Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks To You Friends, I Have Completed 3 Years Of Blogging, this June!

I am not able to believe that I have completed 3 years of blogging in 2011, plus a few extra posts in 2004!

'My corner' started on 19th July, ''04! The first post was 'Court humour' which I had copied from the Readers' Digest, I still remember! My son pestered me to write something, any crap and keep on writing! I 'wrote' and it is funny to read those articles now! Still, the 'Amarnath Yatra' story is thrilling, though the language is not very good! Then, I stopped writing! I didn't know that for getting some readers, I must visit other blogs! I just left it at that, because I never knew how this 'blog-writing' is done or how we should invite other bloggers to read our blogs by reading and commenting on their posts! I did start reading and commenting, but no one was interested to visit my blog for a long time!

Then, in 2008, I seriously started reading others' blogs and started getting some knowledge of 'how to write blogs'! My son created a new name, for my blog, 'maradhimanni' and pushed me to write, again!

I used to write long long letters to my son(sometimes 13-16 pages!) and I think this habit is helping me to write posts a bit interestingly and cogently (otherwise he might throw my letters into the dustbin!). My habit of changing topic without warning, while chatting with others, is slowly coming down. People who didn't know me would never know which subject I was talking about! I would think about something and would not express it with right words. Sometimes the whole meaning went wrong and felt embarrassed! These draw backs are going away from me, thanks to writing long long posts and reading them back to check if I had bungled again! Reading others' posts also has become a big plus point for me with so many good writers here!

I think in English about the blog subject which is a new plus point too, remember this post of mine?!

When I checked now, my first reader/commenter was Ashwini, my niece! It was for 'carbon poisoned fruits'! Then the VIP bloggers/readers started visiting...IHM and Smitha came next for the 'kittens' post! Then no looking back! I had tasted the joy of writing and am still continuing and hope to continue for a long long time with all your support!

I have crossed the '200 posts' mark too! I am a very happy person today, writing this post!

Thank you, Friends!


Kavita Saharia said...

I hope i am the first one to Congratulate now.Congratulations !

Kavita Saharia said...

You are one of those bloggers whom i really look up to .You inspire me .I consider myself extremely lucky to have you as my friend.Will check the post links later .
A big thanks to your son for encouraging you to blog .God bless.

Sandhya said...

Kavita: Thank you, Kavita, you are the first to congratulate me and I was expecting it to be so!

I feel embarrassed, Kavita! I am sort of an OK writer. I too feel lucky to have you as a friend Kavita! Very rarely we meet people like you who are sincere in whatever they are doing.

Yes, my son is the one who had been behind me, pushing me forward.

I know your whole family supports you too! Aren't we lucky people, Kavita?

KParthasarathi said...

Hearty Congratulations on reaching this creditable milestone.I am a recent but regular visitor and have found your blog interesting.

Do write on a variety of subjects that are topical besides trying your hand on short stories and small verses.

Best wishes and Godspeed!!!

Sandhya said...

KParthasarathy: Your blessing means a lot to me Partha Sir, thank you!

Short stories and verses...let me get some guts to try all those things, Sir!

Bikram said...

Congratulations and celebrations :) wowowowowowow .. you were the first one to come on my blog .. I rmemeber :)

so Thank you for such lovely posts and always coming to mine and reading all that i write good or bad .. THANK YOU..


Destination Infinity said...

Your first post was in 2004? That's something! I think you should have been one of the most earliest blogger!

And three years of continuous blog writing and reading should have been a great experience. Congrats and wishing you many more posts for the future as well!

Destination Infinity

Swaram said...

The best think I love abt u is that u r such an honest blogger Sandhya :) God bless u!
Congratulations and cheers to many more such wonderful milestones :)

Swaram said...

And I just saw that I hv commented on the Amarnath post too ;)

Sandhya said...

Bikram: Thank you, Bikram!

Did I? I don't remember!

You guys are coming here promptly to read what I am writing and blindly appreciate...I know some of them are not that interesting subjects, still...! Thank you!

Destination Infinity: I wrote just 6 posts in that year and came back in 2008 to write regularly. So, it is 3 years now!

Yes, 3 years of reading has helped me a lot, D.I.! You were reading everything I wrote and commented in detail! Thank you!

Swaram: I remember you telling me that you would read my older posts and did so and commented in almost all the posts at a stretch! You had patience to read so many posts, which were like 'baby class' posts...the very old ones, esp.!

I think until now, you are the only one who has read my 'Amarnath post'!

Unless good writers like you encouraged, I would not have reached here, Swaram! Thanks a lot!

Ugich Konitari said...

What a wonderful bloggerversary ! Congratulations to you, blessings to your son, and lots and lots of good wishes for some great blogging in the future too !

Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing 3 years of blogging and 200 posts.

Happy to be in your friends list,i love all ur post in particular your kitten post.I remember the first post i read in ur blog was about temples.

Once again congrats and thanks to your son to introduce you to us.....

Sandhya said...

Ugich Konitari: Thanks a lot, Ugich! Your wishes means a lot to me! Thanks for blessing my son, too!

Varunavi: You are one of the regular readers of my blogs, thank you, Saritha!

I too remember your comment on the temple post!

You know what, my son and husband never read my posts, as far as I know! But I know they are happy to see me busy in front of the computer all the time, without pestering them!

Thanks once again, you are a good friend for me, Saritha! Like to read more stories of Varunavi and Pinky!

Deeps said...

Congratulations, Sandhya! It has been a treat to read your posts because they are always so informative, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable.
Keep sharing and writing the way you do :)

Wini said...

Oh wow! Three years! Congratulations Maami! :)

I just read all the nice things other bloggers had to say about you and your blog. So proud of you Maami! :) You have inspired and touched so many lives in your own way.

It is because of you that I keep MY blog fairly updated! :) Your encouragement made me want to write more and I thank you for that, among many many other things!

Wishing you many more years of blog-stardom AND happiness,


Roshmi Sinha said...

It’s a hap-hap happy birthday,
May you have luck galore, knock at your door;
It’s a hap-hap happy birthday,
A hap-happy birthday to you.
A hap-happy birthday to you.
A hap-happy birthday to you.

Sandhya said...

Deeps: Thank you, Deepu!

Ashwini: You are a good writer and I would like to read many many more posts of yours in the future!

Thank you, Ashwini You were always there to read my post regularly and comment, which gave me a HUGE boost! You were the first commenter, did you see that? Thanks once more!

Roshmi Sinha: Thank you for the song and for the encouragement, Roshmi!

Yes, I am very lucky to have good writers like you reading my posts and then commenting too!

Anonymous said...

Heart-felt congratulations for completing 3 years of blogging!

I find your posts very interesting, particularly the ones with such lovely pictures of your kitens.

And I'm fortunate to have gained such a wonderful blogging friend as you, Sandhya! Keep blogging!

BK Chowla, said...

Congratulations and my best wishes.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Sandhyaji you are humility personified :)

I read your posts 'coz I like reading them. Keep them coming :)

Sandhya said...

Manjujoglekar: I had always admired you and your writings, Manju! I never thought that I would get a friend like you here! I am lucky, indeed! Actually, my whole family reads your writings and respect you!

BKChowla: Thank you, Chowlaji!

Roshmi Sinha: I admire your writings and your knowledge, Roshmi! Thank you so much! Even now, I am not able to believe that I have such knowledgeable readers. My improvement in writing is very very slow, I know!

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