for screening this movie in Kochi and Hyderabad also, it seems. He had screened this film to the agitating muslim group, last week according to their time.  He let them do namaaz in his office itself because it was time for evening namaaz, before watching the movie. I feel very sorry for him. This is just a movie, people! He is an extraordinary actor.  Support him!

10.Well...let me show a normal Kamal Haasan song, no, two songs(!) in which a beautiful Sridevi also acts! This movie, 'Varumayin niram sivappu' was also a most talked about movie of Kamal! His acting was superb in this K.Balachandar movie!  The second one is from 'Moondram Pirai' (Sadma in Hindi). Now, to the songs!


Hope you enjoyed this post! You can add your favourite Kamal song in the comment section please!

Hope he comes out of the current problem without much hassle.  Reviews seem to be positive.  The movie is running full houses in Hyderabad.

EDITED TO ADD ON 30.1.13:  This should not happen to him, he doesn't deserve this.

Reacting to the controversy surrounding the film, Leela Samson, chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification, said that it was 'unjustified'.

"This puts the entire film industry and the artistic creative spirit of Indian people under a strain. How will people express themselves freely? And he (Haasan) is not irresponsible. I have seen a lot of irresponsible film but this is not one. So I think it is absolutely unjustified," Samson said.

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I remembered the Vishwaroopam controversy! What is happening is not good. This is not good for us Indians. Kamal is ready to cut more portions from the film. This is going to be a bad precedent. Jaya is not doing the right thing. Her name is maligned now in the whole country. A fraction of muslims is promoting hatred for other peace loving muslims too. I have muslim friends but all are normal people like us. God save us and our country. Feel sorry for ourselves. Have a look at this


Kavita Saharia said...

Our satellite tv is sending us notifications of this movie's premier on tv ( paid one). I am looking forward. I loved Kamal in Sadma. Hope the movie is released soon.

Sandhya said...

KAVITA SAHARIA: We don't get the notification, here, in Chennai! He is a good actor. Unlike Hindi movies, Tamil movies don't earn much comparatively. He has guts to spend so much for a Tamil based movie, though I think the Hindi and Telugu versions are dubbed ones!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

nice post on kamal hassan. I always liked to watch his movie. Every movie with a speciality. I am not able to watch his old movies. I like Indian, Dasavatharam etc. I like the song "punjai undu nanjai undu pongivarum gangai undu panjam mattum innum ingu maaravilla". But i don't know exact film name.

There are some agitations in Kerala also, screening of film stopped on second day of release in some theaters.

Hope the issues will be solved at earliest

thanks for sharing nice post

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: I think that song is from 'Unnaal mudiyum thambi' which is a very good movie!

Read about the agitation in Kerala! He doesn't deserve this!

BK Chowla, said...

I remember having seen Chachi 420

Destination Infinity said...

He was my favorite actor before. But, now I feel that he is sort of addicted to becoming a super-hero, act in hollywood and win an oscar. Nothing wrong with all that, he always set a higher bar and exceeded everyone's expectations.

But I prefer that actors take up appropriate roles, according to their age. It's just my preference, and I know it doesn't really matter to others.

Destination Infinity

Zephyr said...

I love the songs Sippi irukkudu, and Andhi mazhai of the whole selection. I used to like him in his early films but once he came into Hindi films, somehow he lost the charisma, at least for me. but I can understand the adulation he is held in by millions, the world over. Hope you get to see the banned movie :)

Sandhya said...

BK CHOWLA: Yes, that was a famous movie in Tamil and the Hindi version! Kamal is a versatile actor!

DESTINATION INFINITY: Yes, he doesn't seem to do a normal movie, nowadays! Even Thenaali, though looked like a comedy, was 'different'. And 'Sathi Leelavathi' too! My favourites are some of his earlier movies. The last one I liked was 'Anbe Sivam'. We watch it again and again.

I can give 50 to 60% to 'Hey Ram', 'Vettaikkaran' etc. I remember 'Virumaandi'. But 'Thevar Magan', 'Moonadraam Pirai', 'Anbe sivam', 'Guna' and manyothers are there, which were his excellent movies!

I don't know about this movie...but this should not happen to him. He literally, is begging the agitators to allow him to screen the film. He doesn't deserve this. What happened to the censor board, when they approved this movie for screening? And he looks like a middle aged man in the advertisement posters for the movie! He is a natural, trained dancer too!

ZEPHYR: Not only Kamal, Sridevi also lost her charisma after she altered her nose and entered Hindi films, I feel. Did you see Anbe sivam and Thenaali? They are very good.

I don't know if I would like the movie...too much violence, they say. But we will go to the theatre to watch. My husband hates violence and he likes only his comedy movies!

Unknown said...

i admire Kamal for his talent and his class ..

he's a one man army like aamir khan in bollywood ..

i am waiting for his new movie to release ..

hey all the movies and songs you mentioned is in tamil but i know some of them were made in hindi as well and i love those songs as well as the movies...

Bhagyashree said...

My favourite films of Kamal remian Sadma and Michael Madan.... And that is because nowadays I barely have time to watch films :)

R. Ramesh said...

he is a gr8 actor indeed..but i am definitely not his fan sandhyaji...dunno y..

Rama Ananth said...

Even I like Kamala Hassan, and many of his pictures were and are good.He is one of those actors who has acted in so many good films.
However, I don't like the way he speaks Englsh with a fake American accent, I can understand a person developing an accent because of living for many years in America, but, his accent sounds so fake, just like Madhuri Dixit's American accent. His Tamil is so good and he is such an intelligent, and natural actor, but why this accent I can't understand.
Sredevi and Kamal were a very good pair. And I like Sredevi despite her nose job.
I also loved the movie Anbe Sivam, and all the movies mentioned by you too.
I liked the movie Moondru mudhchu too starring Rajni kant, Sredevi and Kamal.

Sandhya said...

RAHUL AGGARWAL: Good to know that you like Kamal too! Yes, he is a very good actor and I am a fan of Aamir Khan!

Kamal had acted in extremely different characters in all the songs I have quoted. You can't see the same Kamal in other movies. He does something new in every movie.

You must have watched Sadma, I am sure! Sometimes he goes overboard like he did in 'Aalavandaan' and 'Hey Ram'!

BHAGYASHREE: Yes, those movies are classics of Kamal...though Michael a commercial movie, the Malayalee role is the best!

RAMA: I forgot to mention 'moondru mudichchu', which was a good movie.

He is not a graduate or something. He must have learnt English later. He is a good grasper and he must have learnt this accent to woo Hollywood! He is not good in speaking outside the movie camera! Rajni is good in that way!

Sridevi changed her voice while speaking Hindi. After watching her in Tamil films, I thought her talent was wasted in Hindi films!

Thanks for the long comment, Rama!

Sandhya said...

TOBY FRIELINK: I am copy-pasting your mail, Toby:

Hello Sandhya,
I cannot find the "respond button" in your blog but thank you for the entertaining and clear update on Indian movies.
I hope the movie will soon be distributed in Chennai.

Hope to see you soon, love Toby

I don't know why it is happening like that, Toby! Asked my son too, he has no idea! Anyway thanks for the mail! Hope the movie gets released soon!

SG said...

Kamal is an excellent actor. I saw his recent movie. I found nothing wrong with that.

radha said...

What is happening is indeed a shame. There are more important issues to ponder about. Why can we not accept anything in the right spirit?

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