Friday, December 4, 2009

My Dream Of Riding A Two Wheeler...

My family (mother's side) never had any vehicle at home, in those days.  We used to travel by bus, mostly or walk!  We never felt it as a drawback because having a two wheeler was a luxury in middle class families in those days...the result was, everybody looked thin!  We used to calculate distance as '2 bus stop distance or 3 bus stop distance'! My school was at 3 bus stop distance! Even now, I use this calculation!  Bus fare was 15p for 4 bus stop distance! 

After I got married, my husband said that his dream was to ride a motorcycle!  So he bought a second hand Rajdoot motorcycle.  For the first time in my life, I rode on a motorcycle with my husband!  Later on, he bought a Bullet motorcycle, which was my favourite!  We used to go to Bangalore from Hosur (40 Km.) with my two kids comfortably by that bike, often.
Then we shifted to Chennai and then built a house in the outskirts.  Everyone said that if I had my own two wheeler, it would be easier to come to the city.  My sons had bicycles and husband had a car at that time.  So I and my sis-in-law, who is a working lady and didn't know to use any vehicle, decided to learn to ride a two wheeler!  We did not know even cycling! 
Then we came across the advertisement which said that they taught two wheeler riding to women of any age (both of us were in our mid 40's!) and no need to know cycling! The training period was 2 weeks and we could have a 'learner's licence' too, in the end!  We paid Rs.500 per person.  The training started!
First, the lady taught us how to use the front brake, accelerator etc.  Then I sat on the seat of a two wheeler (moped 'luna') for the first time!  She taught us to ride inside the campus of a polytechnic college where very minimum people could be seen (you know why!!).  
The first step was 'duck walk' - we had to walk using our two feet, sitting on the bike.  The vehicle was of low height and weightless, so it was not difficult for us.  After a day of 'duck walk', she taught us to slowly start the vehicle and do 'flying' - two legs would be flying outside the vehicle, when it was on the move!  Next day, she asked us to keep one leg inside.  If we became nervous, we could put our other foot down immediately. Using the brake was fun.  We used to jerk and nearly fell down, a couple of times!  Then after 2 days, the teacher was bold enough to let us ride normally, around the campus!  One of her assistants was coming at the back, most of the time.  
When the second week started, I started to ride a bit faster. I was so happy and with the breeze hitting my face,  I just deviated and went into the main road. The road had some potholes on the sides and so I started riding on the centre of the road! Some van was coming from my behind and I just didn't give a hoot to that vehicle...I was in my own world!  The driver of the van rode on to the platform and driving by my side, said 'Yennamma, Sozhavaram racele vandi oattareengala...neenga innum kaththukutti, nenavule vachchukkonga!' (Are you going to participate in the Cholavaram race...remember, you are still a baby learner).  I was scared to lift my eyes from the road but went on at my speed!  On the last day, our teacher took us into the heavy traffic road.  She was going in the front and all of us were going after her like small ducks behind the mother duck, in small vehicles! I think our group had 18 students!  It was early morning and all the passengers were watching us from the bus...all women riding two wheelers!  When our line turned into the side road, there was a pothole and I forgot to go straight first and then turn...but just turned and fell down from the bike!  But within seconds got up and joined the line...I just don't know even now, how I did it!  My family will read about it only now!
That was my two wheeler training tale!  But my dream stopped with that!  My husband and my sons didn't allow me to buy a vehicle for myself, saying that our road was too busy with traffic and they would worry all the time, leaving me on the road by myself!  I tried to ride my niece's Kinetic Honda sometimes, but lost interest in the end!
Whenever I see women happily riding on their two wheelers, I just watch them with envy, while going by our car.
This post was inspired by Dhiren's post, thank you!

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Sandhya said...

My, my, that was a lovely read. You are right on about people doing so much compulsive walking in those days and now its compulsive vehicle hopping!

Indian Home Maker said...

That was some fun, loved the description on mama duck and babies following on the main road :) I have friends who have had similar experiences, they could drive but weren't allowed to...
I learnt driving twice and left half way out of similar fears - not just mine but also my husband's fears...
I still can't ride a two wheeler and can barely ride a bicycle, but I learnt driving four years ago - when everybody including me thought I would never drive. I thought I just didn't have the gene in me to drive!!

Today my mother tells everybody if IHM can drive than anybody can :( So if you do wish to drive preferably a four wheeler now - go ahead and give it a try.

Kavita Saharia said...

I know this feeling Sandhya....for me it was my husband's Vespa while we were dating.He was my trainer but the same man turned into a devil while i was learning to drive the car(back seat driving).haha.
I loved the part where you mentioned the van wallah man...funny .What you wore while these riding classes a saree ?Very interesting post ...i like the varieties you offer to your readers.

Renu said...

I dont even like pillion riding or should I say I am so scared of two wheelers that I never use one , I prefer autos or bus:)

Sandhya said...

Sandhya: Hi, my namesake, welcome here! Yes, people use vehicle even for going to the next street, nowadays!

IHM: No, chance in this janam! We have got a driver now so, whenever I need the car, he takes me, if my husband doesn't accompany me! I should have continued to drive at that time, now, feel old! Son also is there to take me out now.

Compared to 4 wheeler, 2 wheeler is tough to drive. Your decision is right, IHM. You need not be dependent on anyone, which is a main advantage.

Kavita: Hope you are driving the car now!

I was not wearing dresses - chudidars etc. much in those days. Just had two three dresses, which I stitched myself for learning yoga. I was wearing them for my class but now I wear them at home everyday so that it will be easy to go for walks with the same dress in the morning! Too lazy to change in the morning at 5!

Thank you, Kavita. I am improving because of the encouragement I get from friends like you!

Renu: I don't mind pillion riding, even now! I like buses if they are not too crowded! We have got beautiful buses now, in Chennai.

Swaram said...

Ha ha very well written Sandhya :)
Riding two-wheeler was a nice pastime for us when in school :P Since I knew bicycle, I just took out the TVS my Mom hd one day and started riding. We stayed in the company quarters which ws like a gated community and nobody wud stop us from riding it! So many of us friends would go riding on our two-wheelers and have fun :) Our cycles gave way to these two wheelers :P It sounds so funny nw but we enjoyed showing off that we cud ride so so much ;)

Saritha said...

Sweet post sandhya and big tight hug.

I was crazy to drive.My dad had jawa and it was fun to see all the five on one bike.My mom had tvs and i learnt driving that when i was in 8/9th standard.I never rode a cycle and i always wanted to ride a cycle but i never had a cycle at home.
Then when i finished my college my mom brought kinetic honda for 3 of us but my sister were scared to drive and it was me who was their driver,i used to enjoy driving.I had full attire for my driving,my helmet,my glass and my gloves.I was so attached to my kinetic and never used to give to anyone,i just love it.Sad my mom sold it when i left hyd and that day i cried.
Here i learnt car driving but i hardly drove here.It is scary to drive here as the min speed limit is 80-100 and car behind u flash lights if ur slow.
Now hyd has the max female riders.
Nice description of mamma duck and the babies.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully described.. I loved reading it... !! those were the days eh... !! falling in front of crowds... sigh !! :P happens always doesnt it... and we want to disappear !!! :D

bus stop distances... !! duck part was lovely !!

You know that wind in the face while driving a two wheeler... its the best feeling u can get !!!

Sandhya said...

Swaram: Living in 'gated community' is great! Everybody will be known people and life can be enjoyed better here, than outside. We lived in a Housing Board colony in Hosur and enjoyed life like anything. I never had so many friends anywhere else, later in my life.

Varunavi: All you three girls must have enjoyed life in Hyderabad. I have noticed that you are very happy when you write about anything which happened in Hyderabad! I feel like that when I remember our life in Udupi and later in Hosur. Hmmm, happy periods of our life.

Car driving speed 80-100 Kmh, is it? It must be scary, I know. But keep in touch with driving, Saritha.

hitchwriter: Before people came to me to give a helping hand, I was off in my vehicle with a red face!

Yes, I still remember the wind on my face...hmmm!

Deepa said...

Nice post Sandhya. I remember the times when I learned to cycle. My father taught me. He was very firm that his girls should learn to cycle. Even with his asthma trouble, he would push us on the cycle and after some minor injuries, I managed to learn. Then I got my first scooty ten years ago. And life was great. Its a great feeling to be driving yourself around. The freedom of mobility is awesome. I recently learned to drive a car and have my license also. Now I have to get the courage to take the car out on the road. You just hit the road Manni!

vimmuuu said...

LOL !!!! I remember reading this in THE HINDU once - lady on scooter falls down in the middle of the road and creates traffic jam . :D :D :D :D

Im sure your family would have a hearty laugh when reading this :D :D

Anonymous said...

great read:) I can feel the wind in my hair!

Sandhya said...

Deepa: Just hit the road, Deepa! If you hesitate for a minute, you will never touch the steering wheel in the future! You had been using scooty, so traffic rules must be easy to follow. All the best!

I lost the opportunity to hit the road, Deepa!

Vimmuuu: You found that funny, eh? You didn't feel funny when you read about my duck walk etc. I should be very very angry with you! Chalo bachchaa hai!

SG said...

Nice narration of your learning experience. I loved the part where you described 18 students following the teacher in 2-wheelers. In USA, the Hell's Angeles travel in group in motorbikes. You may have seen that when you visited USA. I was just visualizing that.

Sandhya said...

Calvy: Welcome here! Yes, we cannot feel that when we go by car! Thank you!

SG: No, we didn't see that when we were there. Will do that when we come there next time!

kanagu said...

this is really interesting.. and you have learned to ride bike..

me yet to get my licence.. :) :) always its cycle...
try driving car.. it will be fun... :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

A very nice read. I remember the times when I learned to cycle. Those were fun days...

Deeps said...

That was such a wonderful post,Sandhya. Your posts always leave me nostalgic. I could actually imagine the kutti-riders riding in line with perfect sync behind the teacher. I'm sorry but I laughed my heart out after reading how you fell off your scooter and immediately got up to join the line. The way you said it was so funny :)

Enjoyed the post immensely :)

BK Chowla, said...

Very nice post.Those were better days and there was so much walking to be done.We never did mind walking.
But it is true that ladies have taken to successful driving.
I am quite safe while my wife drives.

R. Ramesh said...

my wife recently learnt scooter driving in chennai and was sharing her experiencs..this post reminded me of that..good one sandhya...enjoyed reading..:)

Sandhya said...

kanagu: Car driving?! I can just dream about it!

I like cycles - no expenses and exercise too!

Roshmi Sinha: Yes, those days were full of fun!

Deepu: Thank you, Deepu! I can still FEEL how I felt when I suddenly noticed that I have fallen down and wanted to get up before the last vehicle of the assistant, came near me! He might tell our teacher and she might claim damages too! I might be a laughing stock in front of others!

You know what, no one noticed my great fall! The road was full of traffic and they must have missed the scene!

BK. Chowla: Even now, I like to walk whenever I get a chance apart from our morning walks!

Very rarely men appreciate the wife's driving! Great!

Ramesh: They teach really well, here. Our teacher's classes are always crowded.

Thank you!

Shail said...

What a wonderful post. But I am sad that you didn't get a vehicle for yourself!! :( I myself didn't know cycling either. I leanrt to ride the Luna. And hey, Luna is heavy compared to the new vehicles!!
I not only used to ride my Luna but used to take my children on them while on errands. But I gave it up when I got an injured shoulder. It was a bit tough for me being very short and I always had this fear that my feet wouldn't touch the ground hen I wanted it to!! ;) :P Haha.
But then 4-wheeler was another thing. I took to it like a duck to water. I simply love driving and no busy road takes away the joy only the thought of finding no parking space causes me worry.

Anonymous said...

That was so much fun to read! It must have been fun to learn like that - in a group :)Your description of all of you following your teacher is so cute :) and so was the duck walk :) I can just about imagine it :)

I learnt to ride a moped - but went and crashed and then lost the enthu and the nerve to try again :(

But I love driving and am just waiting to clear my test here - I failed once - thanks a really stupid error - and am keeping my fingers crossed for the next time :)

Ragavan said...

Viewed your Impressive ProfileAnd Blogs..Iama friend of R.Ramesh,came to Chennai ,after spending 16.Years in the UAE.tIME pERMITS VIEW mY bLOG.

manju said...

Such a lovely post, Sandhya! I enjoyed it very much- you certainly have a gift for describing experiences!

Even though you did not continue to ride a two-wheeler, you seem to have had a lot of fun learning to. :)

Sandhya said...

Shail: 'It was a bit tough for me being very short and I always had this fear that my feet wouldn't touch the ground hen I wanted it to!! ;) :P Haha.' - Same problem here!

Searching for parking space for four wheelers is the biggest problem. I am glad to know that you are your own driver, now!

wordsndreamz: Duck-walk was funny...first your feet should touch the ground and my legs are short...imagine!

All the best for your driving test! So many of us wished for your first driving test, I remember! I will pray for you, this time, Smitha!

Raghavan: Welcome here! Chennai must be heaven for you now! Will definitely visit your blog.

Manju: Yes, I enjoyed going to the 'driving class' at my age! My family enjoyed my stories of my 'school going experience' everyday!

Aparna said...

Though I learned to drive when I was about 20, I lacked the courage to ride a motor bike or a scooter. My brother rode one and he gave me lifts whenever required, which was often!
I can never negotiate traffic on a two wheeler, so I look with admiration at whoever is riding a bike.

Anonymous said...

That was a very sweet post :) I had learnt cycling and then switched over to two wheeler. My dad wouldnt let me take my two wheeler without a license and I had to wait till I was 16 desperately :) The day I turned 16, I ran to the RTO.hehe. But now I like driving a car more :) I love going on long drives. I am sure you can easily learn a car. Try doing that sometime.

Anonymous said...

Oh btw I like this new template of yours :)

radha said...

This was really fun reading. I too did try to ride a two wheeler but gave up when I almost went into my dad's car ( that was his only possession that he valued - he did not even own a house!) and I learnt car driving too ( but my father refused to sit by my side when I drove his car - he was too nervous). Now I am too scared to drive in our horrible traffic - people do not follow rules, and I cannot be a part of it.

Sandhya said...

aparna: 'so I look with admiration at whoever is riding a bike.' ditto, here!

My sons started taking me out in their scooters and husband had a bike. I will never have a chance to drive hereafter!

evanscentthoughts: 'The day I turned 16, I ran to the RTO.hehe' I can imagine how you felt at that time! My dreams of driving any vehicles are shattered!

Thank you, Ashwini!

Radha: My husband is nervous to sit beside my son, when he drives, no wonder your father is nervous when you drive the car! For parents, the children are always children. They never grow up and they show it in this way, I feel!

Apparna said...

Hi Maami, great blog - very funny too. I loved the way you carried on even after the truck driver's comments!!!
Beats my moped learning experience hands down!!

lostworld said...

FUN Post !!! :-)

My cycle tales are like yours. Falling into the ditch and all. I too learnt to ride a 2 wheeler but my parents refused to buy me a bike.

Sandhya said...

Apparna: Nice to see you here! I had a good 'learning experience', though it is of no use now!

What 'moped experience'? Tell tell! (Now, in twitter, Indian english is going on!)

lostworld: Oh, poor you! Driving is a good feeling, LW! Feel sorry for both of us!

Destination Infinity said...

When I learnt how to learn a cycle, a strange thing happened. I went to the main road and started to drive there. Then, I was afraid of crossing the road. So, I pushed the cycle and walked and waited in the middle of the road (which had a divider). A lorry was coming super fast from a long distance. I waited for some time and when it came near, I ran to the other side with the cycle!! That driver was not able to stop but said 'Veetula sollitu vandhutiya??' :) :) I was shocked and did not take the cycle for a month or so afterwards! for totally non-driving reasons!!

Destination Infinity

Kavitha said...

hi All,
I'm Kavitha here...Nice to see all these postings...I really want to go to office in two wheeler. I just started learning two wheeler. Mine is the 4th hour of the class. Still I can't go constantly at some distance. I'm afraid to apply constant accelerator. Either it will be low or more. Just today started keeping both the legs on the bike. When the bike slow downs the bike moves left...right..without control. I'm depressed..can anyone please give me some tips...
thanks a lot....

Sandhya said...

kavitha: Welcome here!

Don't worry, you just need more practice. Don't be afraid. My teacher asked me to keep my hands straight and hold the handles. Don't ever bend them, she said. You must be tilting to one side, so you are losing control. Just keep on practicing in empty roads during early mornings. You should be driving in 2 weeks!

All the best!

Sandhya said...

Destination Infinity: ' I waited for some time and when it came near, I ran to the other side with the cycle!! That driver was not able to stop but said 'Veetula sollitu vandhutiya??' :) :'

Typical Chennai baashai! You still don't drive? Strange! Driving two wheeler is a nice feeling...ask me, the expert!

Bikram said...

Excellent, loved reading it and Bullet oh yes i got fone memories of the bike, I imported it to UK and now ride it on sundays ... or when its sunny outside with NO SNOW... :)

It was mrmorable to read the article cause i had to pass my license here again, and i remember i had to take a few lessons it remined me of the ducks he he he ..

Its a lovely feeling riding my bike through the lush green country side...

first time here Excellent ...

Sandhya said...

Bikram: Welcome here! I can feel how you feel while riding your bike! Enjoy!
Thank you, Bikram!

Unknown said...

nice write up mami.

amma owns and rides a royal enfield bullet and has been riding for years. I think you can still do it.

Sandhya said...

Jayanthi: Really? Will think about it after another ten years, Jayanthi!! I admire your amma, please tell her! Thank you!

Unknown said...

thanks mami.

i think you should immediately try than waiting for another decade to go.

people call my mom - Bullet mami esp when she rides with her madisaar.

go for a TVS Jive, which is clutchless if not a Bullet.

Anonymous said...

I know to ride a 2 wheeler but never learnt on a bicycle which is why i am not an expert in driving a 2 wheeler. I personally feel one shud leran to ride a cycle befire driving a 2 wheeler. Wud b safe that way.

Sandhya said...

JAYANTI: Sorry for acknowledging so late!

The time is gone! I did not continue the riding lesson I learnt. Anyway, thank you, Jayanti!

ANYONYMOUS: Hi Anonymous, Normally I don't acknowledge the comments from an anonymous person. Maybe you don't have a google id. Please write comments with a name.

Jyoti Joshi Mitter said...

What a fun filled read! Same is my case when I was learning. There was a office senior who was teaching me. So the way you were following the mother duck, I was following him. And as he turned right I also turned without realising there was a truck coming from other direction. The truck halted screachingly giving out curses. Later when my senior asked me why did I do that, I told him you told me to follow you, I was doing just that!

Sandhya said...

JYOTHI JOSHI MITTER: Welcome to my space, Jyothi!

I had a good laugh reading your comment. We will never forget these episodes!

Sona P said...

Hi,I am at age of 30 yrs.I was not knowing to drive cycle also,but one day i felt embarrassing to come to office everyday by auto or bus...idea flashed in my mind whether I can drive scooty.When I discussed my idea with my family they said as you do not now cycle you cannot drive 2 wheeler.But I thought of doing this...My husband was not able to teach me 2 wheeler driving without cycle balance.Due to my curiosity to learn,It became a challenge for me.I continuosly was searching google for tips and any driving school who can help me for 2 wheeler learning..But bad luck my husband was not allowing me for any male instructor for 2 wheeler learning.Then after a lot of search I luckily got one driving school who giving 2 wheeler driving with lady instructor.Course was of 8 hours,but due to my interest and labor i was able to balance scooty and drive it in 6 days only....except from class,everyday I was going for practice in early morning...earlier i was seeing each 2 wheeler crossing in road how they are lifting 2 feet on scooty and driving.It was just a dream for me...but at any cost I wanted to achieve my dream..I was praying to god for giving me wings to fly..driving 2 wheeler is the biggest challenge I chased in my life.Still everyday I am doing practice,I yet to get into heavy traffic.But One day I will will be able to do that.Next I am going to learn 4 wheeler.....This is a story of girl...adventurous journey

Sandhya said...

SONA S: Welcome to my space, Sona!

It was interesting to read your 2 wheeler learning experience. Your enthusiasm will definitely make you ride your dream 2 or 4 wheelers, soon. All the best!

Namitha Salim said...

Sandhya and sona,
This is first time ver i am replying for any write ups which i have read.
but i couldnot resist commenting after reading.. :-) :-D

I landed in your blog wth my search of two wheeler learing experience without cycle balance.i just wanted to gain some confidense so thot of searching in google.
Sandya,must say that your write up gave me lot of confidense.

I am also in the same situation as sona.Age of 30.but my dream of riding a two wheeler started at the age of 17. :-(
I used to day drean flying in two wheeler.But there was no one to trach me cycle also even though my brother had cycle at home.:-(.i never demanded much too.
Then later i got busy with ma studies and then moved to bangalore for job so n so.but all these time i was in search for a lady instructor and many days i used to dream at night that me riding a 2 wheeler.:-( . But sad to say in bangalore no driving school teaches two wheeler.Then i got married 4 year back.Told my dream to my husband.But sad to say he also didnot encourage much but he encouraged to take 4 wheeler.I learnt 4 wheeler then we baught car too.but still i was interested in 2 wheeler.
My mom n dad used to tel me the story of young/old ladies too in my village flying in two wheeler.This was inspiring me again and again..
:-).Finally i coudnot resist and told my husband i want to learn at any cost.finally He also bowed his head. :-D and agreed to go for a lady trainer.
Then i gave ad in quicker too to find a trainer.
Then last week through my colleague i got to know about one lady trainer.
Started on Monday oct 27.10 days daily one hour each.
First day she made me to do the duck walk.Then taught about break ,accelerator etc.First time i sat on a 2 wheeler for riding.But after 1st one hr i didnot get much confidense then i came to office and started searching for confidense in google :-D.LOL...i am a Software engineer so Google is our god :-D.Happened to read sandhya's and sona's experience.
Yest i was able to fly little bit.I was so happy with that.and my trainer said your learning fast but fear is more.
Today i have improved than yest.Able to fly more distance than yestrday.
So reading sona's experience i believe that i can learn too and achieve my dream soon...
Thanks a lot sona and sandhya for sharing the experience...

Unknown said...

Interesting blog. This is one of my favorite blog also I want you to update more post like this. Thanks for sharing this article.
Two wheeler services Chennai

Sandhya said...

NAMITA SALIM: Welcome to my space, Namita!

You will be riding on your own soon. If you try anything whole heartedly, you will do anything you want, early.

All the best to you Namita and thank you for writing about your experience too!

Namitha Salim said...

Thanks a lot sandya..yes i started riding now.. :-D :-D.
The Day i took the ride alone rememberd your post:-)
going to buy 2 wheeler in Jan..
Still i need to practice more in banglore roads..
Yes we can achieve anhything if there is a strong desire...

Rajiv said...

A wonderful read!

Being someone who has been riding motorcycles since more than a decade, I can very much 'feel' it when you talk about the breeze hitting your face.

With all these years' experience in riding, I can tell you one thing very confidently !

There are very things in the world that give you as much joy!

I would say, go ahead and get yourself a 2-wheeler. I know the traffic in India is bad but believe me, with a little bit of confidence and proper safety gear, you will do just fine :).

Happy riding :)

Sandhya said...

NAMITA SALIM: Happy to know that you have started riding! You will get used to the Bangalore traffic soon! All the best! Sorry, for acknowledging so late, Namita!

RAJIV: Welcome to my space, Rajiv!

This is a 2009 post! I am sorry to say that I didn't buy a bike and no riding in this life:(

Even now, I envy people, esp. women who ride two wheelers!

Thanks for the comment!

Usha basker said...

Nice to know that u learnt driving Sandya kumar mami. It is a nice experience. I learnt cycling and then two wheeler. I learnt both at the age of 35 years after my second daughter was born. Now I m not driving becos of knee problem. Left completely.

Usha Basker said...

Nice to read ur blog abt ur driving experience. Even I learnt cycling and then two wheeler. I learnt it at the age of 35 years after the birth of my second daughter. Now I have given up driving due to knee problem

Shail said...

It was wonderful to re-read this :) also reading my own comment with a 'hen' for 'when' :P
I have also written about my learning to cycle/drive and also driving experiences. :)

Sandhya said...

SHAIL MOHAN: Yes, it is fun to read old posts and our comments in others' posts and our own comments in our own posts:)

Are you driving your new car now? With Luci baby?!

USHA BASKER: I remember seeing you driving the two wheeler. At least you had a happy experience of driving/riding for many years. We can be independence if we are mobile.

tripti said...

hi Sandhya .loved reading ur post n all the comments so much.i also recently learnt driving a 4 wheeler n a 2 wheeler at the age of good old 42. hve to yet get my own vehicle. it hs always been my dream to ride a 2 wheeler n I would always appreciate female riders . hoping to soon own my dream vehicle at the earliest.

Sandhya said...

TRIPTI: Welcome to my space, Tripti! Good luck to you! Zoom in your two wheeler soon!

Neelam semwal said...

hii............... same here...... plz tell me some tips for driving .......... scooty. but bahut dar lagta hai bahut baar try kiya............ yar pata ni kabhi khud chla bhi paungi ya nahi.

Neelam semwal said...

hii. my dream is also. but bahut dar lagta hai. bahut baar try kiya scooty chalane ki but balance ni banta aur dar bahut lagta hai.

Sandhya said...

NEELAM SEMWAL: Welcome to my space, Neelam!

Koi professional teacher se seekhiye! Step by step sikhaayenge! Darnewaali baat kuch nahin! Par kisike saath jaana hai! All the best, Neelam!

gayatri said...

Hiii Namitha. You totally have spoken up my mind.. I am 28 years old and don't know even cycling and learnt scooty through driving class. But I am not able to put an 8 for driving licence. Came searching in Google about it being a software engineer tooo Google is my god :D next week have my driving test I hope I learn something till then so that I pass the test...

gayatri said...

Sandhya ji very very nice blog.. Enjoyed reading the post and comments.. I am 28 and after full determination finally learnt scooty with the help of driving classes but I am still not able to make an 8 for my driving license. I have paid a lot for classes along with license so want to take it as soon as possible. Can anyone here give me tips for putting and 8. Not able to make u turns without putting my legs down..

Sandhya said...

GAYATRI: Welcome to my space, Gayatri! My best wishes for you to pass the test! I am a wrong person to give you tips for making an 8. Hope somebody does it after reading it here! Thanks for the comment!

JPL said...

Hi Sandhya MaM!!! you Blog was inspiring and even iam a bus stop girl though i belong to your next generation. for my whole life i was thinking i will be never be able to ride a Bike.And you know everyone on earth will ask do you know cycle riding,if you dont know you cant learn 2 is not true,it is not that you cant learn,it is fact they cant train you as they don't have proper training skills or they feel they have a better Job to do rather than training you.

Initially ,i Started learning in 2009 and my impatient husband was my trainer(not that he is a abusive husband,he is good actually).I was not able to balance for which his impatience made him yell and my throat use to choke as i try controlling my tears.( i was newly wedded into arranged marriage and couldnt give him back answers then which i am doing now ;) ).Eventually i stopped asking him(rather not to get hurt) and got busy with pregnancy & Kids.

Balancing a bike doesnt happen in a day,specially for ladies like me,
1.who have less physical stamina(do some simple shoulder strengthening exercises or yoga)
2.who has been made to think bicycle riding is a prerequisite for scooter driving.
3.who have been through hurtful moments due to bad trainers.

Now at the age of 32,my husband has become determined that i should learn a 2 wheeler and found a lady trainer from driving school.Being a tall lady ,i was able to learn balancing within 2 days with all those DUCK WALKING techniques.(This doesnt mean short ladies cant do...anyone can do)

Intially there may be shoulder & Thigh stiffness and pain as we try to balance using DUCK WALKING techinques.Will get over it in a day and will start Zooming.

Now i wonder why i have wasted so many years?Iam waiting for my new Activa 3G and will be zooming on it soon.....vroom vroom

Ladies & girls out there .....starting Zooming...if someone laid back like me can learn anyone can learn...

Sandhya said...

JPL: Welcome to my space, JPL! Happy to know that at last you have started riding a two wheeler! It needs will power more than physical power. I am a short woman. I was comfortable doing duck walk! I think I was 39 when I went to this class:)

Thanks for the comment!

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