Friday, May 10, 2013

A Day Of Positive News!

Whenever we open a newspaper, we are used to reading news about murders, accidents, RAPE, burglary etc.  We are so used to it that we just give just a glance to them.  We have become very insensitive to the misery of other people.  We never think that these types of news hurt the affected individuals...for us, they are just 'other people'. As far as nothing hurts us or our relatives or close friends personally, they are just news.  Even the rape of 5-6 year olds have become just 'news' because they have started pouring out every day from some part of our country.  Somehow I felt happy to read this paper of 9th May, '13, with so many positive news!  Thought of celebrating it with you!

BJP loses southern foothold to congress!

I am not a fan of any of our political parties at present.  As I keep on saying all the time, we don't have a good leader, at least a reasonably good leader in any party, at present! 'The defeat of the BJP in the only South Indian State where it had managed to establish a solid presence marks a stunning reversal for a party that has tried hard to grow beyond the Hindi-speaking areas of the country'! I don't think that Congress has won because people think that they are better politicians but because they are fed up with the infighting and corrupt politicians of the BJP!

One lakh Mangroves in Adyar Creek soon!

Chennai, even South Chennai is losing age old trees for broadening roads, building bridges AND for building flats in a dangerously fast pace.  I am happy to know that some area of our city is going to be green in the future!

Nochi Plants along river banks to check mosquito menace!

Until 15 days back, I used to sit here, in front of my laptop with a 'hunter bat' (electronic mosquito hitting bat) while typing posts! Now, the heat is 'affecting them' I think.  They don't bother us...this will last for another month, maximum.   Once the temperature comes down, their battalion will get active! Our Corporation is taking some positive step without using chemicals which will be harmful to us also, to curb mosquito menace!

Click and cultivate - the internet shows the way!

This sounds like a good idea! Internet has occupied in so many areas.  This news might help the farmers to be happy in their business...we might get more food to eat...the speed at which the farmers are moving to the cities because of the difficulties they face because of natural calamities and real estate builders, greedy industrialists, this gives hope for a better future!

She braves grinding hardships, argues, wins case!

The illiterate woman who runs a grinding machine in a small village had the guts to come to Chennai court, argue her case and WIN it too! Read it, you will be happy to know that our Court solves cases in a jiffy, sometimes! I am happy for Maheshwari!

State says 'no' to chewable tobacco!

This might be a good step taken by our AMMA!  I might be wrong, but I feel that I see more of the migrated workers using paan than the local workers.  They chew paan all the time and spit everywhere! I remember once a man spitting on me when I was walking near a bus in Mathura, when I went there on a tour! I am very allergic to paan chewing people, esp. after this incidence!

The science of dosa making!

This news might not help individuals but I admire the way this person, K.Mohan, a final year Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering student from SRM University keeps on inventing innovative machines...he is a recipient of six national awards  and several state awards.  He first started inventing when he was in class started with a herbal mosquito repellent.   He is such a simple looking person with lots of brains and guts! Read the link please.

I am a happy person and a positive person today after reading so many good news in the paper...just hope that everyday will be like this!

Click on the titles of the news to read from the links of the newspaper please!



வை.கோபாலகிருஷ்ணன் said...

Very Nice article. Congrats.

Please visit my blog for a new post whenever time permits..
அன்புடன் கோபு

Rama Ananth said...

Yes lots of good news on a good day too, Sandhya.
Once Again,I wish you Happy Anniversary!
Today, just relax and enjoy the day with your family.

Sandhya said...

VAI. GOPALAKRISHNAN: Thank you, Gopu Sir!

Have already visited your blog!

RAMA: Thank you, Rama!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Well said. I am at Chennai for the whole summer for the first time in my life and there is nothing to do except reading every bit out of the News Papers. Read all those items and was also happy. We need not go to Pichavaram for the Mangroves in future. The Science of Dosa making was a beautiful piece. I loved it more because of a post in my blog some time back on Masala Dosas.

Anu said...

All the news are really nice to read, and re-read too! It's good to see a lot of positive stuff in the newspaper against rape, murder, theft etc. And also shows a sense of responsibility growing amongst our citizens. Last news of engineering guy is amazing.

Usha Pisharody said...

You know how it is, when the bad news that papers are filled with blot out any other kind of news.
So it is a really refreshing experience to see how you've compiled so really positive stuff! Thank you :)
Good is there, if only we do look patiently (more so, these days) for it, isn't it?

Destination Infinity said...

Excellent collection of positive news Maami. You could look at writing such posts more regularly as sometimes we don't have the time to read newspapers and would love to be informed about positive news like this, through blogs :)

Destination Infinity

KParthasarathi said...

Useful tidbits generating optimism.
For a two party system eventually,
a clean BJP should spread in South.The growth of strong regional parties all over the country does not lead to cohesion.

Sandhya said...

PN SUBRAMANIAN: You are in Chennai during the peak summer, Subramanian Sir! But they say it is going to rain here too like Bengaluru in a couple of days!

Yes, the mangrove forest here, in the middle of the city, must be interesting!

Please quote the post on masala dosa. I don't remember if I had read it!

ANU: Very rarely we come across positive news nowadays. I was a bit surprised to read so many on one day! So, wanted to document some!

Yes, the engg.student looks so paavam but is with lot of spirit!

USHA PISHARODY: The negative news are highlighted in headlines in all the papers and in TV news too. Sometimes it upsets us and we get scared of living here and worry about our childrens' future. News like these give some hope, don't they Usha? Thank you, Usha!

DESTINATION INFINITY: I seem to write about people who are different - positively, often, D.I. Thank you!

K PARTHASARATHY: We have to look out for news which makes us happy, first thing in the morning, Partha Sir, though they are very few.

Even in BJP, until now, except Modi, nobody is of substance, I feel. Amma is capable of doing something, but will she? She seems to boast all the time 'the Tamilnadu govt. headed by me' while reciting about the plans for upgrading Tamilnadu. Still, some hope is there in a corner of our mind...something good might happen. She seems to handle the PMK rowdiism well. When will the PMK goons stop hurting poor people in the name of the party/caste?

Renu said...

For a change its good to read these news..though I didnt like congress winning, but I feel it was anti ncumbancy vote..

BK Chowla, said...

Reading your posts is a treat

Sandhya said...

RENU: Even Congress must be knowing it!

BK CHOWLA: Thank you, Chowlaji! I have just collected news!

Rahul Bhatia said...

A nice post with such positivity, Sandhya!

Sai Charan said...

Positivity is contagious :) Anything that is good makes people feel good, thank you so much for sharing these positive news! :) Very nice to know about the improvements! :)

And K.Mohan is a great inspiration to everyone of us, there is a lot to learn from his approach towards making life easier with smart inventions!! :)

Have a nice day, take care :)

Avada Kedavra said...

so many happy news in a single post. Nice to hear about the engineering student who is actually doing something for our country.

Deeps said...

That sure made for a heartening read, Sandhya! So many positive things happening around us, indeed a welcome change from the usual depressing state of affairs..

Malini said...

I totally believe in optimism and I should say I'm thrilled to read this post of yours! Thanks for spreading this positive thinking, it is sure to create a ripple effect.

Have been absconding from the blogosphere for while now owing to hectic schedules, will catch up soon.

Take care!

Sandhya said...

RAHUL BHATIA: Thank you, Rahulji!

SAI CHARAN: I admire people like Mohan...they ignore the negative things in life and happy to do something many inventions! Great personality, I felt!

AVADA KEDAVARA: Yes, his is the best news!

DEEPS: They are from a single day's newspaper! Some days are good days, I think!

MALINI: Thank you, Malini! Take care!

Rachna said...

Those are some nice interesting news to share. I agree about BJP losing and Congress winning not because they were better or were a choice of people.

Sandhya said...

RACHNA: Yes, people wanted to show that they were fed up with BJP's ministers! Now wants to check on Congress Ministers!!!

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