Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kadal... Manirathnam's Movie...


Manirathnam, movie 'Kadal' had been featuring in many magazines before its release.  Very rarely we go to a movie so early after its release.  This movie is playing in a nearby theatre, a good theatre (Old Thyagaraja, now into Sathyam theatres group) and so I went with my relatives, yesterday.

The first scene itself shocked me...I felt as if I was watching an English movie!

Old Tamil Actor Karthik's son, Gautham,  is playing the lead role of Thomas, a prostitute's son, living in a fishermen's hamlet.  The next scene of the fish market is very natural.  Their, fishermen's  slang...you can learn some swear words in Tamil(!) and the expectation of a good movie develops. No, not because of the swear words but because of the natural acting of the fishermen characters! You can see these characters near Thiruvanmiyur beach, which is just a few kilometres from our area!  Then the priest Arvindswamy enters...and the expectations develop still more! Then the story begins.  The story is mainly about the rivalry between Arvindswamy  (Sam, the priest) and his childhood friend, Arjun (Berchmans, the villain).  The character of Thomas  gives a bit different angle to this story.  His rogue-like character changes the routine for some extent.  Then comes the heroine (!) of the film, Beatrice,  which is played by the old Tamil actor Radha's daughter Tulasi.  Because of some childhood trauma she gets upset often and Thomas is trying to help her.  Now, let me not write 'spoilers'!

The best things in the movie is, Arvindsway...his acting is very good. He has come back to acting after 12 years!

Arjun, is a good actor and plays the negative role very well.

Gautham, has done a good job.  He was trained in an acting workshop before the shooting for  this movie it seems, along with Tulasi.

Tulasi, hasn't got much scope for acting...a plump 16 year old girl!

THE AREA I liked the most in this movie is Rajiv Menon's Cinematography! I thought I was watching an English movie.  The climax scene in the sea is THE best.  I can still visualise it today.  Beautiful! Tsunami waves were used in this scene, it seems.

The dialogue by Jeyamohan is good.

A.R. Rahman's music is good.  I loved 3 songs.  Vairamuththu and his son's lyrics are very good. Others, OK!

The weak part is the STORY! Nothing is new there.  No Manirathnam's touch except in a few scenes.

Next weak part is, the fishermen's coloquial language. Though I know Madras Tamil very well, I was not able to follow their language in many parts.  Too fast for us to decipher!  And A.R. Rahman's background music didn't help  us to understand the language...it was a bit loud!

The whole movie is based on Christian Fisher folks.  So, the Christian community has lifted the flag of protest now (link here).  Already the bad precedent of banning 'Vishwaroopam'  because of the Muslim protest, is hovering, though it is cleared now with major cuts! Manirathnam is lucky, the movie is already released. The last scene of the Christian festival is new to me and looked nice.

Now, here are some songs from the movie:

This is a good song sung by Rahman himself.  You can have a taste of the movie here.  I couldn't get the whole song.  Notice the picturization.  Beautiful.

I liked this song first in MTV unplugged prog.  Have a look at the song by the creator Rahman and singer,  Shaktisree (lovely voice). You don't need to know the language.  The song is a background song in the movie, though.  So, we were not able to enjoy it there.  The tune is very good to the ears:

Lyrics by Vairamuththu in this song is good. Rahman's tune is perfect for the mood.

This is one more trailer of the movie:

Well...the verdict is, you can watch this movie once, if you know Tamil very well! Or watch it once for the beautiful climax scene!

Poster courtesy: Google


Anonymous said...

Lets hope they dub it in hindi and release it here.. Rajiv Menon is probably the most superb cinematographer ! :D

Sure seems you enjoyed the movie a lot :D

Sandhya said...

nd60: I thought of welcoming you to my blog, Dhiren! Then checked!

Did you hear the song (MTV unplugged). I know you will enjoy! And the first video too. You can check the photography which is beautiful!

Destination Infinity said...

I didn't like the song first time i listened to it, but i liked it the second time. Some of ARR's songs are like that, I guess.

I have got some negative reviews about this movie, from some friends who are good critics. So, I am not sure if i will see it.

I don't want to watch vishwaroopam also, in spite of people giving it great reviews. But one of my friends (do you remember by best friend autobiography post?) wants to see it ASAP. He is a big Kamal fan. I may go for his sake!

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: Yes, it happens often with Rahman's songs. I didn't like the 'Semmozhiyaam Thamzh mozhiyaam' in the beginning...you said it is good. I started liking it after hearing it some more times! I heard 'nenjukkulle' again and again now!

About Vishwaroopam...the interest is lost now. Too much discussion about this movie and he is removing many portions from the movie. Will it be worth going to the theatre to watch it? I remember about your best friend! Write a review after watching it! We will decide whether to go to the theatre or not! Now, Kamal is going to mint money, hahaha! 'David' is gone and 'Kadal' also hasn't got good review!

This episode of banning a movie is going to be a bad precedent! Now Hindu groups are opposing 'Aadhi Bhagavan'! I think only love stories without mentioning any religion will survive in Tamilnadu now and will spread to other states also!

Rama Ananth said...

Nice review Sandhya, like the videos of the songs too.I think the heroine of the movie has acted in Kho, and I didn't like her at all, she doesn't know how to act.
Maybe she has done better here, under Maniratnam's direction.

Swaram said...

I feel like watching the movie for cinematography and Arvind Swamy :) Thanks for the review Sandhya.

Bhushavali said...

Thanks for the review. Yeah I too liked the cinematography from the trailers.... :)

Sandhya said...

RAMA: I think, Tulasi's elder sister, Kruththika acted in that movie. This is the first movie for her. She also went to the acting workshop alongwith Gautham, it seems. But she hasn't much scope here.Gautham had and he did well.

One more 'gana' type song also is OK. The best song is 'nenjukkulle'!

SWARAM: Yes, both are good reasons for watching the movie! Arvindsamy is shockingly handsome in the fishmarket background! He acts well too! I like his voice also. He has tried his best to speak their native language!

BHUSHAVALI: Welcome here, Bhushavali! Yes, it is good!

sharada.econtent said...

Well written mami, I also liked the cinematography the most and also Gautham Karthik. Shakthisree, is she a new singer?? She has beautiful voice!!!!!!

R. Ramesh said...

good review..i hardly watch films..will have to check..thanks for sharing sandhyaji..sure all well..hi to fmly

Sai Charan said...

You've written the review very nicely Sandhyaji!! :)

Rahman's music is outstanding and yes the MTV unplugged version of Nenjukkulle is soothing, enjoyed it a lot, thanks for sharing it :)

Take care, Cheers, Sai :)

Anu said...

Ha..what coincidence. I have just written about Vishwaroopam and Kadal..not a detailed review, but just a brief one! And I see yours!
I can't agree better with you. The dialogues were difficult to follow through, and yeah..too much of swearing words!

Sandhya said...

SHARU: Yes, Shaktisree seems to be a new singer. I have never heard her name earlier! I will remember just the climax scene in this movie, I think, nothing else!

RAMESH: Thank you Ramesh!

SAI CHARAN: Thank you, Sai! Did you see Vishwaroopam?

ANU: Yes, the dialogues were difficult to follow!

You have seen Vishwaroopam? I will come there and have a look!

Thank you, Anu!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

nice review...


ashok said...

Did u see Vishwaroopam?

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: Thank you, Krishna!

ASHOK: Not yet! Did you?

Wini said...

Despite the terrible reviews for this movie, I loved Kadal maami! Like you said, Tulasi was a disappointment but the cinematography was brilliant. Also like you rightly pointed out the fisherman characters were very authentic. I would watch it again! :)

Sandhya said...

ASHWINI: Yes, the cinematography and Arvind swamy are the attraction for anybody seeing this movie, I think! The story was very very ordinary. Yes, the language was very authentic and so it was difficult for us to follow!

I won't have the patience to watch it again even in TV!

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