Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A First & Hopefully, A Last Experience!


Hot ice cream
My mobile was stolen when I was watching this person making 'Hot ice cream' and eating hot jalebi!

Even now, I am not able to believe how I was careless to lose my 2 month old Mi 5 mobile!

We were in Agra a few weeks back.  After visiting Agra twice in daytime, we were eager to attend the 'Taj Mahotsav', a 10 day festival of Arts & Crafts organised by the U.P. Govt.

It was nearly a very well organised festival.  Many police personnel and volunteers were seen arranging traffic and monitoring the crowd.  Many stalls were inside, from furniture to clothes to food court.  Announcements were going on to be careful about our belongings again and again. Still, my mobile which was in my hand, was stolen and I came to know about it while eating the hot icecream:) I always keep it in my handbag and hold it tight, fearing someone might steal it:) I had got a call from my son earlier and after speaking to him, was still holding it in my hand without keeping it inside, which was a big mistake.  Well...I lost it!

I searched in the shops I had gone earlier, though, I knew I won't find it there...then went and complained at the police chowki which was inside the festival area.  The inspector asked many questions and then asked us to go to the Agra police station and place an FIR.  Since it was late night, we decided to go in the morning.  Anyway, we knew and the inspector also hinted that once we lose our mobile, it is very difficult to get it back.

The police station was situated at just one Km. away from our hotel, which was on the same road of the festival area.  We, I and my son, reached the station by about 9 am.  I could not believe that a police station of the prominent Taj Mahal area looked so bad.  Have a look:

It looked decent from the opposite side!
One sentry was standing behind me, which was the door, with a rifle and spitting paan all the time.
The green grill door is the entrance to a dargah  (Dargah sharif...the name is there if you zoom it!). This dargah is inside the station!  The blue door seen on the right side, is the entrance to the Inspector's room. I felt very sad looking at it.  It was like an old store room with so many stacks of papers.  I think the floor was a mud floor.  It was full of dust and the Inspector was sitting there with a walkie-talkie on which he was getting messages continuously.  He had an assistant with him.

He asked us to give in writing about what happened the previous day.  The writer or someone, had not yet come.  He asked us to note down the mobile no. and then the mobile tracker IMEI number too.  (I had it in my husband's email, so, we noted them down.  Emailed airtel and the mobile company too).  I wrote down my husband's number for contacting me later.  He told us that the thieves just dismantle and sell them off or start using them after a couple of months! Since we had to leave Agra on that day itself, we needed some reference number.  He stamped our FIR paper and wrote down his mobile number, asking us to take down the reference number later.  I called him after a few days and took it.

Well....no sign yet, of the mobile (no, I am not a dreamer to dream of getting it back as it was!) but still, called him a couple of times.  This is the story of my lost mobile.  Now, to the situation at the dilapidated station:

I was sitting on the chair to write my FIR and then had to wait for sometime to meet the inspector.  Son had gone inside.  I was uncomfortable sitting and watching the thieves or somebody inside the grilled room on the right side which was the 'lock-up'. What we had seen in the movies were quite different!
I noticed many condemned motorbikes inside the compound.  Some young policemen were going here and there.  They looked neat though.  But the police station is not liveable.  This is such a prominent area...'The Taj' is in this area.  Many tourists visit this place.  What kind of protection can these people give? Even now I feel sorry for the people in the station.

I had blocked my number and got it back and it is in my old phone now! A new experience for me!



SG said...

I am very sorry about your loss. Did you try contacting your number to see if someone answers?

Sandhya said...

SG: No, it was dead from the next moment I knew about it! Thank you!

Destination Infinity said...

Such a situation could also be taken as an opportunity to buy the latest mobile :) Jokes apart if these thieves are adept at stealing from Indian tourists who are generally careful, imagine how easily they could steal from foreigners. They are spoiling the name of our country and the law enforcement agencies are just watching without doing much.

Destination Infinity

Shail said...

Very sorry to hear about your experience. If you remember some years back my bag was snatched and I lost mobiles, cards, even my glasses, in Mumbai. Glad that you have your new sim now.

Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: After seeing their office, I don't blame the officers. Mud floored office. The sentry is standing near me on the mud floor and spitting paan all over. OK, they are used to spitting but for us, it is yuck. The officer will definitely suffer from wheezing....too much dust. He seemed to be a decent man. Hmmm...waiting for the upgraded Mi phone:)

SHAIL MOHAN: Yes, I remember your experience. Yes, I have the same number now:)

sm said...

sorry to read about your mobile loss
India needs to adopt Police Reforms.

Sandhya said...

sm: Yes, felt very sorry for the policemen!

KParthasarathi said...

I have never heard of retrieving a lost mobile phone unless it had fallen in the hands of a good person. I wonder how the pilferer could have relieved the phone from your tight grip unless you had left it by your side while savouring hot icecream. By the way, what is hot ice cream?
The deplorable condition of the police station in UP came as no surprise.I hope they get a facelift in the new dispensation.

Renu said...

UP has so much that needs to change..feel sorry for your loss.

Sandhya said...

K PARTHASARATHY: I noticed it while holding the plate of snacks in both hands! I had a doubt and checked my handbag because I never hold it in my hand. I vaguely remembered that I had not put it back in my handbag after talking to my son. Hmmm....it is gone with lots of beautiful photographs. It had a very good camera.

They roll cream with fruit pulp in hot thava like you see in the picture! It turns into slices! They are not telling what was in the cream:) It was tasty though....mango flavoured...they use slices of fruits.

I think the police personnel are used to the atmosphere!

RENU: Its gone, Renu with lots of pictures of the tour! Anyway, thank you!

ashok said...

oh just bad luck !

Rama Ananth said...

It is really sad, but what to do, there is no way in which it can be traced. I don't think the police too would put much effort. Yeah when you think of the pictures taken and losing them you really feel very bad.

Zephyr said...

So sorry about your lost phone. I remember losing mine in Kochi. I had kept it in my bag, but the zip was not closed and I guess the thief found it easy to take it. Being blind in one eye is sometimes a handicap too :( Fortunately it was a simple phone - it was back in 2010.

This police station is in a dargah. Other police stations were being used as poll offices by SP during the recent polls. We saw so many articles and pictures! Where would the police have time to do policing when they have to provide security to the politicians?

Onkar said...

Sorry to know about the lost phone, but this is part of life. And yes, police stations in Taj area should be neat and clean.

Jeevan said...

Seems the station itself in need of protection and care, what hope they could give others… sorry for the gadget lose. Once my brother lost his iPhone but he traced out the location and number in use using the IMEI and contacted the police, where he register already and they communicated with the use and got back the mobile. The one who stole had sold it online and someone had bought it for 15,000.

Sandhya said...

ASHOk: Yes!

RAMA ANANTH: Yes, I was very upset about the pictures I lost with the mobile. Now, I am used to the thought!

ZEPHYR: The inspector was very busy as it is and calls were pouring during the few minutes I was there with so many complaints....one asking for protection for some politician! I wonder how they manage..What we see in the movies and in reality is entirely different.

Oh, you too had lost a mobile?:)

ONKAR: Yes, they should be clean with good, efficient officers.

JEEVAN: Your brother is lucky. We had quoted the IMEI number too...but no use. And I knew it while giving complaint itself that I won't get my mobile back:). So, people are there to buy second hand mobiles for Rs. 15,000?!

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