Saturday, June 23, 2012

Doordarshan again...But From Another Angle!

I had done a series on Doordarshan, sometime back here.  Many people liked it.  I came across this video yesterday.  It is interesting.   It is a collection of old advertisements.  Have a look:

First, you see the old Doordarshan logo, which brings a smile on our face!  Old and leisurely days!  The whole family would sit in front of the TV and watch programmes, discussing about the story together.

The first advertisement is about Nataraj pencils.  I have used them and then my sons too!

Next is about Vicks tablets.  'Gale me kich kich' became famous.  Young Jayanth Kripalani looks nice! I like the young girl too!

Then comes the 'intelligent' lady, Lalithaji! We used to say, 'she thinks of herself as Lalithaji' if somebody said they knew everything! 'Surf ki khareedari me hi samjhdaari hai'...Lalithaji would touch her dimaag (brain/head) and utter this sentence!

'Goldspot Zing thing' was also famous in those days.  Then came Fanta....all those are gone!

'Surf Ultra'...'dhoodte rehe jawoge' became famous!

'Utterly butterly delicious' ....Amul is still going strong!

Then comes 'Lijjath paapad'.  I don't see any advertisement now...but it is still famous.

The famous Vivian Richards' hip dance in 'Vimal' advertisement.  I don't see much 'Vimal' nowadays!

Even now, I love 'Limca'! Very very young Salman Khan can be seen here!

'Buland Bharath ki Buland tasveer...hamara Bajaj'...We had a Bajaj at home for many years!

All advertisements of Fevicol were interesting...!

'Cadburry's dairy milk' all ages, we have a child inside us...the ad shows this...very interesting!

'I love you Rasna'...I remember not buying this often because it didn't have real fruit! But the ad was famous!

Liril soap...I think everybody admired the bikini clad girl! She was a happy girl... I read somewhere that she died very young.

'Washing powder Nirma', even now I am singing alongwith the ad.  The tune is so catchy! Sangeetha Bijlani (current wife of Azharuddin) became a familiar face!

Any of you remember 'The Didi show'?  It might be boring to watch now, but it was famous in those days!

Sorry, the video is not clear, but the happy memories are! Do you remember any old ad?


Anonymous said...

and the old Palmolive shaving cream ad... with Kapil saying... Palmolive da jawab nahi !!!!! lol I can never forget these days.... back then my favourite used to be... ECE bulb ad... ! If you remember... I still sing that ad's jingle... its stayed with me for almost 30 years !!!!

Kavita Saharia said...

Delightful!Thinking Lalita jee put a smile on my face. I used to wait for Bajaj Light ad ,the one with the jingle-jab main chota bacha tha .badi shararat karta tha.And Halo shampoo ad with then famous model Kitu Gidwani ,aye haseen halo girl.
Loved this post Sandhya:)

Ugich Konitari said...

Remember "Whats the good word ?" our very original first came show by Sabira merchant ?

Actually, I even remember the days when there were no commercials.....!

Shail said...

That was one nostalgic trip. I remember each and every one of them too :)

Renu said...

Nice trip down he memory lane..

Anonymous said...

Lovely memories, Sandhya! Lalita ji was one of my favourites!

My kids used to enjoy the Lijjat papad ads. I think there was a rabbit nodding his head while eating giant papads! :)

Sandhya said...

HITCHWRITER: Yes, Kapil da jawab nahin...I remember! He was the hero of everyone in those days. What was that? ECE Bulb, ECE tube, right?!

KAVITA: Lalithaji has got an intelligent face which was apt for the ad. Yes, I remember Kitu Gidwani. Do you remember her 'Hostess' serial? I remember the 'chota bachcha tha' too, Kavita.

Thank you.

UGICH KONITARI: Yes, I remember 'what's the good word', 'Contact' etc. The whole family used to participate.

They were happy days without the loud serials like now.

SHAIL MOHAN: Yes, we will always remember them.

Renu: Yes, Renu.

MANJU JOGLEKAR: Lalithaji was everybody's favourite in those days. Yes, Lijjat paapad had big eyed rabbits eating giant paapads!

Destination Infinity said...

I did forget many of the ads, but your post reminded them for me. The washing powder nirma song was too good. I remember it very well. I remember the boost is the secret of my energy, our energy too... :) That's because my mother used to force me to drink that boost which I hated! Good to remember these ads.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

DESTINATION INFINITY: Do you remember young and beautiful Sonali Bendre in Nirma ad?! She was very beautiful.

Here, I was forcing my sons to have Bournvita because I was collecting the yellow lid bottles for my kitchen! I have them even now!

ashok said...

very nostalgic!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Very nostalgic. I loved this collection too. Those days different when every one in the family enjkoyed the same thing and could talk about.

Anonymous said...

U took me down memory lane. I remember didi too thou I was very small then and often used to wonder what the others were laughing about. :) Nowadays many ads are beyond my comprehension, mebbe I have become a muddle-head.

Bikram said...

he he he yessssssssss :) I rememeber the surf and the lijjad papad

memories nostalgia , thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

It was ece bulb aur ece tube... and sorry I mixed it with bajaj... it had that jingle..

ab main bilkul budha hoon,
goli khake jeeta hoon...

phir bhi roshan karta bajaj ! :P

Vetirmagal said...

Lovely reminder of what simple ads were. Now a days, one can't even follow them:-)

Anonymous said...

I had subscribed to your blog some time back, but this was the first post I got in my mail.

You are a marakkada manni indeed! I had just done a post on jingles a few weeks ago -- radio and B/W TV ads. Only Lalitaji was not a favourite with me at all. Would love your comments.

Sandhya said...

ASHOK: Yes, it is!

PN SUBRAMANIAN: That was the main attraction of DD which we miss today.

BB SEARCHINGSELF: Welcome to my blog, BBsearchingself. We enjoyed everything together which is missing today. Thank you.

BKRAMJIT: Yes, Bikram! Nostalgic post!

HITCHWRITER: Yes, the Bajaj song also was catchy!

VETRIMAGAL: Welcome to my blog, Vetrimagal! Very true, Vetrimagal.

CYBERNAG.IN: Welcome to my blog, Lalithaji's character was very famous. Will have a look over there, thank you!

Anonymous said...

interesting info...


Rahul Bhatia said...

Very True, Happy memories of those nice days, Sandhya:) The girl of Liril ad was Karen Lunell who died early:(

R. Ramesh said...

late here but with latest comment: awesome post yar...hmm those unforgettable days..why is past always so beautiful..

Ruprekha said...

What a lovely and sweet post! Yes times do change but memories linger on .....

Anu said...

Simply brought back my childhood days Sandhya! My fav was "doonthe reh jaoge". And the tamil advert for Woodwords gripe water!

radha said...

The ads were quaint and yet memorable. Nice collection.

Sandhya said...

KRISHNA: Thank you, Krishna!

RAHUL BHATIA: I remember reading about the Liril girl, Bhatiaji. She was an instant famous girl.

R.RAMESH: Because we tend to forget negative things of the past.

RUPREKHA: Yes, Ruprekha!

VAISH: Yes, Woodwards gripe water ad was superb. Yenga amma yenakku aduthaan koduththa....three generations saying this sentence!

RADHA: Thank you, Radha!

Prasoon Khare said...

Hamara bajaj- wow what an advertisement. I still love it!..

One more- Sachin Ala rey bhaia, Sachin ala rey ( I forgot the name of advertisement)

Boost is the secret of my energy, our energy ( Sachin and Kapil)

Good old memories!!

Nostalgia all over again :)

Usha Pisharody said...

Do you remember the ad for "Thrill" a soft drink? Have been unable to find it afterwards!
Loved the nostalgia this carries!

Sandhya said...

PRASOON: Yes, I remember children with Sachin mask singing aalaare aalaa. I too don't remember the ad. Yes, we get nostalgic when we go back to remember old things. Thanks.

USHA PISHARODY: I vaguely remember the Thrill ad. Thank you, Usha!

P.N. Subramanian said...

Manni! What is next.

Swaram said...

Classic Sandhya. Thanks for sharing. Off to see it again :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow! Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Someday when I do a post on the good old days of DD … I will mine this for sure, with your permission of course! :)

PS: But do you have any idea when ‘Ek Tha Rusty’ is telecast these days - on DD?? It’s a series on stories penned by the great Ruskin Bond.

Sandhya said...

P.N. SUBRAMANIAN: I have become a slow coach now! Thanks for enquiring, Subramanian Sir!

SWARAM: Thank you Swaram!

ROSHMI SINHA: Please do the series. You will do a better job. Waiting to read!

I never knew about Ruskin Bond stories being telecast. If you come to know, will you tell me, Roshmi?

Roshmi Sinha said...

You write very well Sandhyaji and I enjoy your posts :)

Will try to find out if the Rusty series is being telecast already and let you know. BTW, would you like to write to Ruskin Bond??

PS: I have begun a series on my blog re: our customs, culture, race, mythology, epic, etc. Would appreciate your thoughts :)

Sandhya said...

ROSHMI SINHA: Thank you, Roshmi! I have my limitations, I know. I am happy to know that you like my writings. Thanks once again.

Let me read your post, Roshmi.

Shail said...

You really bring the past alive with your posts Sandhya. And you also put a smile on the face of your readers! :)
My elder son used to say 'I love you Rasna' in just the same way as the ad :)

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