Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The King's Speech & Cinderella Man - 2 movie reviews

I watched two 'touching the heart' type movies recently. When my son asked me to watch this movie and after I watched it for a few minutes, I thought it might be boring without any type of thrill or turning points! I was wrong...I watched it twice!

The first one is, 'The King's Speech'! The second one is 'Cinderella Man'. Both the stories are based on true stories and happened in the 1920's and 30's. The King's story is based in London (obviously!) and the Cinderella Man, in New Jersey, the USA. Royalty and a worn out boxer's stories, such contrast! The King's Speech won 4 Oscars and Cinderella Man was nominated for 3 Oscars.

Have a look at the trailer of The King's Speech, first and you can have a glimpse of how the story goes:

This is the story of King George VI (the current English Queen's father). When King George V is in his death bed, he wants his second son to take over as King. As we know, the Britishers are sticklers to rules and follow strict discipline. His first son wants to marry an American divorcee, which is not applicable to the British monarchy. More than that, the King is the Head of the Church too and so, has to be with good behaviour! The second son, who suffered from stammering, cannot speak clearly even for a couple of minutes, which was an embarrassment to the royal family. But now, he is the only one, who could sit in the King's throne! He goes through many therapies and in the end his wife finds a speech therapist (an Australian), who hasn't got a proper degree but has got vast experience after treating the World War I shell-shocked patients in Australia. He hasn't got a hi-fi clinic but asks the King (then, the Prince of York) to come home for treatment. Then the treatment begins without revealing the King's identity.

The therapist, Logue treats his patient like an ordinary man and calls him by his first name, Bertie (Albert). It was very difficult for Bertie to digest this treatment but slowly with the help of his wife (she has acted superbly here and looks very beautiful too!), he overcomes the stammering and gives a nice Wartime speech (II World war) with the help of Logue, his therapist. Many touching moments make our eyes wet with tears! The therapist brings out the psychological background for Bertie's problem of stammering. We feel like hitting his brother when he teases Bertie 'b...b....b...Bertie'. We feel sad, watching the pain in Bertie's face when he finds it difficult to speak continuously.

Colin Firth acts as Bertie and has done his job superbly. I remember his movie, 'Mama Mia' (hilarious movie!) and some more. The therapist role is done by Geoffrey Rush, who is also a famous actor (Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love, etc.). The Queen is played by Helena Bonham Carter (acted in Harry Potter!). I loved her acting. She gives full support to Bertie (the role is of the Queen Mother, who died a few years back).

Do you love serious movies? Then, don't miss this movie! The video shows some interesting scenes about the therapy and I loved every frame of this movie.


The second movie is 'Cinderella Man'. First, I started watching the movie reluctantly, ( will I like a movie of a Boxer's story?!). I was wrong. I loved this movie too! Have a glimpse of the trailer:

This movie stars one of my favourite actor, Russell Crowe (Gladiator and Beautiful Mind fame) and actress, Renee Zelweger (Bridget Jones's Diary and Chicago fame). I have watched Russell in some other movies also and he is a very good actor and this movie is another feather in his cap!

The story is based on an ex-prize fighter (boxer), Jim Braddock, who broke down during the 'great depression' - before the World war II started. Nobody had much money or job and he had a family of a wife and three small kids. He was ready to do any menial job to feed his family. It was very sad to watch his home's power connection get disconnected because he couldn't pay the bills, that too, in the severe winter. He was forced to go for 'public relief money', which was equal to begging. Still he keeps on looking for big money in the boxing ring though he had a broken hand and no food to get the stamina. His trainer who was a sincere friend gets his chance to fight and in a final bout with a 2 opponent killer Baer makes Braddock a legend.

His wife never liked her husband fighting in the ring and she often gets upset when he teaches boxing to the children. But Braddock was a good fighter and boxing was the only way he could make good money, so with just will power he was winning most of the fights.

I read somewhere that this Boxing legend's house is still there in New Jersey!

If you have got the guts to watch some boxing violence, then this is a good movie for you!



Bikram said...

Not os sure about the Kings speech, did not feel much impressed with it , I dont know why though it has CLASS actors ...

and cinderalla man well I will surly watch it next on the list ..

Thank you for sharing


Roshmi Sinha said...

Nice review! But I'm all for comedy, romance, rom-com, suspense, thriller, detective genres :)

P.S. You have been MIA from my blog :(

I thought my last post "Ek 2G Ke Liye" would have piqued your interest...

Sandhya said...

Bikramjit: It took sometime for me to blend with the story, Bikram, then it started interesting me! This was not dramatised much, so, is a bit slow. But I liked it!

I am sure you will like Cinderella Man!

Roshmi Sinha: I was like you and am! But my son makes me watch some 'good' movies!

I visit your blog often. Will check now, Roshmi!

Destination Infinity said...

I am sure I would like the first movie - Anything remotely related to WWII gets my attention! But these Kings and Queens of England - I don't understand what role they might have in democratic societies. I often wonder if they have some decorative purpose - like unnecessarily hogging the limelight during the recent wedding, for example! :)

Destination Infinity

Destination Infinity said...

The earlier comment automatically got published from my other account - You should allow the Name/URL Commenting Maami. It makes it easier for people to comment. If you are worried about spam, maybe you can activate the captcha.

Destination Infinity

Kavita Saharia said...

Sounds like my kind of movies ,specially the first one .I am a huge fan of Colin Firth:)Thanks for the review ,i would love to watch them..
Have a nice evening Sandhya

KParthasarathi said...

Thanks for the nice reviews.It whets my desire to see the films.Will look for them.

Renu said...

coincidentally I havent seen any of these will check:)

Sandhya said...

Destination Infinity: We think that the Kings and Queens are decorative pieces, but if we come face to face with them, we might do the curtsy! My niece said that they had a garden party in their street during the royal wedding recently!

Have you seen 'The Queen'...these two movies show the lifestyle of the British Royals!

I told my son about the setting...! I am lazy to look into it!

Kavita: You will like the first movie! This is an emotional movie! Firth and Rush have acted superbly! You can see the glimpses in the video! I didn't go elaborately to explain which scene I like because they are shown in flashes in the video!

Thank you, too have a nice evening!

Sandhya said...

KParthasarathy: You will like them Partha Sir!

Renu: You will like both the movies, Renu!

Deepa said...

I saw The King's Speech this weekend and I really really liked it. Everybody acted well - although I thought Geoffrey Rush's work was better than Colin Firth's. I love how he does not get intimidated when asked address the Duke of York as 'Your Royal Highness' and he insists on calling him 'Bertie'! :))

Wini said...

Loved watching "The King's Speech" maami! It was quite a heartbreaking movie! We can actuallty feel Bertie's pain. It is so difficult for somebody from the Royal family to let go of his pride and be teased. Great post maami!

Sandhya said...

Deepa: I loved Rush's rubbery friendly face which showed real concern when his patient suffered. His compassion brought out the old cobwebs from the 'Duke of York's childhood!

I can quote many many instances I liked in the movie, Deepa! Then the post would become so long that you might need 2 hours to read it (movie duration!). I liked the way the Dutchess encouraged her husband to go on with the tough therapy, by batting an eyelid and the way she sat on him during the exercises!

Ashwini: Yes, you are right, Ashwini! The humiliations he had suffered in his childhood were the main reason for his stammering and the way Rush/Logue, brought them out was great! I never felt bored when I watched the movie with you for the second time!

R. Ramesh said...

i watched king's speech at dubai festival yar..but u know me..i like our puratchi thalaivar type dishyum dishyum or downright comedy is too serious to get serious with movies do ya like my philosophy hehe..

kanagu said...

good reviews :) :)

I am a fan of Russell crowe and I didn't seen this movie yet :( couldn't get a proper DVD till now..

Have to watch soon..

King's speech also I am yet to watch...

Anonymous said...

I have seen the first one. I had a notion I will not like it, but surprisingly loved it :) Great movie, great acting. I own the second movie DVD but have been procrastinating it, since I felt I will not like it. Let me watch it then.

Sandhya said...

Ramesh: I like dishyum dishyum movies too, but with good actors and a bit good storyline! We women mostly like romantic or emotional movies! This one is in the second category!

Kanagu: You have to wait to get involved in the story of King's speech and then you will love it, Kanagu!

Russell Crowe is a good actor and he has done his job here superbly!

evanescentthoughts: I wrote the same line about the movie, it took time to get involved and like the story, AK.

The second movie is good and you will like it too! This one also is based on a true story and no dramatisation too! Very emotional at some places.

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