Monday, March 29, 2010

Good Times Ahead - Chennai Corporation School children can be proud of their school, like anyother private school children.

With interesting initiatives lined up, students going to schools run by the Chennai Corporation can look forward to the new academic year. A group of students at a school in Perambur recently.

As soon as I glanced at this photo in 'The Hindu', I felt so happy.  No one can say that these children are not from some private school.  Their uniforms are so neat and the GIRLS look so happy! The School building at the background looks like a private school building.  
The article says:
This June will mark the beginning of an exciting academic year for schools run by the Chennai Corporation, if the initiatives being planned are any indication.
To start with, the Corporation Boys Higher Secondary School in your neighbourhood will be rechristened Chennai Boys Higher Secondary School. All the school buildings will also be painted in a uniform colour.
“We want students to identify with their school and feel proud about their institution,” said Corporation Commissioner Rajesh Lakhoni.
The Corporation is also in the process of procuring books for its school libraries. “We want to set aside half-an-hour a day as exclusive reading time for students, about thrice a week. We are buying children's literature, comics and other informative books to promote the habit of reading among children,” he said. During summer vacation, one room in every school would be readied as library.

A mathematics laboratory for students of classes X and XII is being set up in collaboration with a non-governmental organisation working in the area of mathematics and science learning.
“These schools of excellence will be modelled on Kendriya Vidyalayas, where the emphasis will be on quality,” Mr. Lakhoni added.

The Chennai Corporation website says:
Teaching through Computers

Chennai Corporation it self has provided more than 500 computers to various schools. Few of the schools posses L.C.D. Projector. Intel Asia has initiated a project called "SMART SCHOOLS" in 15 corporation schools aimed at Computer aided teaching and learning.

One more article in 'The Hindu' says:
English medium sections will be started at all primary schools run by the Chennai Corporation.
Corporation school students would be provided school bags and a uniform set each free of cost. Shoes would be distributed to corporation primary school students.
New courses on mobile servicing, web technology, advertising assistant training and bed-side patient assistant training would be started in Corporation Community Colleges.

The civic body would launch ‘Olichuvadu,’ a magazine for school students to provide guidance on education, career and employment.

For the past 5-10 years, I have noticed that more and more people who cannot afford to send their children to private schools too, try their best to admit them there because they think that unless their children know to read, write and communicate in English fluently, they cannot get good jobs.  So they work hard or even borrow money, to send them to private schools.  My servant maid, Nitya's children go to an English Medium private school!  Just like us,  her husband (a small time carpenter),  drops them at school while going for work in the morning. She works in 3 houses.  At 3.30 pm, she goes to the school, picks them up, feed them with some tiffin and drops them at the tuition class.  Brings them back home at 5.30 pm.  It is not very easy for the children to study in English medium with no one to help them at home, though Nitya has passed 10th in Tamil medium.  Apart from paying heavily for the school, they have to spend for the tuition too.  
Now, the Corporation of Chennai's plan of starting English Medium schools, with full fledged modern facilities, will help Nitya and her husband to fulfil their dreams.  I have already told her about this and her husband has started enquiring about it.  
Education, esp. education for girl children, will change the whole atmosphere of our society. One more step ahead for our country, to come out of the brand as 'the third world' country.
Let us dream that people like Mayavati too follow these steps to change the atmosphere of her state, instead of spending money on building  monoliths of herself, everywhere in her state. Like we remember Kamaraj (ex-CM of Tamilnadu) for starting elementary schools throughout Tamilnadu, when he was the CM of our State, her people might remember her for this good deed...


Swaram said...

Woww! This is gr8 news indeed Sandhya .. thanks a lot for sharing.
And u r so rt .. time Mayawati demolishes those statues of hers n does something worthwhile. Atleast, nt invest in some more of them!

Anonymous said...

Good schools can make all the difference! Libraries in summer vacations is a superb idea. They could have some sports coaching for girls during summers too (because they won't be allowed to get out and play otherwise).

I think this is really a good news. Today is a day of good news in the Newspapers :)

Sandhya said...

Swaram: Yes, this IS a great and happy news, Swaram!

IHM: Yes, the teachers also seem to be good. I read an article in a Tamil magazine and it said that some teachers are so good and devoted that the students come back to teach in the same school, because of the teachers whom they admired.

Sports coaching camp for girls in the summer holidays, is a superb idea, IHM!

When we read Happy news in the morning, the whole day seems to be a happy day, isn't it?

Saritha said...

That's a wonderful news sandhya.The govt teachers often neglect teaching part in the govt schools hence these schools are always backward compared to pvt schools.
The intiative started in chennai should be started in hyd and other states as well.My maid in hyd sends her kids to pvt school as she says inspite of one day meal in govt schools students don't want to go to schools because they are hardly any furniture,fan etc there and teachers are also not comitted like teachers of pvt schools.

Anonymous said...

A great initiative by Chennai Corporation, Sandhya!

It will make all the difference to the students' attitude to learning, if they are able to be proud of their school.

The proposed new courses are wonderful!

Deepa said...

Good news indeed Sandhya. TN has done some good work in elementary education. They were among the first to start the school meal program (also Gujarat) in the 1960s which is a good way to encourage poor families to send their children to school. Hope this new initiative does well and hope many citizens join in to strengthen the hands of the Govt.

By the way, did you attend the Chennai Indiblogger's meet? I had registered for it but unfortunately could not make it.

vimmuuu said...

I have always felt Tamil Nadu has been the best for education and medical services. This is indeed a brilliant news. One more reason for me to be proud of my Chennai !!

Sandhya said...

varunavi: Even I had that opinion about Govt. School teachers. But it is changing now, it seems. I read an article on village school teachers in a Tamil magazine. Some very dedicated teachers are changing the school atmosphere itself so much that they are asked to visit other schools and motivate teachers in those schools.

Hope other states too follow Tamilnadu schools. For the past some years some students from Corporation schools are in the name list of top 5ers in State Board syllubus X and XII exams.

Manju: Yes, I liked the way of the thinking of the Chennai Corporation. First they want the children to be proud of their school.

We have a private school in our area, which is just a namesake school. The teachers are not paid properly and so they keep changing them 2-3 times within an academic year. Nowadays, school teachers get quite a good amount of salary, in Corpn. schools too, I was told. So some dedication should be there, obviously.

Deepa: Yes, Kamaraj started the noon meal scheme during his Chief Ministership.

No I didn't attend the meet.

Vimmuuu: I too am proud to be called a Chennai citizen, vimmuuu. With all the draw backs, the govt. here too is doing quite well.

R. Ramesh said...

wonderful wellmeaning post ya..and hope they increase the pay of teachers..i know better as my wife works for a very prominent pvt school n the salary is not even 5 figure...

radha said...

Good initiative. Should be applauded. Hope they ensure good education to the children, it is their only hope to a better future

Unknown said...

great news,
i am expecting more than his

ope in future school may improve

Kavita Saharia said...

A great news are right their uniforms,the school building does look like that of a private institute.Thrice a week reading time is a very good thought(practice).Free uniforms,school bags wow !!this plan is full of great news one after another.Sandhya, thanks for sharing this incredible article,i hope more and more states follow the example of Chennai corporation.

Sandhya said...

Ramesh: My relative too works in a private school (std.I) and last year, her pay was increased in thousands! GRT school teachers too are getting very good salary now. But workload is too heavy now.

Radha: I too hope so, Radha.

Kavita: Southern states are doing better in giving importance to education. UP and Bihar are the worst, I was told. Hope the CMs of these States follow our States in spending some time and money for the future of the children of their States.

kanagu said...

thats a great news.. :) :)

really people think that studying in a corporation schools is a demeaning thing... and good that they are changing the name of the school... if this is successful then that will make the private schools to bring down the fees... hoping for the best..

thanks for sharing the news :) :)

R. Ramesh said...

oh really? i dont want to name the school's a prominent one where celebrity kids study sandhya..but the pay for teachers is less than 10000. many teachers quit also wife attned an interview yday and has been offered slightly better..if u have any suggestion on this..will be gr8 to be in touch with u on
best rgds

Sandhya said...

kanagu: Changing the name of the school is a great idea. People are spending a lot to just send their children to English medium schools. Now, it will not be so tough for them.

schoolsaamaan said...

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