Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Medical Advancements...Feel Happy As Well As Scary


'Spider pill' used for scans'

I was suffering from allergic dry cough for a long time and it was very difficult for me to talk continuously,  even for 2 minutes.  I was taking some treatment, but nothing worked.  One doctor asked me to undergo 'endoscopy' to know how far the allergic ulcers had spread in my throat (later on, some other doctor said that endoscopy for allergic ulcers,  was unnecessary!).  

So, I went through the painful process of endoscopy.  One thick tube (more than 1/2" dia) with a bulb, was inserted through my throat.  I felt like vomiting but the doctor asked me to suppress the feeling and co-operate!    He had applied some lubricant on the outer side of the tube and still,  it was painful.  Somehow, it was over and I was given a clean chit which said that I had minor ulcers in my throat!  I got cured with 2 years of consuming ayurvedic medicine later on and now, my throat is quite alright.

When my son sent this link, which describes the latest advancement in endoscopy,  I felt very happy.  People need not undergo this painful process hereafter and you have to swallow just a small pill.   Everything will be taken care of by the doctors who watch the pill going through every  nook and corner of our stomach and decide to repair the part, which is damaged!

Now, read this article and watch the video:

Scientists in Italy think they may have come up with a new way to scan for cancer of the stomach or colon.

The 'spider pill', which is fitted with a camera, is swallowed by the patient and once within the colon or intestine the legs are opened. Duncan Kennedy reports.

The video is interesting to watch.  The pill after finishing its job, comes out naturally...amazing, really!


Anonymous said...

science !!!

Sandhya said...

Yes, Dhiren...numero uno!

Saritha said...

The word Endoscopy is scary for me,during a endoscopy my dad expired because of the negligency of a junior doctor who was learning to do a endoscopy.

As far as i know endoscopy is done for stomach and intestine,first time hearing for throat.

Anonymous said...

amazed at the medical advancement!Thank you for sharing this,Sandhya.
The spider pill,I'm sure will be a worthy substitute for the painfully invasive machines.

Kavita Saharia said...

Researchers,scientists and doctors all over the world are working day and night to make this things easier for us...hope this makes the diagnostic procedure much more comfortable and accurate.Sandhya ,very thanks for this information.

@VARUNAVI...I am so sorry for your loss... how i wish the jr. Doc was careful.

Swaram said...

Wow! Thatz a gr8 development! Thanks for sharing Sandhya :)

Sorry to note abt ur Dad Sari!

Anonymous said...

Sandhya, there are times when I thank god for this country because of the medical advancements. If you have a good insurance then getting medical treatment here is a relief!

There is a reason why Peanut loves visiting her Pediatrician. :))
As a child, I hated the sight of hospitals and smell too.

Anonymous said...

oh that's nice.. I did not know about this.. Have seen endoscopy.. my mom had once.. it's really painful!!

Smitha said...

wow! I find it amazing - the kind of technological advancement in science and medicine.. As you say - it can be both wonderful as well as scary.

I could not see the video - there is some problem with the flash player on my laptop - so can't see any videos these days :(

Anonymous said...

Sandhya I have been though an endoscopy too! It was uncomfortable and I hope things like this camera - this amazing spider pill comes to be used commonly!! Many of us who delay visiting a doctor to avoid painful tests will probably visit with lesser fears then :)

Anonymous said...

@Hitchwriter - Did you mean to write "first!!" ?
Just a doubt I wanted to clear.

Renu said...

Sandhya, even I had to get this endoscopy done for the same problem..though it wasnt painful at all. But still i would love to know the cure...Do they ask you to avoid many things ?

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: I can imagine your father going through endoscopy. It is difficult to breathe, while inserting the thick tube into your throat. The doctor should explain first about the method they follow and relax us before doing it. We should breath slowly, concentrating on it. The doctor should act with patience. My husband also went through this, but after me. So I was holding his hand and was asking him to breathe. I don't know if it is so tough for everybody or just because of the indifferent doctor, we felt like that.

I feel very sorry to hear about your father, Saritha. This is just irresponsibility.

My Dentist (we know him for the past 20 years!), recommended an ENT doctor, and he had sent us for endoscopy! Later when the dentist came to know about endoscopy, felt very bad and said that it was unnecessary!

Deepu: Yes, if it is successful, then this method is the best.

Kavita: The video is amazing, isn't it, Kavita! I don't know how they get these ideas. Thank god (science!), we need not fear endoscopy hereafter. My sis-in-law always used to say, 'I will die rather than go through endoscopy'

manju said...

Thanks for giving this information, Sandhya- very interesting!

I hope this becomes available here, too.

Sandhya said...

Swaram: I loved your post about the Bangalore Jayadeva and Hyderabad hospitals. I went through an unnecessary 'retina scanning' in a famous hospital, recently! They have got a huge hall with so many scanners and the hall was full of people, waiting for 'retina scanning', which costs Rs. 1800/- and the doctor asked me to come back after 6 weeks to have one more 'repeat scan', without doing anything! She prescribed just 'zinc tablet' for 2 months. I had gone there for some irritation in my upper eye lid! Later on got treated in some other hospital and it was just calcium deposits. They just removed it and gave me some ointment! Finished!

Solilo: When we were small, we used to go to a general physician, whom we called 'family doctor'. He used to give us one pink concoction with 'dosage label', stuck on the bottle. We never went back! He was 'doctor mama' for us! Now, our 'family doctor' for the past 20 years, hasn't got patience, just prescribes antibiotics and if we go back again, he gives more powerful antibiotic again! He was not like this before. Too many patients, must be the reason.

Peanut is a doll...chamaththu paappaa!

evanescentthoughts: I think, this method is still in the experimental stage. If it succeeds, it will be a godsend (science send!), esp. for colon cancer patients.

Smitha: The video is very nice and amazing, Smitha. Nowadays, the inventions are so fast and accurate, sometimes it is scary.

IHM: Isn't the gadget amazing and interesting? It moves just like a spider with 8 legs! Yes, people will feel comfortable to undergo this test, instead of postponing because of the pain and uncomfortableness!

Renu: As far as I know, chronic allergies get cured permanently with ayurvedic medicine. I took it for 2 long years. It is a slow process. They ask us to avoid masala things, oily food, food from fridge (!), etc. As we already know, sit down and eat slowly with full concentration...take bath in the morning before breakfast...etc.etc. I nearly (!) followed the rules and am far far better now.

Swaram said...

OMG! Thatz ridiculous na! No wonder so many of us just hate gng to doctors :(

Sandhya said...

Manju: I hope so too, Manju!

radha said...

Very interesting. Sometimes, you think there cannot be another discovery in a particular field, and then a scientist comes up with something that is even more amazing! And nature, not to get left behind, throws up newer diseases far more difficult to cure.

Sandhya said...

Radha: This angle of your thought is very interesting:

'And nature, not to get left behind, throws up newer diseases far more difficult to cure.'!!!

SG said...

I am sorry you had to go through this painful and unnecessary procedure.

Shail said...


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