Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sheila Dixit - CM, Delhi

My husband switched on the TV today morning and I was cooking inside the kitchen. All the news channels, one by one started shouting about the PMK joining AIADMK and other political/election news. I thought that today, like most of the vexed bloggers, I will do a write-up on these political baffoons.

At about 9.30 AM, he started watching 'Baathon baathon mein' in Lok Sabha Channel. Started hearing some interesting discussions. I had finished the morning's hectic work and so, sat and started watching. Smt. Sheila Dixit's (CM, Delhi) interview. Mrinal Pande, Editor, Hindustan, was the anchor. I think she is a lawyer also (I remember reading somewhere, I might be wrong). Now my whole mood had changed! To hell with the greedy, power crazy, uneducated politicians. I will write some positive things about a politician.

She is a beautifull old lady, doesn't look her age (70 years!). Not much ornaments, just one bangle and a chain (we women watch this, you know!). No hair dye and looks majestic. I had been reading about her for the past so many years and remember only the positive things, not much negative things. Yes, Delhi is not a safe place (she answered for this question), the transport is hopeless there ....She must have done something good and so without much noice, she is doing her third term as the Chief Minister of Delhi. Delhi is full of (mostly) educated people - some politicians also, for that matter!

She looked happy and relaxed during the whole interview, thanks to Mrinal Pandey who speaks very softly. I have watched her interviewing in this programme, earlier, Pt.Jasraj, Amjad Ali Khan etc. Now let me write about Sheila Dixit:

She likes music - melodius, whether classical or pop or filmy music. Filmy - Taare Zameen Par, Delhi-6

Her likes for film actors change periodically!

Classical: Kishori Amonkar, Ajoy Chakraborthy, O.S.Arun (Bhajan) etc.

She reads a lot. She is reading some Lebonese author's book now. She liked Jhumpa Lahiri's book. She did not like Adiga's book! Her house is full of different kinds of books.

Her marriage was an inter-caste marriage. After marriage, there was some tension at home, for some months. Her father-in-law was a great supporter (former Governor and Union Minister) aong with her husband, Vinod Dixit (He was an IAS officer). Slowly, they merged her in their family and had the full support of them throughout her life. They still live with her. She has two children. Both are married. They live alone but has a good rapport with them. She has got two grand children also. Like a typical grand mother, she was praising about their computer knowledge and how fast they grasp things, unlike us! They meet each other often and are comfortable with each other.

When asked about the safety of the women in Delhi, she said that it is not just the responsibility of the Government or Police, but the whole society should come together to make Delhi a safe place. The sons and daughters should be brought up so that they respect each other from the childhood. Now, the children who are very poor or jobless or with too much money to spend and without any aim in life, become problematic in their adulthood. We should try our best to change these things. No single person or leader can do it alone. was a nice experience, watching her in the TV, a relaxed, happy politician. She did not look as if she wanted to be in the good books of her viewers - just a natural and majestic looking lady.

EDITED TO ADD ON 9.12.13, after she lost in the election yesterday. I think it is high time she started relaxing with her family.

My friend Partha Sir, gave this link.  We can know more about Sheila Dixit here:

Indo-Asian News Service | Updated: December 08, 2013 15:46 IST
New Delhi:  For 15 years Sheila Dikshit was Chief Minister of Delhi, winning three assembly elections one after the other. On Sunday, the dream run ended. The seasoned politician has lost not only Delhi, but her own election as well, to debutant Arvind Kejriwal.

Here are 10 things you wanted to know about Ms Dikshit:
  1. She started off as a reluctant politician, and cut her political teeth assisting her father-in-law, a veteran Uttar Pradesh Congress leader Uma Shankar Dikshit, who was  a minster in Indira Gandhi's cabinet.
  2. She was married to Vinod Dikshit, who worked in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS).
  3. It was Indira Gandhi who first picked Sheila Dikshit to be part of a UN delegation. In 1984, she became a minister in Rajiv Gandhi's government after entering the Lok Sabha from Uttar Pradesh after her husband's death.
  4. She was later a minister in the Prime Minister's Office before the Congress was ousted in national elections in 1989.
  5. Mrs Dikshit's rapport with Congress president Sonia Gandhi helped her become president of the faction-ridden party in Delhi in May 1998, six months before she led it to victory in assembly elections.
  6. The high price of onions helped Mrs Dikshit dislodge the BJP in 1998. The Congress won an impressive 52 of the 70 seats in Delhi that year. The Dikshit magic continued to work in 2003 and 2008.
  7. Ironically, the high price of onions and other staples this year has been a contributing factor to disenchantment with Mrs Dikshit in Delhi, whose party has come in a poor third.
  8. Born in Punjab's Kapurthala, Mrs Dikshit was credited with numerous people-friendly programmes. During this year's campaign she listed the urban development of Delhi a a major achievement. She was credited for Delhi's growing infrastructure including roads and flyovers, a less polluted city, better public transport system as well as development on the health and educational fronts.
  9. Her son Sandeep Dikshit is a Lok Sabha member from Delhi.
  10. She has often been called an outsider in Delhi, but Mrs Dikshit studied at the Convent of Jesus and Mary School in the capital and then at Miranda House college in Delhi University.


Solilo said...

Ms. Dixit is one of the most useless and spineless President India ever saw. Half the time she has no clue what is going around in the country.

Where was she when 26/11 happened?

The might of Indian Presidents got lost after Rajendra Prasad and Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan.


Soul Searcher said...

I do not have much information about Ms Dixit being any different from the usual Congress Sycophant during her tenure as Dehli CM but I did enjoy your piece trying to find good in a politician.

It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes which says that there is a little good in the worst of them and a little bad in the best of us. Life's journey is all about finding the good in others and eliminating the bad in ourselves.

Yes I remember your assignment on Music and will complete by next week :-)

Happy Gudi Padwa

Sandhya said...

Soul searcher: "There is a little good in the worst of them and a little bad in the best of us. Life's journey is all about finding the good in others and eliminating the bad in ourselves." Yes, I felt like that when I saw her answering Mrinal's questions.

Whatever she is, she was not LOOKING arrogant like our Jaya, Maya etc. She answered the questions genuinely - I thought so.

I remember once Sushma Swaraj said to Simi, when she was asked whether she believed everything she said about the party's policies etc. - Sushma replied "we should act as if WE believe in what we are saying, only then, we can make others believe it"

Take your time on the musical tag. It will be nice to know your selection of songs.

Renu said...

Though i dont like her much ( she was quite arrogant when a BPO worker was killed and heard some stories about her also), but yes we try to find the goodness also.
and she is right that for safety though onus is on the govt. mainly but we all need to be aware and alert and sensible.

Sandhya said...

Somehow I think, I don't know much about her. At this age, being a woman politician, she is a third time CM. I heard that Delhi is greener now and less polluted. I have seen Sushma's interviews also - she was not this open. Mrinal was poking her with questions politely but Dixit answered for all the questions with the same smiling face and her voice was soft also.

Her draw backs have not registered in my mind, yet!

Sandhya said...

Solilo: You have mixed her up with Pratibha Patil! Forget it.

Thanks for the visit.

Solilo said...

Ha..ha.haa. I am laughing at my idiocy.

Sandhya, You are right. I thought I was reading about Patil and even while writing I was thinking about Patil.

Sometimes it happens with me that I get totally spaced-out.

I am sorry about the goof up.

Sandhya said...

Solilo: Actually these types of goof-ups are my prerogative (is the word apt?!). Wait...I am reading your cat video and still laughing loudly!!!

Solilo said...

Now coming back to Sheila Dixit. Yes! it is Dixit not Patil :)

I love her effervescent persona even at this age. I like how she behaves like a normal citizen instead of a hoity politician. She would openly claim to love listening to music all night or liking Saif Ali Khan.

Solilo said...

Prerogative...yes! yes!

Long back in one of my tags, I mentioned that I am absentminded. Actually I was called absentminded Prof. in school/college. Can't blame them. Ha..ha..ha..a

Sandhya said...

Solilo: You must be able to understand my name - my son Naamakaraned me!

Sai Charan said...

Well Sandhyaji, nice to know more about Mrs.Dixit through your blog.

Yes, you said it right, she is a relaxed and a happy politician :)

Sandhya said...

Sai Charan: Somehow I liked her! Thank you. Even I didn't know much about her before seeing this programme.

Smitha said...

Sheila Dixit certainly comes across as someone with substance - without the normal hangups and double speak that we normally associate with politicians.. Though I had read about her insensitive statement after a woman had got murdered in Delhi - she must be doing something right to be re-elected for her third term.. And yes, she is very elegant!

Sandhya said...

Smitha, yes, she is elegant and looks royal! She is a Ph.D. Even Sonia envies her, I heard and a bit nervous about her!

Even I heard about her negative statement about a BPO worker's murder. As you said, she must have something, to become a CM for the third time.

Razzer said...

I agree with Smita. It's a BIG IF though.
We common folks can only VOTE and keep our fingers and anything else that we can, crossed.

I'll be back.

Anand. ;-)

Sandhya said...

Thanks, Anand.

Saritha said...

Lovely post.I admire Ms.Dixit from the day i heard her telling to NDTV that she doesn't want to be a PM,she wants to go back to her writing and wants to spend more with her family.After that interview i googled her and came to know a lot of her.
I felt sad when she was rude abt BPO issue.
My admiration became more when she started a mobile food for the street children of delhi.
I think we should get a PM like her rather than ms.Mayawati.
Ever politicians have there own drawbacks.

Destination Infinity said...

It should be quite stressful to be a CM at 70! I hope to have a peaceful and happy retired life after 65 itself! If not for this destiny, hopefully I will :-)

Destination Infinity

Sandhya said...

Varunavi: I agree with you 100%, Varunavi. Thanks for giving me more information about her. In the first paragraph, I had written that I hate politicians! And then, I wrote about Dixit. May be my mind has not taken her as a politician after seeing her interview!

All our PM's were old people and they handled the stress beautifully. I used to admire Narasimha Rao. He did a lot to our nation, I think, but was not acknowledged properly. But will Sonia promote her to the PM's chair? I doubt.

Thanks a lot for your comment, Varunavi!

Destination Infinity: I have seen her in the TV often. She doesn't look stressed out and in the interview also she was very relaxed. My husband too says, he wants to retire now. He is 62. Let the children get married, then both of us can retire, I tell him!

It is a long way to go for you, DI (I would like to know your name!). Still I wish you all the best! Thank you!

Wini said...

maami!!!! your blog rocks!!! :) great going! :) :)

Saritha said...

In the congress election ad which is been aired on tv,no where PV Narsimha rao is shown,only Gandhi's family memebers r shown indian PM's have samadhi is the capital but PV.Narsimha rao's is not there why? because he didnt nod his head to Ms.Sonia gandhi.....

Smitha said...

@Varunavi - Agree with you.. It is sad that the Congress does not have the guts to commend PV Narasimha Rao for what he did.. He gave Manmohan Singh the go ahead to bring in reforms.. Nobody mentions PV these days..

Sandhya said...

Ashwini: Thank you, Ashwini. Keep coming back often and give me a boost! I need it, you know! Hope to see you soon!

Smitha & Varunavi: I agree with both of you. When PV became our PM, our country was going through a near breakdown of our economy. His reforms helped us to stand up and come to this level of today. Forget about giving him his due respect, he was literally ignored until his death. He was a great man. We had some good leaders in the past and hope to have more, in the future too. Positive thinking!

Thanks a lot to all of you for commenting so nicely. This is my first blog, which has received so many fruitful comments. It is a nice feeling!

sharada.econtent said...

Hi Mami,

I think one can use your blog for reference , so informative and you try to give a detailed information about the topic you write. Good to read your blog, very very proud of you.

Sandhya said...

Sharada, thanks a lot. I am a starter. Read some of the other blogs in this blogger's world. You will be astonished. Just read some of the blogs I follow, you will know.

Unknown said...

mrs. dixit has been one of the finest and dexterous chief ministers in our of the reason i like her is that she is very well educated and not high handed unlike the case of other politicians of our country.
her stance on the pub culture shows how balanced as a speaker she is and a sane personality!!
i still remember clearly when i received a state award from her..
i didnt knew much about her..but this blog has helped me in furthering my knowledge!!! thanx..

Sandhya said...

Yes, Prashant, she is one of the politicians, whom we feel like a respectable person. Nice to know that you received award from her.

KParthasarathi said...

Thanks to you I could know a few things about her.She is a dignified,urbane and intelligent lady who could manage to be at the helm of a high profile state for three terms.There are many things that happened beyond her control.Unlike other CMs she had some constraints in her powers.To manage Delhi where everyone and his brother is a who is who is a tough job.I think she was personally honest.I rated her as a good administrator.But then this enforced rest is good for her to spend time with family grand children.

KParthasarathi said...

Thanks to you I could know a few things about her.She is a dignified,urbane and intelligent lady who could manage to be at the helm of a high profile state for three terms.There are many things that happened beyond her control.Unlike other CMs she had some constraints in her powers.To manage Delhi where everyone and his brother is a who is who is a tough job.I think she was personally honest.I rated her as a good administrator.But then this enforced rest is good for her to spend time with family grand children.

Sandhya said...

K.PARTHASARATHY: I wrote this post in 2009! Now, it is in the top in the 'most popular' post list!

I watched her latest interview just a couple of weeks back in 'aap ki adaalat' prog. in India TV. She is unperturbed while answering Rajat Kapoor's tricky questions. But his voice had respect while speaking to her. Nobody can talk to her in an accusing tone. She is a very sophisticated lady. I admire her even more after the interview.

Yes, congress people cannot act independently. Hope she enjoys her retired life now, as you said, Partha Sir!

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