Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Fair In Chennai - Sikki Grass Art From Bihar Was Impressive!

Valluvar Kottam, Chennai

We visited Craft Fair 2012 yesterday.  It is at Valluvar Kottam, Nungambakkam, Chennai.  We visit these types of fairs regularly.  Whether we buy things or not, it is interesting to see the different arts and crafts from different parts of our country.  

This time I was impressed by Sikki Grass art (the link is interesting!).  Sikki grass is a type of grass.  It is written there that the grass is 'vettiver'.  But Vettiver in Tamil means a type of root! The artisan, Dhirendra Kumar, from Bihar is making beautiful things out of this grass.  The grass is a sort of herb, he said.  He has got a website here. He supplies to all the Art and Craft outlets here, in Chennai.  He sells at reasonable rates, he says! Have a look at his handiwork:

Dhirendra Kumar's Sikki grass art gallery!

You can see the grass here.

I bought this! Looks beautiful!

I got this picture from his website.

I took photographs of other interesting galleries.  I selected pictures of unusual arts:

The fair is there until 14th Oct. '12.  Make a visit to this place.  It is interesting.



Bikram said...

beautiful pictures and thank you so much for sharing :)

that sikki grass is interesting and so beautiful


Sandhya said...

BIKRAMJIT: Thank you, Bikram!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Very Interesting:)

Deepa said...

Truly the range of art and craft available in India is awesome. I also go to Valluvarkottam for the fairs - although did not go to this one. Is it still on? I love the handlooms on display. Wish I had money to buy all of it!!

ashok said...

really impressive art!

SG said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

Swaram said...

Very nice Sandhya. I luv visiting such fairs too and usually do not miss any of them. Its been really long that I have been to one though bcoz of the knee. So glad I got to virtually visit one through ur post :) Thanks for sharing.

Like u said, it is indeed interesting to know about the very many art forms India houses :)

Destination Infinity said...

The grass art doesn't look like grass. It looks more like wood! Well done. Due to laziness and other work, I was not able to go to this fair. Let me see if its possible to go one of these days. Thanks for letting us know what to expect there. It's good if more people encourage the handicrafts industry.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

RAHUL BHATIA: Yes, the exhibition was interesting. I couldn't visit some of the other stalls. Must go there once more!

DEEPA: Yes, they are beautiful! It is there until 14th Oct., it seems.

ASHOK: Yes, Ashok!

SG: Thank you, SG!

SWARAM: These arts are our treasures!

I thought you are better now! Get well soon. This fair was very good, Swaram.

DESTINATION INFINITY: It is grass. I touched it. It is in the picture. It is easy to bend. Doesn't break. Dhirendra (I wrote his name as Dharmendra first! Old habits!) showed it. Please visit and write about it because I could not visit one third of the stalls. Had to return home early.

Renu said...

Thank you Sandhya for letting me know..I am very fond of going there, this time I didnt know...

Bhagyashree said...

That is so interesting and beautiful.
Miss such crafts here. I mean Indain art. We do get to see Arab Art, Pakistani Art etc but such type of Indian

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

Kavita Saharia said...

Loved sikki grass stuff. We never used to miss such fairs before but now we only plan and mostly miss them.
Enjoyed the tour Sandhya.Thanks.

Ramakrishnan said...

Amazing range of products from various creative artisans. Sikki grass art looks beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

radha said...

Our handicrafts are really so amazing. I particularly liked the sanjhi paper cutting, the gond paintings and bastar art. We indeed have so much of talent and if only they received due recognition and encouragement

sm said...

beautiful pictures of artwork

Roshmi Sinha said...

@Sandhyaji: Thank you for this post Sandhyaji. I too love these art and craft fairs.

Madhubani paintings, Bastar Wrought Iron works, Minakari and coir crafts are lovely. I am the proud owner of a few of these gems! :)

A couple of times artists of Odisha Pata Chitra have showed me how to draw on the palm leaves. They are so enthusiastic and friendly … and there is so much to know and learn from them. Apart from buying some lovely pieces of art and craft, I always come away enriched with priceless knowledge.

Sanji paper cuttings, mural paintings and Sikki grass art – I am yet to see. Hope that opportunity comes soon.

Sandhya said...

RENU: You must have visited by now, Renu!

BHAGYASHREE: Indian art is Indian art, Bhagyashree! So many different varieties of art within our country cannot be found anywhere else.

KAVITA SAHARIA: You will soon restart visiting these places, Kavita!

R.RAMAKRISHNAN: Thank you, Ramakrishnan Sir!

RADHA: And if the middlemen didn't swindle the money from these artefacts, these arts will thrive well.

SM: Yes, SM!

ROSHMI SINHA: You have some of these? Great, Roshmi! I noticed many of them sitting and making them there itself. It was interesting to watch them.

One of the artisan said that their next show is in Bengaluru!

Roshmi Sinha said...

Yes, Sandhyaji. I have a small collection of these … and more. We must know our art, crafts and heritage … and there is no better way to learn about them, than from the artisans and craftsmen themselves!!

I have some pieces of Bastar art: made of dried vegetable shells; Bengal’s famous Pata paintings and brass figures made via the lost-wax process (Dokra); horn products, Shantiniketan’s famous leather work; Odisha’s famous Pata Chitras and acrylic works; bamboo-crafts from the North-East, Manipur’s famous black pottery. Terracota, Filigiri and Minakari works … and so on and so forth. I try and visit these melas whenever I can … and never leave without buying something or the other :)

And I love to interact with the craftsmen. There is so much to know and it’s really fascinating.

Next is in Bangalore?!! Great!!!

… And I am very happy to know that you too are an admirer of our art and crafts. :)

PS: I have written some posts on them too. Do read if you can. Here are the links:




Sandhya said...

ROSHMI SINHA: I like all these artefacts and try to know about the craftsmen, how they do it etc. Your collection is interesting!

Will check the links you have given, Roshmi, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful collection..I recently visited a similar arts and crafts mela here in Bangalore at Chitrakala Parishath. There was a live section of artisans at work which was interesting.

dsdsds said...

I wanted to go to this fair very badly.. i wanted some good paintings for the new apartment.. but couldnt make it.. I went to the golu exhibition at Poombuhar.. and bought a few dolls too.. it was a very good collection.. except there wasnt much terracotta and I want a tulasi maddam very badly and urgently.. any idea where I can get one?? nice photos

Wini said...

Beautiful pictures Maami! I heard so much about the Sikki grass work from Amma. Looks like you had a nice time.

Sandhya said...

ASHASURESH: Welcome to my blog, Asha!

Here, artisans were showing how they do their work too. Thank you!

HEMA: The fair was very good, Hema!

We bought some dolls for my niece from Mylapore tank shops. I bought my Tulasi maadam (concrete) from a vessel shop near Mylapore tank. I have seen terracotta ones in some exhibition and on ECR!

ASHWINI: Yes, we enjoyed visiting this fair, Ashwini! Missed you!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

good photos of fair...

thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

till the time i was there in Chennai .. these things weren't happening but good to see from your post that such interesting events are on the rise !

R. Ramesh said...

beautifulngo...eppadi photos ellam ivvalavu nalla eduthingo!! congrats ji...

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: Thank you, Krishna!

RAMESH: Thank you, Ramesh!

RAHUL AGGARWAL: These types of fairs are common now, Rahul! This one was exlusive, I felt!

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