Sunday, June 9, 2013

I Am Going To Miss These Things...Part II

This will be the last post from my current house...sorry, I have to record my feelings here so that I can read this after some years about this house.  My airtel connection will be disconnected from this house by tomorrow, I think.  The new flat/complex will take time to get the airtel connection, I was told.  I can check my mails/comments from my mobile.

The first part of my rantings about this house is here! I will miss my flowers and garden mainly.  The flat area is full of crotons though I will keep some pots with flowers in my balcony where I get some sunlight.

More jasmine plants have started blooming this year around the house.  My whole house smells of their fragrance.  

I get nearly two trays full of jasmine flowers per day, during season!
Sometimes I make malas/strings out of these flowers and give to the nearby Ganesh temple.  Most of the time it is in our pooja room:

I string the flowers into malas if I had lot of spare time or else they will be placed like this! The whole house smells of jasmine!
 I will be missing the morning time of plucking flowers from around the house.  My cats give me company.  They love to run before me and play together:

Mother and daughter play 'catch me if you can'...around the house!

They sit and wait for me to finish plucking flowers from the terrace! They play and fight!

The buds!
Two types of jasmines are here with multiple petals. 

You have read about the madurai mall in my earlier post (part I) which are planted on the ground around the house.  I water the plants mostly in the evenings.  I try to wash them by spraying water on top of the plants also to remove the dust.  You must be remembering my earlier post about flowers...I have got vrukshi flowers (exora flowers) in many colours.  You can see them in my 'birds and butterflies' post, here.

I will miss the sounds of the small birds, I don't know the exact name of them, in the mornings and daytime too! I was not able to photograph them much.

I see the small birds sucking nectar from these flowers.  They prick the bottom of the flowers and drink unlike some birds who bend into the flower and drink! They make so much sound in the morning which I love!
I have got many pictures of this plant! I tried a lot to capture the small birds, but they are too fast to capture! They might be here too and might not be visible.  They are too tiny!
You can see the tiny bird sitting on the chain link!
I think these birds nested underneath the nithya malli plant.  I watched them teaching flying lesson to their young one, for a couple of days.  Just one baby unlike the bul bul birds who were having two or three babies at a time.  I didn't try to lift the plant to see the nest.  They might not come back again! I see a couple of this type of birds who have chutney green back and a bit plump belly and another couple who have black back, white belly and not so plump...but a bit flat belly! They always roam together...the green couple on one side of the house and the black couple on the other side of the house.  I don't see all the four together on one side at the same time!

A lone bul bul bird was seen until a few months back, now I don't hear its sound anymore, which was lovely to the ears!

My crows will miss me, I am sure!

Our cats gave birth to many kittens in this house...Koyla, Zorro, Jinju, Ammakkaari and Goalie! Koyla's kittens were 'Kari and Vari' means jet black and striped, Ammakkaari's ET, she had huge eyes like ET, the movie character and Nero and many others.  Both ET and Nero, ran away from home...jet black  beautiful kittens.  Naming them was fun!

Well...I think I will not bore you any more about my garden! These posts will be in my memory always.  I hope whoever comes to this house, maintain the plants for the sake of these birds at least.   I am planning to ask my gardener to visit once a week like he does now to do the extra gardening work.  He will come everyday to water the plants until some other people occupy this house.  Let us see what happens.  Hope for the best!

The only things I hate in this house are the road dust and this ditch, near the front gate of my house.  This is actually a storm water drain.  But people leave all sorts of dirty water into this.  This area has come under the corporation of Chennai now and drainage work has started.  Now, we have to clean the septic tanks often, which will not be there in the future.  I am happy that I am going away from this ditch.  On second thoughts, I think I will not post the picture of the ditch.  Let the good pictures of the flowers stay in our minds!



SG said...

Pooja room is very beautiful. Don't worry. You will have more enjoyable experiences in your new home. Good luck.

Swaram said...

I so understand how u might be feeling Sandhya. I recently wrote about how even thinking about moving back to Bengaluru makes me wonder about what will happen to our plants. Hugs and happy moving.

Sandhya said...

SG: Thank you, SG!

That house has got its own plus points but the garden will not be there and that is a flat and this is an individual house. The flat is in a very good locality and I will have friends and I can go out often. Here those were minus points.

This will be my last ranting post about this house, SG! I had written a lot and bored you all!

SWARAM: When we give so much effort and love while growing the plants, we feel bad to leave them and go. I can give the potted plants to my relatives but the Jasmine creepers will be here. Whoever comes next, will have readymade garden! I had two trays full of jasmine a couple of days back!

Thank you and take care!

kanagu said...

Its always a difficult thing to move from one house to another..

I think your home will be in competition for best maintained garden and no. of birds viists n chennai.. Never seen so much flowers and birds.. that too birds are becoming a rarity near my house.. even crows become less..

Its difficult to leave the garden.. :( only a person with true care towards plants can take care of the plants well.. good luck for the croton garden in new home :)

Sandhya said...

KANAGU: Yenna Nakkala...croton garden?!! I always hated crotons. They are useless plants.

Everybody is saying like you said here...whoever comes, they have got a well maintained garden.

I am upset because I am not seeing the bul buls anymore. I used to love their chirpings. You can see/hear that in the blog post about them. A small video is there.

In the new flat, the next compound has got many trees. I might start watching other birds. You will definitely come to know about them!

All the best, Kanagu!

Bhagyashree said...

It is difficult, I know, But then that is life, it is only change which is constant

Smitha said...

Hugs, Sandhya! I can't even begin to understand how you must be feeling. I've been reading your posts, and I know that you would be much better off moving, but it must be so tough.

Leaving your lovely garden, must be so so heart wenching. Hugs! I'm sure you will transform your balconies in your flat into paradise:)

Rama Ananth said...

I am really sorry, I have no words to comfort you, for you have to do what you have decided to do for more better reasons.
I wish you the very best in your new home, and some very interesting blogs from the new house.

Sandhya said...

BHAGYASHREE: I know, Bhagya! Another week and I will be busy in the new flat with birds in that area! I saw a couple of peacocks in the next compound from our balcony!

SMITHA: I am happy to see your comments, Smitha!

I had around 8 roses in pots when I was in Bengaluru. I used to collect goat and elephant wastes (!) when they crossed our road. They were doing it often. I used to go with a small bucket and get them for my roses. People used to says that I speak to them, I was singing to them! I am mad sometimes! They were huge and beautiful!

You must be knowing about growing plants, how happy we become seeing them and watching them!

I have started collecting small plants with flowers already!

RAMA: Thank you, Rama! I might start writing from next week itself!

Rachna said...

Oh I understand how you feel. I love the jasmine flowers. Mine have started blooming recently. Where are you moving to? You can do a lot of gardening in pots too.

Anonymous said...

oh ... all the best on ur move. u will have lots of new stuff to do

may be make friends with new kaakaas

sharada.econtent said...

Ha, ha, mami, all sentiments about your house!I am sure you can find better things near your flat which is facing the Kalakshethra!!! So waiting for your enthusiastic post about your new place!!!

Ashwini said...

Maami, there are several sweet memories in this house! I will miss it for sure. :) Looking forward to making newer, better ones in the new house. :) Good luck.

Destination Infinity said...

Peacocks in the adjacent compound of the new flat??? What are you worrying about, then? :)

Also, there are some interesting things your can try indoors. For example take a look at this -

Destination Infinity

P.N. Subramanian said...

I hope you will make your new home more homely. However, shifting is always painful. Wishing you all the best.

Sandhya said...

RACHNA: Yes, I can grow some plants in the pots but the balcony where sunlight is good is small. The other one is big but sunlight will never come there. I will find something to keep there. Flowering plants need sunlight.

Actually, I am going inside the city now! This area has come into the corporation limits only now. This is our first house and a beautiful one. I am worried about the plants, which might be silly, on second thoughts! Thank you Rachna!

ANONYMUS: I would have been happier if you had commented with your name.

Thank you!

SHARU: It will come very soon, thank you, Sharada!

ASHWINI: Thank you, Ashwini!

DESTINATION INFINITY: Your link looks interesting, D.I. Thank you!

You will read a happy post next week, D.I.!!!

PN SUBRAMANIAN: Thank you, Subramanian Sir!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

You have Great feeling about current house. Beautiful photos that expresses the nice house


Deeps said...

I so understand what you're going through, Sandhya!

I love the smell of jasmine too. And your pooja room is so beautiful! I hope you make wonderful memories in your new home too :)

Take care and be happy :)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your new home Sandhya!! I will miss your birds too - but look forward to reading about your settling down in your new flat... If you have balconies, you might enjoy doing up your those... new plants, new flowers, maybe more birds too...

Anonymous said...

Love the cats in the pics ... our cat plays like this with the dog he thinks is his mother :)
The bird seem to be Tailor bird.

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: Thank you, Krishna!

DEEPS; Thank you, Deeps! We have got a miniature of this pooja room, in the new flat too! I will settle down there easily. It has got its own plus points. Just feel bad to leave my garden.

INDIAN HOMEMAKER; I am so happy to see your comment IHM! Thanks a lot!

We have got one small balcony with lot of sunlight and one big balcony with no Sunlight. Flowering plants need sunlight. I will make the best out of it.

The birds make lot of sounds. They nested somewhere nearby and I see the small ones too! I love their sounds! They are beautiful birds. Another couple comes here and they have black backs and white bellies and their tummy is a bit flat. Slight difference is there in their sounds! It is very difficult to take a shot of them.

The new flat will have peacock as visitors from the nearby Murugan temple, I was told! Another distraction for me and new post material!

Thanks once again, IHM!

Sandhya said...

INDIAN HOMEMAKER; I love your cat Sher Khan and the dogs! Do you think my cats would be happy in the II floor flat? they won't be able to go our easily and other tenants might not like them. I am worried about that. They are born in this house and roam everywhere. They don't stay inside the house all the time. The sleep here in daytime, play and go out at night! Many people say that cats are fond of houses than people!

R. Ramesh said...

touching post indeed yar...on the lighter side, hey after some months u can sing, nyabagam varudhe nyabagam varudhe..

Avada Kedavra said...

Having such a lovely garden, I can understand how you must be feeling about abandoning them and moving to a new place.. But we have to move on in life..nothing can be done about that..

Renu said...

We Indians are alwsy emotional ebout everything, even if we get better things, we miss past..but I think you will enjoy the new place,..

Rahul Bhatia said...

Best wishes and all happiness for the new abode, Sandhya:)

Anu said...

I'm sure you would be missing them. You have a lovely garden, and even lovelier pooja room. Happy house shifting!

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