Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A.R. Rahman, the simple person who is turning into a legend in front of our eyes!

I was looking for a song in 'you tube' and came across this video of A.R. Rahman! This song is one of my favourite song. Earlier it was available only in audio cd's, because this song was used at the end of the movie, 'Kannaththil Muththamittaal', a Mani Rathnam's film, while showing the credits. When I heard it in the radio for the first time, I liked it immediately. I had heard Rahman mentioning about this song as his favourite in many interviews. Now, he himself has acted in the video, which is very interesting, but if you watch him singing this song in Simi's programme, you will like it more! He did this video for a social cause 'Poetic Social Mission - Moving stars and Earth for Water'. Have anyone seen the Hindi version of this movie, 'A Peck on the Cheek'? Is there a Hindi version of this song?

This song is about world peace. I wonder if any translation is available? I couldn't get it. This is a very meaningful song.

The song is here:

I have been familiar with this boy from the 'Garden' advt. days. He did the ad. song for Garden sarees and everyone started enquiring about this boy...then Mani Rathnam introduced him to the music world through 'Roja'. Rest is history in a BIG way. Still, he is the same simple person. Why is he still like that, how the fame has not gone into his head, you can understand from this interview he gave to Simi Garewal, a few years back.

Simi Garewal is a person who makes her subject feel free and open up. You can see from her face how much she admires him, which has made Rahman to open up here. He was never been seen talking like this before or after.

I love his 'he he' small laughs, which has become very familiar, whenever he talks to the camera! I had tears in my eyes in many places, while watching this interview, with Simi. The pain is visible in his voice when he narrates his family background, which has helped him later in becoming a peace-loving, honest man, even after spending so much time in the film world. The vedeos are in 8 parts and can be seen in 'you tube' and know more about Rahman.

In this video, he dedicates 'Maa tujhe salaam' to his mother....then my favourite song, 'Vellai pookkal'... concluding with 'Jana gana mana'...

You can know from this interview, why he is so passionate while doing music for patriotic songs. He is a true Indian and becoming a legend in his own way... he always says, 'Yellaap pugazhum yiraivanukke' (all fame goes to the God)... can we see a more simpler person?

Long live, A.R.Rahman!

Edited to add on 25th Aug.'10: This is the video of KM Music Conservatory of AR Rahman, which is very very interesting. This is going to become a Music University, where all types of instrumental and vocal music is taught by trained teachers. Scholarships also will be given to the deserving students. Have a look, you will admire A.R. Rahman still more!


vimmuuu said...

Oh, he is the best Sandhya. No two thoughts on that. and its not about his music alone ! He is a terrific person, so humble and down to earth.

and its not just in media. I did meet him in person and had been with him for about 30 mins. He is exactly how we see him on screen. Sad that I couldnt tell him anything about my dreams :( check it out here :


This song is one of my fav too, again, so underrated !!! I have a version of that song in my Vmphony; have you listened to it yet ? :D

Had seen that episodes long ago when it released. Thanks for sharing it, I so wanna see them again ! :D

Sandhya said...

Vimmuuu: I have heard you singing 'vellaippookal' and you have sung it quite well. I remember commenting on it, too!

Yes, he is the simplest person, I have ever seen.

It was nice to read your 'when I met god' post. Hmmm...lucky fellow!

I would have liked to include the lyrics of the song. It is too good, Vairamuththu's!

Did it come in Hindi?

By the way, I met Vaali, the lyricist who was commemorated yesterday at Tricy. I was returning from Trichy and met him at lunch. But just said 'namaste'...too crowded. He is a very knowledgeable person.

vimmuuu said...

Nope, it didnt come in Hindi ! I hope he recreates it in some other movie. That movie will not work if remade in Hindi, for sure.

I heard Vaali is a very humorous person. I mean, my colleague who had a chance of speaking to him said so. Lucky you too ! He is one of the best poets we have !

Bikram said...

YEah A few of my friends know Rahman personally and indeed he is the same way , very down the earth So i have heard, I have never been able to meet him. But it is in my wish list that next time when i am in india in mumbai i have to meet him if he is there along with a few more people ...

Thanks for putting this post and telling so much about him, I am not watching the Video of the interview :)

Saritha said...

I love all his creations and the best i like all roja songs that too paruvam vanaga

Heard about his down to earth attitude,that makes him a legend.

One thing i am not able to digest his fees for composing a song for commonwealth games,he asked for 15 crores but came down to 5.5 crores.I feel its a national event and he can afford to compose the song for free.

radha said...

He is a great composer. And what is nice is that he takes folk tunes and modifies them which makes it very Indian.

Sandhya said...

vimmuuu: If made in Hindi, it will reach more people, I feel.

Yes, the story of this movie is based on LTTE struggle. It will not work in Hindi belt.

Yes, Vaali is a great poet of our time, Vairamuththu comes next to him, don't you think so?

Bikram: Why don't you want to watch the video? We can learn a lot from his experiences. First thing, to be positive in life.

Varunavi: Click his name in the post. Wikipedia says he does lot of charity too.

I have not heard about the 15 crore fees. CWG is stinking...

Radha: Yes, Radha! Did you watch the video?

Saritha said...

I heard of his charity,he doesn't take fees from poor students who attend his music institute.

I agree CWG is stinking and it is not required to spend so much money on just opening ceremony,god knows how much money goes to fill the pockets of the officials un-officially.

R. Ramesh said...

in one word he is a genius ya..and u have presented the post so well..

Deepa said...

I remember the songs of Roja transported me to another world!! Even the songs of Pudhiyamugam are superb. I love the song 'Azaghu'. His songs somehow grow on you. One may not connect with them immediately. But over time, you learn to appreciate the nuances. I love his interludes. He uses flute a lot have you noticed? But I did not care for the songs of Raavan.

And yes, he comes across as a self effacing and humble person. Maybe music does make us better human beings?

Kavita Saharia said...

I remember my brother who was studying medicine in Devengiri got me a tape of the songs from Tamil movie ROJA(the movie was not dubbed in Hindi then)...i was speechless,especially the song 'chinna chinna asai'was just too good.All the time he would talk about A.R.R.
In no time the whole India was talking about him and now the whole world knows him.He made India proud worldwide.

Kavita Saharia said...

One request Sandhya...my sidebar shows that this post is three days old(i think you started writing this post 2 days back).Looking at the comments i think that the post was published today-- please edit the date before publishing your post ,so that we know it as soon as you publish it.A backdate keeps the post way down in sidebars.And i don't want to miss your new post because of this.
hope you don't mind.

kanagu said...

More than his music I love Rahman as a person.. he is such down-to-earth even after becoming the No.1 music composer in India..

With his humbleness he was able to work with artists from different cultures and worlds and bring out the best...

Have you seen the recent Endhiran Audio release??? In that Rajini said that 'Yogi won't be wearing only kaavi dress.. they may be wearing coat suits also' like Rahman :)

Sandhya said...

varunavi: The way our Govt. is spending on CWG is vulgar...so lots of rumours will be there on all sides, Saritha.

I have added a clipping of ARR's music school now!

Sandhya said...

R.Ramesh: Yes, he is great, thank you!

Deepa: Yes, I have noticed the flute being given prominence in his music. Ilayaraja also fancies flute.

Roja songs are world famous and I love Pudhiya mugam songs too...every song in that movie is a gem.

Yes, we need a bit of time longer for appreciating his music. I didn't like the movie or the music of Raavan, except one song, which I don't remember now!

I have noticed that people connected with music, don't look their age, even if they are in their 60's or 70's, have you noticed, Deepa?

Kavita: Yes, language is no bar for music, if it is melodious, Kavita. I have seen Hindi music directors appreciating Rahman and mentioning his songs with Tamil words too! In Saregama megha final, the legendary music director Naushad praised him a lot.

Kavita: Yes, it had happened earlier and my son had asked me to check it, but I had forgotten. Thank you for reminding about it.

Kanagu: Yes, Rahman is like a yogi! He never gets angry or upset, I have heard.

I saw Enthiran audio release. Rahman is not so shy like he was earlier. He is very confident while giving the speech. Have a look at his school clip, which I have added now. You watch how he speaks in the end.

Anonymous said...

Sandhya, I love A R Rehman's music! I have only heard his songs in Hindi though.

I also like the way he comes across as a down-to-earth person without any 'starry' airs in his interviews!

Shail said...

He is a great composer and musician Sandhya. Wonderful post on AR Rahman

RGB said...

A legend he is, undoubtedly. And despite the fame and glory, he has his feet rooted firmly on the ground. I guess that is why he is a star we all look up to and admire!

Bikram said...

oooops sorry sorry TYPO that was it shud be NOW... not NOT... :) i did watch it thats what i said that NOW i am going to watch the video :)

typos change the whole context he hehehe

Sandhya said...

Manju: He had gone through a lot in his young age. That has made him a down to earth person, I think. He will be like that even after 10 years, I think.

Shail: Thank you, Shail.

RGB: You said it right, RGB! There is a lot to learn from him.

Bikram: Hahaha, how a single alphabet has changed the whole meaning!

Swaram said...

Tumbida koda tulakolla antara haage A.R Rahman alva :) The others have said everything else.

Sari: I did nt know abt the CWG thing. But eh, even the concert in Hyderabad - all the collections went towards charity :)

Chandrika Shubham said...

Everyone is a big fan of A R Rahman.

I also liked the little thief. It is so cute.

Sandhya said...

Swaram: Houdu, tumbida koda tulukodilla! Did you watch the video of his music school. It sounds great.

He gives a lot for charities, everyone says. Harris Jayaraj is asking for 2 crores for composing music '3 idiots' in Tamil...Shankar who is going to direct, is insisting on his music!

Chandrika Shubham: Yes, Chandrika!

Wini said...

I LOVE Vellai Pookal! Only Rahman's songs can evoke emotions like that in people, in this generation!

He is an awesome person. During his Sydney concert, while singing the Sufi song "Maula Maula", he sat on the floor with a cloth tied around his head, as a mark of respect and THEN sang the song. Oh my God! What a gesture!

Sandhya said...

Ashwini: Yes, Ashwini...not only your generation, ours too!

Let me check the Sydney concert! He is a very religious person too.

I feel the 'vellai pookkal' video could have been better, looks like modern art! I would have loved it videoed with flowers and greenery and something in the line of 'heal the world' too! What do you say?

vimmuuu said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the link on KM conservatory ! I envy those students sandhya ! Music was never taken this seriously when I was doing my degrees and thats just 10 years back. How I wish I could be a part of all this :(

This is a wonderful initiative by ARR. Its his way of paying his guru dakshina to music ! He is now planning to expand the conservatory and is right now asking CM for permission. I hope it gets through !

Sandhya said...

vimmuuu: Yes, he is looking for a place to build a huge complex for his school. And everything is happening in Chennai...he never forgets his roots, which is the best nature in him. Karunanidhi will help him.

Yes, this is a sort of Guru Dakshina for music...you said it right, Vimmuuu!

My son says, people like me too go there and learn music...general public can also use this facility, it seems...let me dream...or maybe in my next birth!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome tribute to the one and only Rahman!!! his humility is overwhelming, isn't it? And this particular line ... 'yellaap pugazhum yiraivanukke'... wow!! Simply wow!

R. Ramesh said...

sandhya nanri ya..actually that place near pune-dhond has always been crime prone- for years..yet nothing is done..police, thirudan, ellam oru groupa seiyarango...but life goes on..am comforted that daughter has not been harmed..so thanking god...:)

Renu said...

his humility is so endearing !!i saw peck on the cheek..either in Hindi or english I dont remember..its that movie with madhavan?

Wini said...

@Maami: Yes of course! The picturisation could have been better!

And in your generation, I genuinely feel there were better composers! :) Don't know their names but as you know I am a big fan of "vintage music" !

The difficulties involved in recording a song those days must have been great, what with the primitive recording technology they must have had. Talent ruled. What I DON'T like abt the post-oscar Rahman is that his music is too synthetic these days. Too electronic. But there is no denying the fact that people have always had and will always have a soft corner for this brilliant young composer! :) Jai ho!

Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with what Vimmu has said..ARR is the best, no two ways about it. His music, the way he conducts himself, his down-to-earth nature, everything is so endearing about him, isnt it??

I love the songs he made for Kannathil muthamittal...the one you've shared here is truly magical. The movie itself is so hardhitting,its a cult movie.

A wonderful tribute to the musical genius, Sandhya :)

Sandhya said...

writerzblock: Yes, he said this when he was holding his 2 oscars in his hand!

Renu: Yes, Madhavan and Simran acted in the movie.

Ashwini: M.S. Vishwanathan & Ramammurthy, K.V. Mahadevan and many many more good music directors were there. They were taking too many rehearsals and then record. Now, there are many options to adjust the voice, orchestra everything. Some directors like Ismail Durbar still produce soothing music. Rahman also has given many melodious songs alongwith with the songs in which rhythm was given importance.

Even I don't like keyboard sound that much, Ashwini. And the jhing jhing rhythm sound, which is very very irritating to the ears.

Rahman has produced better songs than 'Jai ho' song!

Deepu: Yes, he is a great musician, after Ilayaraja...I am not comparing, but he came after Raja!

Kannaththil muththamittal was an emotional movie. The same director produced the crap, 'Raavanan', which is unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

I know it is unbelievable..I'm glad I didnt watch Raavanan after reading some horrific reviews of it. But I heard the tamil version was recieved better than the the hindi one. Is it so?? Or is the movie as bad?

Sandhya said...

Deepu: I didn't see any 'touch' of Manirathnam in 'Raavanan'. I reviewed it too...!http://maradhimanni.blogspot.com/search/label/Raavana

Going to a theatre for watching a movie , is not an easy thing, for us...still we did and our mood was off after watching it!

Saritha said...

Saw ur new post in the reader and now i don't find the latest post here :(

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: Uph, it was a mistake! I must have clicked 'publish' before editing...I will do it by tonight!

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