Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Happy Year of Blogging as Maradhimanni

I started blogging as maradhimanni, since last June and one happy year of expressing myself, is complete now. God, what an year it was! There is so much difference in my writing since my 'Amarnath yathra' blog. I wrote just 4 blogs in 2004 and the Amarnath yathra blog was one of them. My son had created a blog for me in Wordpress at that time and was compelling me to start writing. I wrote because of his pestering and left it at that. He had been asking me to go to other blogs and read and comment. At that time, I didn't know the importance of that. Now, I know how a blog should be written (to some extent, still a long way to go!), after reading blogs of so many good writers. The list of names is too long now - I have them in my 'blogs I follow' list! I learnt a lot from them and I thank all of them for reading and commenting on my blog.

Once Solilo wrote how a blog writer becomes a 'blog addict'. I am slowly becoming one, now. In a corner of my mind, I keep on thinking of writing about so many incidents I see, people I watch, the places I visit (even shops!).

At present I am writing whatever I think of, in a single name 'maradhimanni'. Now, I have created one more blog in the name of 'marakkaadamanni', to write in Tamil and a recipe blog, 'swadhisht', in which I am planning to write recipes of whatever I cook at home, which are liked by my family and friends.

I will be happy if you read them too and comment. I try to give as many tips as I can in my recipe blog, to correct the small small mistakes we do, while cooking.

Once again, I thank all my readers for their encouraging words via their comments. My blogs are very simple ones, without much decorative words. I was just a reading person all these years, except writing letters and this hobby has made me recognise myself as a 'reasonably OK' writer. I know I am writing in the midst of intelligent youngsters and that is one big plus point for me - I read their blogs and learn a lot.



Varunavi said...

Me first :)

kavita said...

SANDHYA,congratulations.....i am really looking forward to your new blog....please keep writing more and more frequently...you are right ..i think we all are blog addicts,atleast i am becoming one and i love to read whatever you tell...you are kinda 'a quality mark'...i know your readers are always ensured good quality posts from you.Regards.

Varunavi said...

congrats sandhya,wishing u many more years of blogging.

U know why i love ur blog because of its simplicity,i wait for ur post to read and comment and i love u more when u reply my comments.A biggggg hug to u.

'reasonably OK' -- i dont agree this,u write so well and i am learning from u.

Do write more abt the temples
which i really love to read and ur post on temples was the first post i read.

Now i will check ur food blog and welcome to food blogging,i also write food blog

Varunavi said...

Sandhya my new post is not seen on ur blog :(

Anonymous said...

:) Congrats on your journey Sandhya..Will surely visit Swadisht...

Keep blogging

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this milestone! One year! That is some milestone!

I love your blog. I really like the posts that you do.. some simple observations, some based on news clippings and those posts about your nieces.. I love them all! I remember the first post that I read of yours were on the temples - and I loved it! And will jump over to your other blog - right away :)

May you have many more blog-anniversaries like this :)

Anonymous said...

And I forgot to mention - I think you write very very well! I especially love your comments - you never fail to bring a smile to my face :)

R. Ramesh said...

hey..put on the colourlights..burst the crackers..bring the sweets..congrats on your one your success story friend...:)

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: Yes, Saritha, You are the first! Thanks a lot for giving me so much importance. I love to read your comments too and your lovely blogs. I love your children through your blog and I feel as if I know them very well. I told my husband about your daughter's socks! Poohi, Peanut and your children have become common names at home now, Saritha.

About the new posts of yours, my son asked me to close and enter your wordpress id again. I will do it now.

Thank you, Saritha.

wordsndreamz: Yes, I remember your first comment for the temple post. I am really overwhelmed by the comments you write, Smitha. I never thought that I will get this much response from young brilliant bloggers/writers. Sometimes I bungle and you people ignore them too! I think in Tamil and translate, I think, so I do mistakes while expressing myself.

Thank you, Smitha.

nimis540: Welcome here, nimis. Hope you will enjoy my writings. Thank you.

Kavitha: I enjoy reading your blogs about your city. Everything is new for me. Yes, we are all becoming blog addicts! And so, will not get bored at any time, Kavitha.

Thank you.

Ramesh: Thank you. Keep reading and commenting!

Solilo said...

Sandhya, Congratulations on your Bloganniversary!

I am so glad that I got a chance to 'know' you and read you. It is always a pleasure to read your views on my blog too.

Hope to keep reading you. Wish you always the best.

Sandhya said...

Solilo: I give a lot of importance to what you write in your posts and in my blog. Thank you, Solilo.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and celebrations... !!!!

I really just mentioned to crafty... that the people in our blog samaj are too good to be real.... thanks I found you !!! and keep blogging... !! thisis just a milestone... !!!!!!

Congrats !!!!!!!

Sandhya said...

hitchwriter: Thanks a lot, Dhiren. I value your comments. My whole family is a big fan of yours! My friends and relatives read your blog, appreciate, enjoy, but unfortunately no one comments! Yes, our blog samaj is really full of genuinely good people.

kanagu said...

Congrats on the blog anniversary Sandhyaji... time to celebrate :)

Most of the news you have shared with us are very rare which will skip during a normal read.. they are really enlightening :)

Keep writing.. :)

for sure I will read your tamil blog :)

if you find some time please visit my tamil blog.


Sandhya said...

kanagu: Thank you kanagu. It is nice to know you and am happy to read your blogs, too.

Yes, I visited your tamil blog and will be visiting often!

manju said...

Missed this post because I was on a blog-break at the time.

Belated congratulations on your blog's first anneversary! Hope to read many, many more interesting posts here! :)

Sandhya said...

Manju: Thanks a lot, Manju. I am very happy that I have got people like you, to read and comment, which gives me courage to write more. I give lot of importance to your comment, Manju.

Ashwini Sriram said...

Mami! :)

Congratulations! :)

I have been following your blog throughout and I have seen immense improvement in both, your writing and level of enthusiasm. Great going! :) Write more!

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