Monday, July 6, 2009

Yeh daulat bhi lelo...Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh

Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh .

Our family started hearing ghazals when my children were still in school. Till then, we were just addicted to film songs. My brother, who worked in Ahmedabad, got addicted to Jagjit Singh's ghazals and he introduced us to non-filmy ghazals and in time, we started singing their songs ...singing along....!

My whole family loves this song of this duo. The lyrics are wonderful. The voice of Jagjit Singh is matchless and Chitra singh's is, divine. This is an old song and their voice were at their best, in this song, Duniya jise kehte hain, lyrics:Nida Fazli

Safar mein dhoop toh hogi....This ghazal is in Chitra's voice, soft, soulful song....beautiful lyrics by Nida Fazli. Lots of ghazals by Jagjit Singh have Fazli's lyrics.

This is my favourite and my cd must be having a dent, where this song is printed! I keep on hearing it often, not once but always 3-4 times. Couldn't get the video:

Koi paas aaya savere savere usual beautiful lyrics by Saeed Rahi.

Jab Kabhi tera naam
..... Chitra's voice glides like ice-skating, here. Lyrics by Sardaar Anjum

Voh kaagaz ki kashti ....the lyrics.... Both, my husband and I sing this song often....alongwith Jagjit and Chitra. Every word is golden. My elder son, who is abroad, has got the full set of Jagjit's ghazals. He loves these songs.

This is one of their famous and our favourite songs.  Aahista...aahista...! Enjoy!

Another song by Jagjit Singh for the film 'Sarfarosh' which is a famous movie of Aamir Khan. The song is melodious.  The legendary actor Nasseruddin Shah is 'singing'! Music: Jatin-Lalit:

Preferred time to listen to these songs: Night!

Now, enjoy this melodious music!

Edited to add on 28.3.13: I did a post on Chitra Singh and it is here! I came across an article written by the famous lyricist Gulzar about Jagjit Singh here after they did an album, 'Marasim', which has got beautiful songs by Jagjit!  I think I will do one more post on Jagjit's songs!


Saritha said...

Wonderful songs sandhya.I like jagjit singh's honto sa chulo tum mera geeta amar kardo......

Anonymous said...

beautiful songs... !!

When Jagjit singh sings... i always feel he has a paan or a supari in his mouth and he is singing...

what a voice... !!! i m a big big fan... and not just one of two song... but tooo many !!!!!! of his song I love a lot !!!!

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: I love his old songs than the new ones. Yes, 'honton se' is a beautiful song. I tried to add some more of my favourites, but it was difficult to get them in 'you tube'.

hitchwriter: Normally, ghazal means, we feel they are too classical based songs, but Jagjit made it so soft - he uses guitar sound a lot, I feel - that any ordinary person, like me, who doesn't know much of classical music, too, can appreciate and sing along. I love Chitra's voice, too. It is unfortunate that she has stopped singing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful songs, Sandhya!

Between you and Hitchy - I am able to listen to so many wonderful songs!

Both Jagjit and Chitra Singh, have such beautiful, mesmerising voices.. I can listen to them forever..

And yes, it is sad that she has stopped singing.... A true loss for us..

Sandhya said...

Smitha: Yes, these songs are ever green songs. Even my son loves these songs! We think that the songs we love, will be boring for the next generation, but good songs will stay forever, only thing is they should be shown in TV and played in the radio. I am a great 'vividh Bharathi' fan and have written some blogs also about it.

I love Dhiren's selection of songs. Sometimes I play them in the afternoon, in the kitchen! My laptop sits in the kitchen too! I don't seem to play the cassettes with old songs much, nowadays.

Anonymous said...

I love the duo too,Sandhya and you've listed some wonderful songs of theirs here.Kagaz ki kashti is timeless.
Have you heard of 'mere dil me tu hi tu hai' from Bhavna...thats one of my favourites and its as though the song has been written keeping them in mind:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post Sandhya!
a post after my own heart!:))
I LOVE the ghazals by the husband wife duo:)))

Duniya jise kehte hain is a fav in my home too:)
as also jab kabhi tera naam lete hain :)
Mom and dad had attended many live performances of his in the 80s :)

the one Deeps has mentioned is beautiful too

mere dil mein tu hi tu hai dil ki dawa kya karun... :))

kaagaz ki kashti too is beautiful!!

*sigh* all of them are!:)))


after books this has to be my fav topic:))))

PS:-for some reason your updates are not showing up in my bloglist Sandhya

Sandhya said...

Deeps: Yes, when they sing together, we feel that they are so comfortable with each other and their voice blend very well.

Sure, I have heard the 'Bhavna' song. Nearly each and every song of theirs, are memorable. Some of their Punjabi songs are also, good. Not all, though! I thought many people may not like ghazals, but I am happy that all you friends are enjoying. Nice feeling!

Indyeah: They have given many many more melodious songs, but the post will become too long! Your parents are lucky, Jagjit had performed in Chennai too, but alone and the crowd was too much and loud, somebody said and warned us that we may not enjoy.

Till some years back, books were first and music was my second favourite. But now, my reading has slowed down a bit and music has stepped in!

Good to know that you enjoyed the songs, Abhi.

I don't know why my posts are not visible. I don't get Varunavi's also and some other posts. I just go to their blog and check! Something is wrong with google/blogspot.

R. Ramesh said...

jagjit is my favourite for hare krishna bhajan songs..simple wishes S

Sandhya said...

Ramesh: Yes, I have one Bhajan. After Anoop Jhalota, Jagjith's bhajans are famous, I think.

Sai Charan said...

Dear Sandhyaji,

I've never listened to ghazals with so much interest before.

But now as I repeatedly listen to all the songs which you have shared links here, I enjoyed each one of them thoroughly.

Well, as you said their voices are soft, soulful and silky. And yes, the preferred time to listen to these songs is at night because they carry "soothing effect".

I was really amazed, so beautifully the writers wrote the lyrics with so much meaning, hats of to all the lyric writers.

"my cd must be having a dent, where this song is printed!" - ha ha..

Please keep sharing such wonderful posts with us, my special thanks to you for sharing the nectar of ghazals here, I love them.

Cheers, Sai.

kanagu said...

I don't know hindi... so I think it will be better hear tamil songs :)

Solilo said...

Beautiful songs. There is no ode to nostalgia like 'kaagaz ki kashti'.

He is not the same anymore.

Solilo said...

Sandhya, I missed this update. I think it didn't show up.

Sandhya said...

Sai: We never expected ghazals to be this melodious, Sai. Since childhood, I had been hearing Hindi, Kannada and Tamil film songs and used to love songs with melody. After I started hearing Jagjit and Hariharan (he comes next, though), a new opening started in our music world. Though we do not understand Urdu words, the melody submerges this drawback of ours.

Many more good songs of his are available - old ones are good. Enjoy music!

Solilo: Yes, I love his old songs, than the new ones.

He is old now and had to face lot of tragedies in his life. This is the reason why we don't go to his live shows. We like to remember him via his older songs.

I don't know, I too don't see the new posts of my fellow bloggers and when it comes up and I see them, 60 to 70 comments are there! Is blogspot/google getting old? Wordpress catching up?!!!

Sandhya said...

kanagu: I am going to write a post on Tamil songs too, in my tamil blog...but after visiting some Tamil blogs and making friends to hear my songs! Need time to do all these things, Kanagu!

Shail said...

Ohh you are a fan too! These are beautiful songs. I have written a post about how I became a fan :

BTW Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment at my page and also for blogrolling me :)

Sandhya said...

Shail: Welcome here, Shail. Nice to know you. I admire your writings!

sharada.econtent said...


Very good choice of songs, and I liked
Koi paas aaya savere savere the most. the rag and his alaap is too good. I am not sure about the rag, should ask sriram. even the other songs are also nice but I liked this a lot. thanks.

sharada.econtent said...


Very good choice of songs, and I liked
Koi paas aaya savere savere the most. the rag and his alaap is too good. I am not sure about the rag, should ask sriram. even the other songs are also nice but I liked this a lot. thanks.

Sandhya said...

Sharu: Yes, Sharada, that is my favourite too, say one of my favourites!

Wini said...


The songs are beautiful. I have always been more of a Hariharan fan , primarily because of his magical voice. But after listening to these old ghazals(I had only heard the new ones before this), I can sense that Jagjit is more expressive than Hariharan and his songs don't seem similar or repetitive unlike H's.

Sandhya said...

Ashwini: Enjoy!

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