Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A New Era Starts From Now?!

Narendra Modi, Our New Prime Minister

'I am optimistic about my country's future. After that speech, I really didn't have a choice. #MODIfied'

I saw this message by my grand niece who is in her early twenties, first thing in the morning in Face book.  I thought, 'Modi has influenced even youngsters by his sincere speech (Acceptance speech at the Central Hall of our Parliament, click here to read/see the speech pl.) yesterday.  She told me later that she became emotional while hearing his speech.  Later in mid-morning, a friend of mine from Assam called and said that her whole family became emotional while watching Narendra Modi's speech.  Well...we have got a sincere, patriotic Prime Minister, I think, which is really unexpected when our country is facing a dearth of a good leader.  I think now, the whole country is expecting a positive/progressive future for us, via Modiji. Let us hope for the best! We need a leader like him very badly!

I read that the whole world was watching our election process, the world's biggest democracy, conducting its election.  Even the remote hilly areas were covered...the voting machine was carried by donkeys, it seems.  Even small villages with very limited people were covered.  It is really fantastic.  Now, I am quoting from 'Outlook' magazine, some anecdotes about this election with my comments within brackets.   It is interesting.  I would like to record and read it whenever I want to, again! Now, to the 16th Lok Sabha election anecdotes:

I love this many people, esp. women waiting for their turn to vote. peacefully.

1. 551million
Highest voter turnout in any general election so far. EC’s provisional figures put the number of voters who exercised their franchise at 551 million, which is more than the combined population of the entire European Union. (Great! This time, even the 'educated' people came out to vote!)

2. The President, Pranab Mukherjee, did not cast his vote for the sake of neutrality, thus restoring a tradition. Presidents Abdul Kalam and Pratibha Patil, however, had done so.

3. Narendra Modi became the first chief minister in office to also simultaneously launch a prime ministerial campaign (He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the past 12 years!).

4. Modi is the first Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pracharak to make a bid for the prime ministerial office. A.B. Vajpayee was an RSS swayamsevak but not a pracharak. (This made many people,  intellectuals, esp., to think twice before voting for him.  But even the minority community, Muslims, voted for him in large nos. it seems...)

5. It’s the first general election held after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and creation of the 29th state of the Union, Telangana.

6. Gen (rtd) V.K. Singh became the first former army chief to join a party and contest an LS seat. Earlier, Gen Shankar Roychou­dhury was elected to the RS as an independent member from WB.

7. NOTA (None Of The Above) option provided to voters for the first time in a general election (NOTA has become famous in this election.  Even the editor of Outlook, Vinod Mehta punched NOTA, he wrote, later...Quoting from the NDTV link '
While exercising their franchise, country's 59,97,054 voters punched the NOTA button on the electronic voting machines, which equals to 1.1 per cent of the total votes polled during these elections across 543 seats.)

8. The EC also introduced for the first time, Voters’ Slips, with their photographs)

9. The rule disqualifying convicted persons from contesting the election came into force in 2014. (But nearly 1/3 rd of the elected candidates are facing criminal charges, though not convicted,  I read.  But nowadays each and every party has got people like them...chalta hai!)

10. Aam Aadmi Party made its debut, putting up over 400 candidates across the country (though many lost deposits later, this is a warning for the regular tainted politicians!)

11. Use of ‘Pepper’s ghost’ or three-dimensional hologram for simultaneous campaigning was brought in for the first time (Modi became famous for this!)

12. Innovative political funding,  with political parties charging money for attending rallies, selling merchandise and through fund-raising dinners (Modi's Trichy (Tamilnadu) meeting, charged Rs.5 per head for attending the meeting and he had a huge crowd there, which was a surprise.  Here, in Tamilnadu, only dravidian parties got this much crowd, normally!)

13. Digital marketing of political messages became more popular following growth of new media

14. A video channel on voters’ awareness and education launched by the Election Commission on its website and

15. National Electoral Search to provide polling booth information provided on internet mobile, tablet and computers and mobile SMS through app developed by C-DAC launched

16. Booth-wise electoral rolls uploaded in PDF format on the Election Commission’s website

17. BJP’s prime ministerial candidate (Mr. Narendra Modi) addressed over 5,829 events, including 437 public meetings, 1,350 3-D rallies and 4,000 chai pe charcha programmes since September, 2013, setting a record of sorts.

 Well...I and my family were bored of hearing Modi's voice all the time in TV.  Since he was facing large crowds, he was shouting all the time.  Naidu, the Ex. CM of Andra Pradesh said during Modi's 'acceptance speech', that once in AP, Modi started campaigning from 8 in the morning and till noon he didn't eat anything and later on asked for just tea, it seems.  He wanted to finish off all the meetings and then eat, it seems...I think he said that Modi attended nearly 13 meetings that day.  Modi is a committed person.  

But, the Acceptance speech made us all sit glued to the TV.  No adverse comments.  Nobody laughed even when he broke down (check from the highlighted link given in the second paragraph).  Everybody became emotional which had never happened when a politician spoke.  

The definition for a 'politician' had changed yesterday.  

Jai Hind!

P.S.: Modi's picture, Google courtesy.


Destination Infinity said...

Didn't see this speech, should check it out in youtube sometime. I am not sure if such a clear majority is good for a right-wing party. Or any party for that matter. I thought if BJP was dependent on alliance partners (at least to a small extent) there will be some check on the Govt. activities.

I had a lot of regards for Vajpayee. Will have to see how Modi governs to form an opinion.

Destination Infinity

Harish P I said...

The acceptance speech was great. It appeared genuine. Hope he does good things.

KParthasarathi said...

A very informative piece with many new tidbits.
Yes NM displayed humility in victory,graciousness and magnanimity in his speech.Great days are ahead as he put.
He put his heart and soul in his campaign and made an impassioned plea for a change that voters readily complied with.

Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: I was expecting AAP to get more seats, so that they can act as the party. They have got many youngsters who wants to do something fruitful. Is this party going to fade out? Very sad.

I too like Vajpayee. Everybody respected him then and even now. Will Modi deliver? Unless he assures security to all people, we will have problem. All Indians have elected him now. Insecurity will create serious problems. By what we see now, Modi seems to be sincere as of now.

HARISH P I: Yes, it appeared genuine. Hope for the best.

K PARTHASARATHY: Yes, he had worked very very hard to gain this place. He was a 'one man army'. Hope his party seniors remember this. Modi has made everybody like him and vote for him, even in Tamilnadu. Jaya's votes are Modi votes! Everybody here knows that she will join him. BJP hasn't got a good image here. No proper leader.

Let us all hope a change really is going to come. Hope his ministers help him do that.

Rachna said...

Yes, I have liked all the speeches that NaMo and his partymen have been making since the victory. His acceptance speech in Parliament was very touching. Hopes are very high with Modi.

Usha basker said...

Very nice to read ur blog mami.The entire India is moved by his speech and the way he entered the parliament house. We r really proud to have such a patriotic, selfless, committed and humble person like Modi as our Prime Minister in India after a very long time.

Sandhya said...

RACHNA: Yes, hopes and expectations are very high now. I have never come across a more sincere person than him, Rachna.

USHA BASKER: Let us hope we are going to have a better future now. Thank you, Usha Basker.

Bikram said...

chalta hai is good.. but its this chalta hai that has ruined our nation :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed , as other than modi many of the other people are the same who were in the previous govt when Vajpayee was pm..

but this time bjp has won it on its own, so maybe just maybe they can do good for the naiton..

I wrote somewhere else also, out of the 5 years if ONLY IF ONLY this govt works hard for just half the time with true intentions of doing something for the nation.. just 2.5 years .. the nation will go spaces..

but at the moment its all about wait and watch .. although i will also say that MODI is very hindu oriented and that is not good for a diverse nation like ours.

ITs not Modi i fear but the rest of the party.. modi alone cant do much if the party wont support him and we know how the rest of the people are in the party ..

but my best wishes for them all


SG said...

Hope he does the best for India.

Renu said...

he spoke like a true statesman he is..and now his detractors will realise how efficient, hardworking he is..
Now we have got a PM who speaks, take decisions, thinks about people..and cares about all without any far we had this vote politics which skewed the people's opinion about secularism..secularis is...justice for all and apeasement to none..

BK Chowla, said...

New era,new India.
Lets see,finally what comes out at the end of five years.
But,the entire vountry's is charged with emotions and hopes.

Sandhya said...

BIKRAM: Yes, we have to wait and see. I wanted AAP to win more seats and be a good opposition. They will also get experience. But...let us hope for the best. The whole country is waiting in eager anticipation for a better ruler.

SG: Hope for the best, says everybody!

RENU: We can just wait and see if he can keep up his promises.

BK CHOWLA: Young people to old people are looking up at him with hope!

Onkar said...

Nice. Your comments are interesting.

Anonymous said...

After the election results, Narendra Modi has been doing the correct things and saying the correct things. It definitely appears that his head and heart are both in the right place.

We can definitely hope for better days, but as Mr. Modi himself said in his speech at Varanasi, every citizen must contribute.

Sandhya said...

ONKAR: Thank you, Onkar!

PROACTIVEINDIAN.COM: What he says is true...people should not just sit and comment. If everybody participates, our country will be admired by one and all.

Rahul Bhatia said...

A lovely compilation of the statistics related to the recent election that saw rise of Modi, Sandhya!

Jeevan said...

Obviously, no one had ever talked hopeful like Modi! I believe he could provide best governance... I didn't listen to his speech, but his nature of optimistic impresses.

Thanks for sharing facts on the general election and also link to Modi’s speech at central hall.

Rama Ananth said...

At last we have chosen a leader to lead this country with a firm hand.
I liked all modi's speech, and his final one was very good. He speaks from the heart, he never has prepared .
Good lesson for the AAP, but doesn't look like they have learnt anything, he has become worse than the so called tainted leaders.
Thank God he is not the Chief Minister, nor the Prime Minister of our country/ State.

Sandhya said...

RAHUL BHATIA: Thank you, Rahulji!

JEEVAN: He seems to know what he is talking about! Let us see!

RAMA: I liked Modi's acceptance speech. I feel sorry for Kejriwal! He has started making wrong moves.

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