Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The first 45 days of 3 tiny loving kittens after they have entered this world!

My last post on kittens was, 'Zorro's story', where I wrote about our Hero Cat, Zorro and his first wife, Ammaakkaari and their black silk kittens. After she left (we sent her off with her kittens because she gave us kittens once in 4 months and it was too much even for us!), a couple of months later, Zorro invaded our house with his second wife, Jinju, who was pregnant already (so scandalous!). As usual, we felt pity on the pregnant girl and like others before her, she too was pampered well in our house! She even slept with us in our bed, the day before she delivered her babies - she must have been nervous or with pain. When I thought the D-day was nearing, I showed her two places, one shelf in my son's wardrobe and one in our bedroom. I kept some clothes also in them and maybe she understood it and delivered 3 kittens in the afternoon of Jan, 16th, in my son's wardrobe, upstairs! She might have thought it to be a secluded place without much interference from us, humans! When I noticed her absence and saw them, the kittens were clean and she had settled down!

In the photo album below, you can find a lot of information (!) about the kittens in the comment section! Most of the pictures are of them sleeping in different postures! I loved the innocence in their faces, when they were sleeping! Jinju looked so happy and contented when she was sleeping with them.

The photos which are displayed in the album are date wise and you can notice how they were growing up nearly everyday!

Jinju stayed upstairs with her babies for nearly two weeks. Zorro used to visit them mostly in the morning, peep in and come down! One day after having morning's milk, he just ran up. Jinju was not home and my husband went after him. He just waited near the door step and saw what Zorro was doing. Zorro looked inside for a second or so (I had never seen him entering the shelf or touching or licking the kittens on any day) and closed the door with his nose and came down! I had noticed earlier when I went upstairs, Jinju jumping down from the top shelf and the long door on the left, where the kittens stayed always to be closed. Then it dawned on me...the kittens had opened their eyes and started moving here and there and their parents must have been closing the door, so that they did not fall down/out from the shelf!

On 2nd Feb, since the kittens had grown up, I thought it would be safer for them to come downstairs, so that they can start moving here and there. I brought them down when Jinju was with me and kept them in the hall. Jinju was restless but was lying down and feeding them. I was doing something and when I turned to look at them, Jinju, holding her baby in her mouth, was climbing up and went to the previous place! The wardrobe door on the left was closed and she jumped up with her baby, to the top shelf, climbed down to the area, where she was, with her babies earlier! You can see this in the album!

After a few more days, when they started peeping out from the shelf, she allowed me to bring them down. I readied a drawer with some clothes and she settled down happily in our bedroom corner. You can see the rest of the days' activities from the photo album! They were happily playing, hide and seek, 'you catch me, I catch you' etc. throughout the day. The top act was WWF/King Kong Fights. We used to sit beside the box with our morning coffee and watch their fights - along with my husband's commentary! Normally, we are very particular to sleep by 10 p.m., but because of these activities, our sleeping time became 11 p.m.!

Normally, we decide on the names to call them after we knew which one was going to be with us/with his mother. Last time two black kittens were very close with each other and one was always with her mother, most of the time and was a bit weak-looking. So we kept the weaker one at home and handed over the other two to our known persons. One of them was quite healthy and beautiful and my husband was calling him 'Hippo'! He is still called by that name in his new house!

All the three kittens were sleeping together, on top of one another, most of the time. Their favourite places were the phone stands in the bedroom and in the hall! They loved to play with books! They admired the way the pages fluttered when the fan was on! The slow turning blades of the fan also fascinated them. All the three used to watch them with their necks turned up, together! Just for the sake of identification, we were calling the kitten with more white patch in the neck as 'Vellai kazhuththi, which means, White neckwaali and the other one as Brown kazhuththi, means Brown neckwaali (Veekay and Beekay!). Let me tell the story of how we selected the name Goalie later, this post already looks like a long epic story!

The photo here, shows, how close they were while sleeping...

Now, we have got Goalie at home and the other two have gone to a new house. They seem to have blended with the new family members very well. When we had sent off Ammaakkaari's kittens, she was making crying sounds for nearly 2-3 days. Thank god, Jinju is searching for the missing kittens only once in a while, otherwise she seems to be happy feeding Goalie and playing with her. Goalie must be missing her siblings (I think it is a 'she', so I might have written her as 'he' sometimes, in the photo comments!), but now, she is playing with me and her mother.

Long back, our house was called 'Naai veedu', thanks to our dog, Andrew, now, I think I will be called 'Cat Woman'!

By the way, all the three kittens are GIRLS!

Comments are welcome to the photos in the album too!


Saritha said...

Oh sandhya i just loved that album and ur narration.

My kids enjoyed watching it.

Zorro seems to be very romantic and caring.

I remember my daughters used to watch fan and i used to switch in off and on.

Wonderful post and lovely kittens :)

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: I am happy to know that Varu and Pinkuda are enjoying the kittens' photos. Thank you!

BK Chowla, said...

Loved the pictures of the Jinju babies.

R. Ramesh said...

hahah nai veedu 2 poonai veedu...good post as usual ya....tc and thanks 4 yr kind words friend..

Lifeisbetter said...

Great pics. I have a great past with Cats and kittens. You may like to read this.


Shail said...

Kittens are the cutest things in the world!! :D

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! We have been watching the album for the last 1/2 hour and Poohi refuses to let me change the window :)

They are so so adorable! I wish I could lay my hands on them :)

vimmuuu said...

Cant believe you took so many pictures !!! Never felt attracted to cats; but you just made me say 'cute' while watching the album !!! Seriously, good work Sandhya ! :D :D

Kavita Saharia said...

Such a cute cute story,oh Sandhya i am in love with your kittens.I am very impressed by all arrangements you are providing them.That wardrobe corner looks so cosy and comfortable and the sheet looks like an old used cotton clothing ...so clean and soft.Zorro and Jinju are very caring parents.I am glad that the kittens are happily settled in their new homes.
Dogs,cats,birds what next Sandhya...heee,be careful ...you are famous in the world of birds and animals.

BTW i liked the way you named them..i am learning many new words.Keep posting such interesting

Sandhya said...

BK Chowla: Thank you, Chowlaji!

Ramesh: Praanigal veedu! Thank you!

lifeisbetter: Welcome here! Will check it soon!

Shail: Yes, you are right, Shail!

wordsndreamz: Come home with Poohi, anytime! Goalie is waiting to see you, with his mother! They are using the whole house for playing 'catch me if you can', at present! Like you, Jinju is playing very nicely with her daughter!

Anonymous said...

I called my son to read this post with me and we went through the pictures together!

Male cats do care for their babies - Zorro is a responsible dad :) Thanks for sharing - this will be so much information for someone who wants to learn how to look after a cat!
The pictures are absolutely adorable - I know the feeling we have when we see their pink paws and tightly shut eyes, total abandon and tangled legs and tails and heads in kitten slumber... they are such helpless babies.

Sandhya said...

Vimmuuu: Thank you, Vimmuuu! Does Laxmi like kittens/cats?!

Kavita: Thank you, Kavita! When our dog Andrew came to our house as a small pup, my kids were in LKG and II std. Andrew grew up with my children and he too was treated as a child, by everyone. So we need some animal to entertain the whole of our family, all the time. But there is a vast contrast in their behaviour between a dog and a cat!

IHM: Goalie has got black patches in his paws like black socks now! Mother and daughter play all the time and sleep together most of the time. Jinju might be scared that she might lose Goalie also, if she went out, poor thing.

Zorro is a very very soft-natured fellow and seems to be a responsible one, as you said! Thank you, IHM!

Wini said...

LOVE the pics!! Wish I could see them noe. The kittens are so beautiful and happy! :) The first pic is THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

Loved the post and the pics are sooo cute :) The kittens are very cute. But maybe now they will start missing their mother and sisters :( Poor kittens. Looks like their mother was a very loving cat. Liked the way how she took her kittens back to the cupboard :) You love animals right? Dogs and cats especially! I am scared of both of them :(

Unknown said...

Aren't the kittens beautiful!! Their eyes are the prettiest I have ever seen. The first pic is truly amazing!!

radha said...

Your home seems to be fertile ground for birds and kittens!! Love the picture where the 3 of them are sleeping close'

Urmi said...

Kittens are so cute. You have taken lovely shots. Wonderful post. I liked very much.

SG said...

They are soooo cute. I love them.

sharada.econtent said...

good post mami, the photos were superb. i think u can publish a book about all the kittens u had in ur house.. i think it will be very interesting...

Deepa said...

I'm not much of a cat person. But I must say the pictures are adorable. Those kittens look cho chweet! And may I say the cupboard looks pretty comfy too! If I were a cat about to litter, I'm sure I'd be very happy with the digs. :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Choo cute!

Anonymous said...

I always thought cats had a better attitude than dogs! They are more independent.

Destination Infinity

Swaram said...

Bk to reading all that I missed here Sandhya :) Lovely lovely post .. off to see the pics nw :)
I just luv the names u ppl select :) So cute they r :)

Swaram said...

LOL @ Catwoman :P

Sandhya said...

Ashwini: They are cutie pies! We are enjoying them thoroughly!

Evanescentthoughts: One day you will come across some cute kitten or pup and you will change, Ashwini! My husband was scared of cats, he used to run away when he saw our neighbour's cat, a few years back! Now, he is the one who stands in attention to attend to their bidding!

Aishwarya: I too loved the first picture, so that became the first photo of this blog!

Radha: Basically, we love animals, any animals or birds. We are happy to watch their behaviour! We feel happy when we are surrounded by them.

Babli: Thank you Babli!

SG: Thank you SG!

Sharu: That is a very good idea, Sharada! I will think about it!

Deepa: You are welcome here, Deepa!!!

Roshmi Sinha: Thank you, Roshmi!

Destination Infinity: That is why they are easy to bring up at home! No need to take them for walks, no bathing, if we leave them and go out of station for one or two days, they manage by themselves!

Sandhya said...

Swaram: I knew that you would love to see the photos of the kittens!

I am keeping some gaps between cat/kitten posts! If and when we shift to some flat, this will be for our sweet memories! Some more posts are waiting!

Thank you!

Swaram said...

Ya I hv grown in luv with the meow family after reading ur posts ;)
Waiting for more :)
Shifting on the cards?

Sandhya said...

Swaram: This house is difficult to maintain with all the dust and traffic. Might wait for a couple of years more and think about it.

kanagu said...

the kittens are so cute and the photos are wonderful... your descriptions are so good...

you are really taking good care of them...

very lovable post :) :)

I am also planning to have a pet cat in my home... lets see....

Unknown said...

Hey Sandhya!!

So totally lovedddd this post of urs, tho am seeing it late... it's so well written! And the snaps have come out so so good! some close-ups of their sleeping faces, the fur... i loved the goalie sibling hugs the best!

sigh, such adorable creatures!!! And special hugssss to you for providing such a loving home for these lil babies! and to Appa for his lungis!! tee hee!

ROFL @ catwoman!! hahah!

HUGSSSSS! This post and ur pics totally made my day! Am gonna show them to colleagues tomm! :D

Sandhya said...

kanagu: Cats are easy to manage, Kanagu. Only thing is we cannot take care of them in a flat. Last time, I gave a kitten to my brother and while playing, it fell from the window from his first floor flat and died. Ground floor and if no one is there to object, then it will be nice.

Crafty: Yes, I miss them now! Though Golie and her mother are playing all the time, watching all the kittens together was fun! The other two are happy in their adopted homes!

Now, Golie is growing up and has started climbing trees and like I wrote in my previous black kitten post, Golie, like ET and Nero, is making my husband to climb the ladder at midnight also, to bring her down!

But, we enjoy all their tantrums! It is fun and relaxing!

Today, Golie was watching our washing machine (IFB font loading machine) when it was working. She was standing holding on to the machine and watching the clothes rolling...!

I seem to write more on birds and cats, Crafty! Some people in the blogsamaaj might be referring me as 'catwoman'!

Nice to see you here, Crafty. Hugggs to you too! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Your kittens are super cute Sandhya. They look like they belong on the cover of a kiddie book or something! :D Most of all, I love the names you have given them!
I have never kept cats as pets but the pics make me want to:)

Sandhya said...

INDYEAH: I was very busy when they were born. The mother here is Jinju. She was a great mother. But her daughter Goalie was not. If she went out at night she was coming back home in the morning. I was feeding milk to the kittens with ink filler, because they might die of dehydration, twice at night. I was keeping an alarm to wake me up. Husband also was helping! We were one mad couple. Now, nothing is here at home to entertain us. We pet some stray dogs near our gates when we go out for walks. Sometimes feed them. One woman from our complex, feeds them (7 of them) everyday in the afternoon and night. When some people complained about the stray dogs to the blue cross, the van came to pick them up, but the lady gave the driver 2000 rupees to leave them alone and asked them not to come back! She had them vaccinated and neutered too! Great lady! The people who hate them still keep on complaining!

Usha Pisharody said...

Finally here! Just discovered what you had shared while going through some old posts, as usual hunting for something :P

So lovely and cute all of them look! Love the way you narrated their story... the "scandalous" part too :P

Mine are now almost 10 weeks, and I've decided to keep them. However, I'm not sure how traumatized kuttan is going to be, with 4 of them in the house :D Paavam, he's hereded here and there by an anxious Mia, who's still feeding them, even though she's been spayed!

Sandhya said...

USHA PISHARODY: I am so happy to see your comment here!

My vet. had said that they will stop having mother's milk after she is spayed. And the mother used to say 'pusssss' when they came near her. But she was licking them! The milk will reduce slowly and the kittens will have more outside food, I think.

Enjoy them! Yes, paavam Kuttan! Love him!

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