Friday, May 22, 2009

I am a happy Indian, today.

I feel very very happy today. After a long long time, I and my family watched the whole swearing-in ceremony of the Congress Government today. Though a second part is going to be there next Tuesday, all of us felt happy and part of the celebrations, watching Manmohan Singh taking the oath as our Prime Minister, that too for the second time, with absolute majority, which no one expected to happen.

Everyone was talking about 'hung' government, this time too. But, I am proud of our Indian people, who announced that they want a stable government, which can take bold decisions, without any one's permission. Now, this government can do wonders and I am sure India will prosper and no one can prevent it from coming out of the 'third world' brand. The Ministers (without port-folio also) seem to be a good selection. Most of them are very well educated and we hear that youngsters are also going to be included, next week.

The only dampening news is the DMK drama. Manmohan is trying his best to keep a taint-free cabinet, but A.Raja and T.R.Balu are rumoured to be Ministers too. Don't know why Congress should agree for Karunanidhi's blackmailing now. Maran seems to be worth a ministerial post, but Raja and Balu...hope this decision is re-considered. Good to know that youngsters like Jyothiradithya Scindia, Pilot will be in the new ministry. So it is visible that steps are being taken to bring in Rahul as our next PM?! Why not?!

I love and admire, Mamta Banerjee. She seems to be like a down to earth person but is so bold. My family always argues about which language she was speaking, whenever she started speaking...English, Hindi or Bangla...! Will she be upto the mark, like Laalu? He has set a high standard, in the last government. I pity him now. He took a wrong step before the election and now has to face the music.

Anyway, I am happy and feel like laughing and dancing like the zoo-zoo's of the Vodaphone advertisement!


Anonymous said...

first !!!

yes... Sandhya... in these cynical times it was a breath of fresh air to have a stable govt... for a change its good to see that there are people who are being denied ministries coz they are corrupt or cos they dont work... we have become so used to seeing horse trading... this is a refreshing change and I hope our country will go from strength to strength...

amen !

manju said...

Nice post, Sandhya! Yes, it's nice that we have a stable government now.

I'm not so fond of Mamta Banarjee or Laloo Prasad Yadav though...

Sandhya said...

hitchwriter:Yes, Dhiren, you are the first!

Yes, it is a rare incident in our history - this near clean cabinet. I am sure now that we need not worry about the US's aid to Pakistan also. Hope it goes to eradicate Taliban, as Hillary 'hopes'. Now, more and more people who had left India, might be happy to come back, too! Let us dream now for a happy future for us and for our children.

Manju: No one expected this to happen, Manju.

I did not like Mamata when she objected for the TATA plant. Calcutta would have benefited out of that industry.

I did not like the Bihar CM Laloo and again now, before election, for the way he behaved. He was a good Railway Minister, I feel. He should have used this capability to improve his State too.

kanagu said...

Yes.. me too really happy that ministerial posts are went to youngsters and DMK now faces the heat... :)
really happy that M.K.Azhagiri was not becoming a minister :) hope Dr.Manmohan Singh takes right steps to strengthemn our nation :)

Anonymous said...

I share the sentiment :) So many bloggers have written similar sentiments that I think a lot of us are celebrating! The first few days I was singing and skipping and generally humming my relief and joy. I had started believing that we might end up with LK Advani or Mayawati as the next PM!!!

Sandhya said...

kanagu: Azhagiri and Kanimozhi will be in the cabinet, MK will see to it. They are going to be dummies, spending the tax payers' money. Yes, we will keep hopes on the youngsters, now.

IHM: I too feel this time as celebration time like all of you, thank you.

Advani has no more chance to become our PM! I am still worried about Modi, no chance for Mayavati, I feel. Rahul is there, waiting! Forget about what is going to happen after 5 years. Let us all be happy now!!

Sai Charan said...

Quite a funny advertisement from Vodafone for economical roaming packs :) Well yes, I too watched the swearing-in ceremony and felt happy about it.

Glad to hear that you were really happy and wanted to laugh and dance – why not? Let all our circle of blogger friends plan for a get together soon to enjoy and have lot of fun :)

Solilo said...

Sandhya, I am glad that we have a stable govt.

Is DMK supporting from outside or part of govt.? Is part then I am sure Karunanidhi's daughters are going to be part of it. I am yet to go through last 3 days developments in Indian politics.

Sandhya said...

Solilo: You must have known by now that Karunanidhi has got what he wants, to some extent! Maran, his grand nephew, has got 'Textiles', Azhagiri, his son, got 'Chemicals and Fertilizers', A.Raja (he is MK's II wife's relative - I read somewhere!) has got 'IT'. So all in the family! Kanimozhi was offered some Minister of State post and she opted out, it seems! So the family is reasonably satisfied and he can rest in peace now! Poor old man!

Now the party cadres who had worked hard for winning this election, have started TALKING! Poor old man!

Anonymous said...

Indian people love dynastic policies don't they? The father expects sons to grow the family business, the election tickets are given to family members and they are even voted into power! This is why I don't vote. I wont select between the devil and the deep sea. And I don't buy the lesser of the two evils theory.

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

Sai: Yes, all of us love the zoo zoo ad. Every ad is different and interesting. Feel happy while watching it.

After a long long time, we have got a stable govt. in the center. Let us all be happy, Sai.

Distination Infinity:Huh, lots of people, that too educated people have got this feeling - the candidates/parties are repulsive! If you don't vote, somebody will misuse your vote.

So,if you do not like any of the candidates, exercise 49(O). Go to the booth, get the black mark, fill form 17A and tell the EC that you think none fits the bill.

Yes, we cannot digest Mayavati or Modi or old man Advani in the PM seat. At least we have to do our best to avoid them coming into power. I too don't like dynastic ruling, but I feel Manmohan Singh is a sincere person, not a politician, remember. We will see how Rahul is going to fare as PM - after 10 years! Who else is there - any powerful, sincere leader in your mind?

Anonymous said...

Nice Post! I am too late to it - have a lot of blog backlog :)

I am delighted to see that we have a stable govt - esp after all the predictions of a hung parliament..

I do hope BJP has the sense not to put forward Modi's name has the PM for the next time..

Karunanidhi surely has played his cards right :( Guess we cannot hope for too much!

Saritha said...

I am happy that andhra people have again elected congress and more happy to know that most of the sitting ministers lost their seats.So people have elected the party not the people.Now new persons will became ministers and they will work for the people so that they wont lose their seats.

People didnt vote for a star nor for the separate state,they wanted a stable govt not coalitions :)

I am very late for this post,was not blogging since last 10 days

Sandhya said...

Smitha: Yes, all the predictions have gone into thin air! This govt. can do wonders for our country, if they make up their mind now.

BJP is nearly dead now. People have given the verdict that they don't need people like Modi, Muthalik and Varun.

Karunanidhi knows how to get things done, here and at home, with two families to satisfy!

Sometimes, if I have too many guests at home or too busy, I too miss some blogs. But I look forward to your comments, anytime, Smitha!

Varunavi: Yeah, I noticed that you were busy. You are very sincere in commenting, always, Saritha. I know your mother is there. Enjoy her company first. We are here always.

yes, I am happy that Chiranjeevi's antics did not work! Reddy is back. We need leaders who will help the country to grow and not people who are keen to promote themselves.

Saritha said...

Sandhya my mom left yesterday early morning and i have sore eyes,trying to avoid laptop,will be back with a post.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure, Karunanidhi is blackmailing or is being blackmailed by his 3 wives. Seems to be a case of emotional atyachar on the old man on the wheelchair.Has anybody ever seen him without his dark glasses? He looks so mysterious.

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: Saritha, hope you are well now.

pr3rna: Welcome, Prerna, to my blog. I know MK has got 2 wives - Rasaaththi and you know the name of the third?!!! He has got some problem with his eyes, so dark glasses. Now, he has nearly satisfied all branches of his family. Azhagiri in Delhi, Stalin, here as Dy.CM. Kanimozhi will be given some important post, shortly, it seems! MK created DMK, just to pamper his family!

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