Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Celebrations! 300 posts Mark Crossed, Thanks To All My Friends!


I had crossed the 300 posts mark with the previous 'Wagah Border' post and I didn't notice it, but my son did! That was my favourite post  and I am happy that it became my 300th post!

First I must thank my son, as usual, who pushed me into writing and it has brought out a different Sandhya out of me! Thanks to my old and new blogger friends who comment and encourage me, I seem to be more interested in writing now than before.  The change in writing is drastic from my 'Amarnath post' to the 'Wagah Border' post.

A BIG 'THANK YOU'  to all!

I had promised Ashok who awarded me the 'Versatile blogger' award that I would nominate people for passing on this  award in my 300th post.  But I feel that all my friends seem to be good writers and the list might be too long, though  I know that I was happy to read Ashok's view about my writing!  But I can't prepare a list like you, Ashok! So, I am awarding all my friends this award now:

Thank god, I remembered my promise!  A couple of other awards were also given to me and I have to write posts on them.  I will do them soon!

I am posting some photographs which were taken from our balcony, one early morning,  last week to make this post more interesting.  We, in Chennai, seem to have a short rainy season this year.  The sun was not very bright and it was going in and coming out of clouds and it was interesting to watch it! Some snaps are here:


P.S.: Thanks for the '300' image, Partha Sir!



திண்டுக்கல் தனபாலன் said...


Sandhya said...

THINDUKKAL DHANAPALAN: Welcome! I think you are familiar to me! Thanks for congratulating me...yours is the first comment here!

Vidya said...

Congrats on the milestone Sandhya! Am taking my time visiting a lot of your posts (and places!) through your blog! You are an amazing writer! Keep 'em posts coming!

Sandhya said...

VIDYA: Thank you and welcome here, Vidya!

My posts are looong and you need time and patience to read them!

Thank you!

KParthasarathi said...

Hearty congratulations on reaching 300 milestone.May you reach 500 by next year.
I envy you for the scenery you get from the balcony of your new abode.You need no other diversion than sitting there and watching nature in its varied moods and clicking them for our benefit.

Rama Ananth said...

Beautiful pictures: Congratulations!

Bhagyashree said...

Congrats akka and may u reach many more milestones

Anonymous said...

Wow! Three hundred posts- and all such great ones, too- is an incredible achievement!

Congratulations, Sandhya! Hope to read many more of your so interesting posts in the months & years ahead!

Swaram said...

Congratulations Sandhya :)

Priya Anandakumar said...

Congrats Sandhya on crossing your 300th post, wish you reach many many more milestones with the same zest. Very beautiful clicks and keep posting. Happy blogging and keep rocking dear...

Sandhya said...

K.PARTHASARATHY: 500 by next year? hahaha...!

The scene was looking better here. It was not captured well in my camera (panasonic). Son says it was because of the grey weather. Or I should have taken with the Nikon, which I don't use much!

Thank you, Partha Sir! The encouragement I get from friends like you, pushes me to write more!

RAMA ANANTH: Thank you, Rama!

BHAGYASHREE: Thank you, Bhagya!

MANJU JOGLEKAR: Thank you, Manju! I miss reading your interesting posts! I have learnt a lot from you!

SWARAM: Thank you, Swaram!

PRIYA ANANDAKUMAR: Thank you, Priya! Don't worry...I will make you all to read my looong looog posts often! Thank you!

Sai Charan said...

Dear Sandhyaji, hearty congratulations on reaching the 300 posts mark :) very happy for you :)

Many thanks to your son for encouraging and helping you, we enjoy all your writings - they are both informative and interesting :) Great to hear you enjoy writing more now than before :)

Nice photos of the sun and a serene view from your balcony, you have good greenery around your house :)

You have always supported and encouraged me to write and your blog is one happy place I would always visit to read nice articles :)

Best wishes always,
Take care,
Sai :)

Rachna said...

That's lovely, Sandhya! Heartiest congrats to you! May you continue to write with the same passion! I love interacting with you both via blogs and on FB

Destination Infinity said...

That's super. But your blogging frequency has reduced off late. Good that you've got so much greenery to see outside your window. Most of us are forced to stare at the concrete jungle!

Here's to the next 100 - Make it quick :)

Destination Infinity

Avada Kedavra said...

Congrats for the award and for completing 300 posts! That is an achievement :)
Nice pics.

Toby in India said...

Hello Sandhya, congratulations. 300 fine blogs and I will keep reading yours for way longer. You wriye in a very nice and photogenic way, so that keeps me connected to India, Chennai and you. Hope to see you in Jan/Feb 2014. Regards, Toby

SG said...

Congratulations on your 300th post. Eagerly for the next 3000. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

Wini said...

Great accomplishment maami! So proud of you. :)

vaayadipennu said...

300, blog meet, award and pics.. :) lovely sandhya...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful clicks Sandhya! And heartiest congratulations on the 300th post! May you keep churning out posts after posts and engaging your readers like the way you do :)

Sandhya said...

SAI CHARAN: Thank you Sai! I always love to read your detailed comments! I have learnt a lot from good writers like you, Sai!

RACHNA: Thank you, Rachna! Same here! I like the way you take different subjects to write posts. And they are 'to the point' always, which I have to learn!

DESTINATION INFINITY: Thank you, D.I. Will try to be regular in the future!


TOBY IN INDIA: Thanks a lot, Toby!

Good to know that you are coming here soon! Welcome!

SG: 3000th?!!! Thank you, SG!

ASHWINI: Thank you, Ashwini!

VAAYADIPENNU: Welcome! Thank you, Vaayadipennu!

DEEPSPEAKINGUP: Thank you, Deeps!

S. Susan Deborah said...

Vazhthukal Sandhya. 300 is a wonderful milestone in blogging and I wish you many beautiful milestones in your blogging journey.

Thanks for the lovely pictures that you have shared with us.

Joy always,

Saritha said...

Congrats for completing 300 posts sandhya and wishing you more year of blogging and wonderful post.

BK Chowla, said...

I have always maintained that it is the content which is important .Each of your post has been a story by itself.
Keep it up.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Congratulations Sandhya for achieving this milestone! Wishing you many more years of happy blogging and a string of more awards:)

Zephyr said...

Congrats, Sandhya! You are indeed prolific and give us wonderful posts. Here's to wishing you another 300 and more posts :)

Sandhya said...

SUSAN DEBORAH: Thank you, Susan!

VARUNAVI: Thank you, Saritha!

BK CHOWLA: Thank you, Chowlaji! Your wishes means a lot to me!

RAHUL BHATIA: Thank you, Rahulji!

ZEPHYR: Thank you, Zephyr!

Ramakrishnan said...

Congratulations Sandhya and best wishes. And wishing you many many more milestones to cross. We must have a special celebration when you cross 1000 posts !

Sandhya said...

RAMAKRISHNAN RAMANATHAN: 1000 posts?!!!Will I be around to write thousand posts?! Let me dream!

Thank you, Ramakrishnan!

dokka srinivasu said...

You have an amazing blog covering Incredible India's some of the great temples and also other topics.

Best wishes for you reaching 300th post in your blog.

I hope soon in a year or later you are reaching 1000th post and in between also there will be great topics relating to Indian temples,indian paintings, indian culture etc. i guess.

Best wishes for your career and personal goals.

This is Lamps of India message which i shared in my Heritage of India blog.


Please look into my Lamps of India message and share your inspirational comments.

I hope you like my blog and join as a member to my Heritage of India blog.

radha said...

Congratulations ! Great going.

Sandhya said...

DOKKA SRINIVASU: Welcome to my space, Srinivasu!

Thanks for the appreciation!

I will visit your blog now!

RADHA: Thank you, Radha! Miss your posts! Start writing soon!

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