Saturday, February 21, 2009

My first tag - Knowing myself - random things about me

I am tagged for the second time - first by Renu (Sorry, I will write very soon!) and now by Shilpa.  I am asked to write 25 things about myself and then tag 25 people (oooh!).   Will I be able to do it?  Let me try the first one.  Do I have 25 friends in blogworld?  Not YET!  My heart is dhadak dhadakking (sing like Madhuri sang!).

1.  I am from Udupi and was there till my 5th standard.  But I remember a lot of my Udupi childhood days, funny!

2.  Later, we came to Madras (not Chennai!).   My mother was working as a librarian at the local Karnataka Sangha and used to bring Kannada books home.  So I was reading Kannada, Tamil and English books from childhood and hearing mostly Hindi and Tamil film songs when I grew up.  My father  was a Hindustani music fan and used to hear 10 p.m. radio programme of classical music (he was a Bhimsen Joshi fan!).  All of us (5 of us, brothers and sisters!), used to sing (not shruthi shuddha gaayan, though!) or hear music esp. Hindi film songs all the time.  So I am a music addict!

3.  I wanted to learn music - the dream was fulfilled at the age of 35!  I learnt music from 'sarali varisai' at that age for 2 years!

4.   I was reading a lot when my children were small.  I don't know how I was squeezing time, but read most of the famous authors when I was in Bangalore.  I still remember reading most of the Arthur Hailey, Irving Wallace, Jonathan Black, Sydney Shelden and old classics, getting them from the local library. I had to bring 2 books always because I and my husband were fighting to read the book first.  If he finished off first, he would threaten to reveal the climax, when I was half way through that book.

5.  Never touched 'Mills & Boon' books in my 20's.   I became an addict for those books in my 40's! My son used to say that he was ashamed of his mother reading crap books, but was bringing them from the library when he was going there to get books. I don't read 'Mills & Boon' anymore. This information is for you, bete!

6.  Then came Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham etc.  I have read almost all their books.  I like all of Eric Sehgal's books.  Some of David Baldachchi's books too.  I don't seem to be reading much now. Just read magazines and so my son presents me with books on my birthdays and so I am compelled to read them! And I really enjoy them, but think twice before getting more books from the library and read!

7.   I read the Tamil magazine, 'Ananda Vikatan' from the age of 12, I think.  Still am an addict to it and 'Junior Vikatan' too.  My children grew up reading 'Readers' Digest' - I have stopped it now, since I feel it is a bit boring nowadays.  'India today' was the favourite for some years and now 'Outlook'.  

8.  I am (my husband, too) a great fan of Sujatha, the Tamil writer and quote him often when I discuss about something.  I wrote a sort of review for his book and emailed him and got a reply, which is a treasure to me.  I am an admirer of Tamil writers, Ramakrishnan, Anuradha Ramanan, Gnani .....

9.  I feel I don't have enough self-confidence.  I think twice while taking decisions about anything. 

10  I love pets.  Had a pomeranian dog for 11 years  and now, have 2 black cats at home.  Zorro, the father (think so!) and daughter called E.T. She looks like E.T. (a character's name in the movie E.T.   She has huge eyes and big ears!).

11. I like Bombay Jayashree and M.S. Subbulakshmis' carnatic music and Kishori Amonkar, Veena Sahasra budhdhe, Jayanthi Sahasrabudhdhe, Parween Sulatanas' hindustani music.

12. As all of you know, by now, I am a Vividh Bharathi radio station addict.  I don't fancy FM stations mainly because of too much chattering and the Tamil they speak is horrible.  We don't get Hindi FM stations here - bore.

13. I like Hindi, Tamil Film songs - old and new.  Not very familiar with new Kannada songs, so love old songs mostly.

14.  I am interested in Politics - dirty politics! Watch TV news and read about them in newspapers, magazines.  Like you, Shilpa, I read, though not the newspaper, but 'Outlook' from the last page - Diary of the Editor.

15. Now, I am learning to write blogs (thanks to my son, who introduced me to this interesting world).   Am I improving?! Have to learn a lot, yet.

16. I am a bit of a health freak.  Never eat in-between meals, no oily foods....never liked them though I used to cook a lot from pizzas, cakes to Indian sweets and snacks, when the children were small.  Now getting bored to cook!

17. Not good at interacting with people!  I was a very reserved person earlier.  Now talk a lot and regret for talking more, later!

18. I am trying my best to be happy all the time, but get upset easily for small things.  Should change.

19. I too have a starting problem to do anything and everything.  Once I start, I surprise myself and feel I am not that bad!  I used to write 13 - 15 pages letters by hand, to my son, who went abroad when he was still young.  Thought that he should not feel homesick and so I used to write jokes also from 'Readers' Digest' in every corner of the pages and tick them in the books!Computers were not famous in those days. I still  remember attaching pages (photos of AMMA (Jayalalitha) with Sasikala, bedecked with jewellery) and some funny photographs of animals etc. I must ask him if he has got them even now! 

20. Long back, I used to watch a number of TV serials ...Hum Log, Buniyaad, Ados Pados, Nukkad, Saans, Bharath Ek Khoj ....  Later on, I became  an addict of 'Sa re ga ma' and other musical programmes.  Now these musical programmes are full of chatterings and they make the participants to wear lot of make-up and modern dresses and compel them to dance also!  Sonu Nigam was my favourite anchor.  I like Shaan also.  Now, I love watching just 'Balika Vadhu' and love 'Boogie Woogie'!

21. I was a fan of Dharmendra, in my school days!  Feel silly now.  I am having the pictures of him in my old scrap book (I have not thrown them out!).  

22. I like greeneries and hate to watch people felling trees to expand the roads and forget to plant new ones.

23. I had lived in 6-7 houses in different places in my 34 years of married life and in 5 houses, I had planted neem and gulmohar trees.  They are still there and am I happy  to see them when I go that side.

24. I dream of flying like the spider man, often!  I have seen the movie long back.  I feel as if the dreams are older than that!  Don't know why!

25. I would like to be a bit taller in my next birth!  I and my husband look like Amitabh-Jaya pair!

Huh, when I started writing this blog, I thought it was going to be tough getting points to write. Half way through, I noticed that Aarti of 'my space' also has tagged me for the same blog.   Thanks, Shilpa and Aarti.  Am I upto the mark, I don't know.   This is my first tag (blog).    Now I will write the 'favourite music' tag and Renu's too! And my blogger friends are already tagged for the same title!


Renu said...

I also love listening to music.

I too have read all of Arther hailey, Irving wallace, Sydney sheldon, jeffery archer, had all the titles in my library, even loved reading MBs Johm Grisham,also and same for Reader digest. so sweet of you.

Shilpa said...

I lived a little over an year in Chennai (not Madras :-) and learnt to read Tamil by reading the bill boards and boards on the stores. Proud of it :)

I have never touched Mill n Boons till date. May be later. May be not.

So, I am not the only quirk who reads things in the reverse order. Thank God!

Hand written letters. Wow! I gave up writing letters once I came back to Blore. But I love writing on cards.

Baalika Vadhu - Yay! The only soap I watch.

Amitabh and Jaya - choo cute.

Lovely to know you.
and hey, Rehman and Pookutty won Oscars - Jai Ho!

Sandhya said...

Renu: Thank you!

Shilpa: Jay Ho! Pookkutty is from a small town in Kerala! Doc. 'Smile Pinki' also won. Al last India is getting world recognition, whether it is because of the foreign producer or whatever, Indians are at the Kodak Theatre!

I used to look down at people who were reading M & B, Shilpa! Now, don't! Thanks a ton!

Sai Charan said...

Sandhyaji, the 25 random things are quite interesting.

Especially these lines bring humor:
"If he finished off first, he would threaten to reveal the climax" and "I dream of flying like the spider man".

You people have so much love for music; such passion for music sometimes leads to making a career, did you ever think of becoming a musician or to make your children musicians?

Well, you even have good reading and writing habits. Yes, writing 13-15 pages letters by hand is not a joke.

And reading almost all the books of some famous authors is great. I hope to do that myself someday.

Well Sandhyaji, keep listening to music and continue reading good books and keep writing reviews to authors; it was really nice to read about your family and your life.

Sandhya said...

Thank you Sai! Most of the people from both sides of my family and my children too, love music. But no one, including me, has taken steps to making it into a career. Will try with the Grand Children, when I have some! Hmmm. OK, let us all enjoy good music! Thanks once again!

Nisha said...

your 25th point is really sweet..made me smile..and hey, its great that you've planted so many trees...good job!

Soul Searcher said...


Sorry you had trouble posting to the blog. Google was having trouble for a couple of days so maybe because of that.

It was so sporting of you to answer the questions in so much detail. Choices may differ but books and music are by far among the best companions you can find.

And you should have no qualms about the Mills and Boon, I still love Tom And Jerry, books on Magic like Harry Potter/Artemis Fowl?Eragon and Enid Blyton is till a favorite to be read and reread

Sandhya said...

Nisha: Thank you!

Soul Searcher: I too love Tom and Jerry. It lifts up the mood! Enyd Blyton was school days' favourite! I still have to learn to write shorter blogs!

Thank you!

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